The Eric Morse Show 6/27


A lot of you are surely familiar with the 1990′s series entitled the “Camp Crystal Lake” novels by Eric Morse (William Pattison). Though they did not feature Jason himself, they did manage to maintain the mood and tone of the original Friday the 13th series.

Many months ago I got the chance to interview Pattison (read that interview HERE) and now he’s taking the time to interview me on his online radio show “The Eric Morse Show”. Be sure to check it out tomorrow night (6/27) at 11 PM Eastern/ 8 PM Pacific where we’ll be talking about horror films,, and I have no doubt that this awesome place and a certain hockey masked icon will be brought up.

To listen in live, go to

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3 Responses to “ The Eric Morse Show 6/27 ”

  1. Hey Tony,

    Thanks for the plug….

    Unfortunately Christian didn’t make it last week. But, we had Jeromy Garcia and I Alexander Nash on the show last week. Thanks to both of them…We talked about Zombies and art…

    Also remember we will have an hour long after show chat session after the show in the show’s chat room. To be a part of the chat you will need to sign up for a free Blog Talk listener’s account…but it’s definitely worth it…

  2. Hope to hear from some people who drop in here!

  3. I didn’t get a chance to listen yet, but I will check out your conversation later tonight. Should be informative and entertaining. Blog talk radio is a great forum!

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