Kari Keegan - "Jessica"
(April 9, 1969 -      )

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Kari Keegan
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Biography: "Kari Keegan was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has appeared sporadically in a few films. In the Oscar-winning Jerry Maguire, Kari played one of Jerry's ex-girlfriends. The director liked her so much that she was brought back to play an agent. They decided to use the ex-girlfriend footage in the initial release.

Since Jerry Maguire, Kari has concentrated on national and regional commercials, before deciding to return to films with Mind Games. The story centers on novelist 'Jill Reeves' as she tries to write a new novel in the proximity of her ill father. A break-in changes all that. A blow to the head has erased seven months of Jill's life. What she doesn't know could lead to her undoing." - Mind Games Site

Quote: "I moved out to L.A. with a guy I was dating at the time and my best girlfriend, and we all had the same agent. And they both happened to be really attractive people and got auditions for the movie. But the girl who was supposed to go from our agency cancelled at the last minute. So they called me and said, 'You can go - even though you're not Friday the 13th material.' I guess, apparently, Friday the 13th girls are what I called 'POW' girls: POW hair, POW boobs, POW butt. I was kind of like a normal-looking girl next door girl. And I actually went in to read for the best friend - the part that Allison Smith played. I got called back, and it was like, 'Kari got called back and nobody else did!' It was a big scandal.

Then I went in and read with all of the girls who were reading for Jessica, and I was in the room when they left and heard them talk about what they liked and what they didn't like. And then Sean Cunningham, toward the end of the afternoon - I think I had read with maybe eight or nine young ladies - said, 'Let's see you do Jessica.' This is going to sound terrible, but because I had been in the room all day and I knew what they were looking for, I just stole from all the girls what was really good. 'I'll do that and that and that.' Then Adam asked the girl who was the last girl to read Jessica to read a lot. I think we did every scene in the entire movie.

Finally, my competitors and I were all in this huge warehouse, and Adam Marcus said, 'Can you guys go play Frisbee for a couple minutes?' I was like, 'This is bizarre.' I guess you can tell a lot about how a girl moves when she plays Frisbee. So we played, and I was getting ready to leave and Sean Cunningham came up to me and he said, 'Oh my God, you're so in this movie. We don't know which role you're going to play yet.' I thought, 'Oh, maybe they'll give me a smaller role like a consolation role.' And on Monday, my agent called and said, 'You got the lead.' I was like, 'Shut up!'" - pg. 223, Crystal Lake Memories

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Mind Games (2003)
Jerry Maguire (1996)
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)
The Prince of Pennsylvania (1988)

Where Is She Now?: Kari Keegan continues to pursue acting careers, most recently starring in the movie, Mind Games.

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