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No Plans For Complete Paramount Blu-Ray Set

No Plans For Complete Paramount Blu-Ray Set

A few months back we wondered if there was going to be a box set released of the deluxe editions for the Paramount Friday the 13th films. To this point, there has been no box set released for the DVD’s and of course none for the Blu-Ray. Perhaps, there are still plans for a DVD box set in the near future, however, don’t expect a Blu-Ray set anytime soon.

We have learned that there were absolutely no plans to create or distribute Blu-Ray discs for Friday the 13th Part 4 through Part 8 after the DVD releases of the Deluxe Editions. Why the decision was made to not create these discs, we do not know. Perhaps Paramount was waiting for the sequel to the 2024 reboot to be greenlit in order to market the discs along with a theatrical release of the sequel. For the time being, it looks like you should all enjoy those DVD’s as there is no Blu on the horizon for The Final Chapter, A New Beginning, Jason Lives, The New Blood and Jason Takes Manhattan.

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30 Responses to “ No Plans For Complete Paramount Blu-Ray Set ”

  1. for such a money grabbing company like this, i don’t know why they don’t release them on bluray. dvd is slowly becoming the beta max of the home movie world. paramount knows that they will make money on this, but it almost seems like they are too lazy to put any effort into it. it almost seems like they are embarrassed of the franchise that brought them hundreds of millions of dollars.

    i love my blurays, and i find it extremely hard to go back and watch a dvd on my 50″ plasma or on my 120″ screen with projector. but i will say something about the bluray releases of the first 3 Friday movies. Part 3 in 3D on the 120″ projector looks awesome, and i find that the bluray, brought it together better than the 3D dvd.

    Bluray is just a better home movie experience and this is how i want to enjoy my home theater. i will never buy another regular dvd again.

  2. I wonder if the sales of the first three SE’s on blu were not as high as Paramount had hoped, or if the box office of the remake dropped so sharply they were afraid to push forward with the blu rays of the remaining films? I kind of agree with jasonsfury that they may be waiting on the eventual release of the next film to build on the momentum of that film to sell more discs.

    BTW… I just watched Jason Lives the other night and I really do believe it was conceived as more of a horror comedy than a straight horror. A soap opera actress, and Horshack, together in one movie. Aren’t they two ingredients for comedic gold?

  3. That really sucks. I don’t care about box sets at all, but I want the rest of the series to be released on Blu-ray. Anyway, until that happens, I won’t spend any money buying the DVD deluxe editions. I won’t pay for something in SD that will probably be released in HD in some years. Especially since I already have the regular DVD’s.

  4. not happy about this, i want more friday the 13th blu ray

  5. “i love my blurays, and i find it extremely hard to go back and watch a dvd on my 50? plasma or on my 120? screen with projector”

    damn. I’m happy with my 40 inch and ps3…

  6. haha I have an XBOX 360 and the new slim version will have blu-ray capacity in it so Playstation needs to up its game lol. Yea I have all the Standard Def ones. Obviously I think it’d be nice for Blu Ray just for the expanded features but a box set wouldn’t make as much money for them. You figure 8 movies at lets say 15 bucks a pop makes them 120 in net profit. (speaking in American dollar, I do apologize to the folks on here with different currency) If a box set was to be put out then the price will be dropped to around $90-100 because there’s always some sort of discount for the “bulk” purchase. I also feel that they know the interest in the original series is not as great as it was in January of 2024 right before the reboot came out. Strictly from a business point I don’t see them making any major moves until the series has another movie AND longer success than the 2024 movie. Yes first weekend was great, second weekend was “eh”, and third weekend “whatever happened to that Friday the 13th movie that was supposed to be out?”

  7. That does really suck. I’m with Bimbo Boy–I’m not going to shell out more money for the deluxe editions when they will eventually make it to blu-ray. I got screwed into buying parts 2 and 3 then like a month later they announced the blu-ray release of them.

    I do wish they would at least release TFC on blu-ray for now…

  8. I am really upset about this as I held off on buying the DVD’s for 4-8 in anticipation of the Blu-Rays being released. Now, it seems we may not see these for a long time. Argg!

  9. Man I wish the’d let us know already if we’re going to get a deluxe edition box set. Ive been debating for a long time wether I should get the rest of them or not. I do own parts 1 and 3, but I have this feeling once I get em all thats when the’ll finnaly do it. All I know is I need a new copy of The Final Chapter. My copy from the original box set is messing up. Maybe its because its the one I watch the most.

  10. You all make great points, but I think all we are getting right now are the DVD’s and Blurays that are already out. I do believe it’s going to take another movie released in the theaters to get the rest of what we are looking for.

  11. Just like everything else in this world. No integrity is what causes these kinds of things. Always shoot for low expectations and you’ll never be unhappy. That’s what i’ve decided to do with life in general.

  12. I don’t know about now, but the F13 Blue Ray DVD’s were pretty expensive when they were first released – parts 1, 2 and 3 for $30.00 each. Because so many of us bought the standard DVD’s of parts 1-8, it’s no surprise if the fans haven’t jumped to buying the more expensive DVD’s.

    We know how Paramount works: if you don’t buy what they already have on the shelves, they won’t bother with further sequels. Record labels work the same way with older albums that have never been issued on audio CD.

  13. That does suck but honestly I’m quite happy with the remastered deluxe standard dvds that were released recently. They were MUCH better than the for the Lost Tales from Camp Blood thing which I have NO idea wtf that was about and the missing pt.3 of it) and of course picture & sound quality. Looks GREAT on my Blue Ray player and LCD tv! The pt.3 in 3D was much better than I thought it was going to be too!

    If they did decide to release a BD boxed set than they REALLY have to do something special with it in order for me to buy it. Until then I’m content with my standard version of the deluxe remastered sets.

  14. xbox is not putting blu ray in shit and back to the topic im sure they will make blu ray there just gunna make you all starve first than maybe we will all get blue ray so ya in 4 years OR LESS WE WIL SE A PART 2 SOONER !!

  15. Anyone know the status of the Jason Goes to Hell Blu-Ray? That’s not Paramount after all.

    As for the news about parts 4-8 it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.

  16. Then why tease us at all with the first 3 on Blu if they weren’t gonna release 4-8 any time soon?! I’ve been holding out waiting for Blu releases of 4-8. Not saying I wouldn’t love a boxed set on Blu, but at the very least release them individually.

    I knew I should’ve kept my boxed set of “From Crystal Lake to Manhattan”. I got pulled in thinking Paramount would put on bonus features from the boxed set for each Blu release. After seeing the specs (Secrets Galore Behind the Gore and Friday the 13th Chronicles) for the uncut version of the original on Blu, I wrongfully assumed that they would do this for each Friday. Guess I shouldn’t try and guess anything Paramount does.

  17. I get why they would wait for another new Friday film in theatres, but that fricken sucks if that’s what they are waiting for.

  18. I’m in Australia,
    will a zone “A” bluray work on my mulitzone sony bluray(we are zone “B”??normal region 1 dvds work(we are region 4)!I’m not sure about it!

  19. You know at one time everyone was saying “they have no plans for a box-set” ever!. I honestly thought like many in the forums back in the day who believed it may have never seen the light of day.

    But as crappy as it was we did get one. Then we got some of them on Blu-ray, so in my opinion we WILL get the last of the bunch.

    Blu-ray sells are still decent considering most people who trade in the piracy world usually pass around low quality Xvids or DVD rips since the size of Blu-ray is much larger and the cost of blanks are still higher than DVD-r’s. Not to mention people will buy these for collectible sake.

    I’m not worried. Paramount and Newline are still long from squeezing this franchise dry.


  20. i’m hating paramount and warner. the first ’cause i wann blu-rays and the latter ’cause i wanna a sequel!

  21. I to think that they are waiting for the sequel to release more blu rays. I just hope a sequel actually happens!!!

  22. I bloody well knew it.

    Guess I’ll need to buy the SE DVDs’ for parts 4 – 7 now.

    At least they’re dead cheap now.

    Thank goodness blu-ray players upscale DVDs (although it’s not as beautiful looking as a real b-r disc).


  23. Paramount needs to get off their lazy behinds and start working on blu-ray editions of 4-8. I can understand about wanting to wait until the sequel comes out (whenever that may be), but sheesh, at least come out with a press release saying what their definite plans are for the blu ray releases of 4-8

  24. I have a feeling that when F13 part 2 comes out, they are going to redo Parts 1-3 on blu, correcting the framing issue on part 1, also adding in the rated version.

  25. The very interesting thing is that there are HD versions of Final Chapter/Jason Lives/New Blood/Jason Takes Manhattan on the PlayStation Network.

  26. i will die satisfied if i get the rest of them on blu-ray and final chapter and the nwblood with remastered slashed scenes put back in them

  27. I too think they are waiting for the sequel. Part 1 Blue Ray was released with the theatrical release, and Parts 2 and 3 when Part 12 came to DVD and Blue Ray Release. Maybe Parts 4 5 6 for Theatrical and Part 7 and 8 for home? I think they will eventually be made. They’re just wanting to ride the new movies for marketing reasons and that’s pretty standard.

  28. Stupid! Why bother making Blu-Rays of the first 3 then quit on the last 5? Makes no sense, they need a film in the theatres just to market the last films for Blu-Ray? I don’t think they know how to market anything,but whoever said Paramount ever had any brains to begin with.

  29. Just embarrasing, I dont understand this at all.

  30. how stupid dvds are cool but fuck it
    paramount should jus release 4-8 on blu ray come onnnn lazys

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