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 Post subject: Here's what i think will happen in the next Friday sequel.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2024 4:49 am 

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I'll try to give you as much details as possible, as to how i think the next one will go for the next sequel in the original series, If it were to happen.

1.It's late summer or early fall, a small group of campers are camping out in the woods. One of the campers is the owner of camp crystal lake, or was till Jason kills them all.

But not long after that a large limo appears and the window rolls down. A man hands him a briefcase full of money and tells him he has done a good job. With the owner now dead, the man in the limo can now do what ever he wants with the camp as he sees fit. The limo then drives off, as Jason takes off in the other direction with the money. We soon find out that he's not the real Jason, As he's counting his money. The real Jason shows up and kills him!

2.Jason is chasing after both Ginny and Angela Hardy during the winter storm. There are two paths, Angela takes the left and Ginny takes the right! Jason decides to keep going after Ginny, It's not long before Ginny ends up at Jason's new hideout and much like in part 2. We see a shot of Jason from the window with an ax in his hands running at full speed to his hideout to kill Ginny.

3.As Jason is walking though the snow during the snow storm, he hears his mother calling out to him and then her image appears to Jason. Telling him to finish what he started, as Jason reaches out to touch her. Her image begins to fade away and as her image fades away. He sees large flying icicles coming at him, as the icicles stab his body. Tina then unleash a 2nd wave of icicles at Jason as he keeps coming for her.

4.It would seem Jason has Trish right where he wants her, untill he's struck by Angela's car. Tina tells the others to get off the frozen lake, as she makes the ice crack. Jason falls into the freezing water as he tried to pull himself up out of the lake, he sees Trish with a shotgun and she blows the bottom half of his face clean off. But it's still not enough to finish him off, Tina then uses her mind to control the car and drive it straight at Jason. Knocking him back into the water, with the car pinning him to the bottom of the lake.

5.The next day divers are sent down to get Jason's body, but of course Jason is still very much alive as he kills them and heads back up to kill the soldiers. We then hear the KI-KI-KI-MA-MA-MA sound one more time as Jason walks off and disappears into the snowstorm.

Well that's what I have so far, that I could see happening in the next one.

 Post subject: Re: Here's what i think will happen in the next Friday seque
PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2024 10:59 pm 
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That's a cool concept. It would be pretty awesome to see this concept as a movie.

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