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Archived Site (2000-2007) - Click Here for current website

I have some sad news to report today about
Laurie Bartram, the actress who played Brenda
in the original Friday the 13th. She has recently been diagnosed with inoperable cancer, and she needs our thoughts and prayers.

Update: Laurie passed away on May 25th, 2024. Our deepest condolences to all who loved her.

Happy Friday the 13th everybody! Unfortunately, there hasn't been any big news about the Friday the 13th remake to report on... Different sources keep saying that they are close to finishing negotiations that would finally let them move forward, but nothing has actually budged yet.

The boys over at the horror radio show are having a Friday the 13th celebration with interviews from Adrienne King and Amy Steel!

You can also go to Chiller Theater this weekend and meet Adrienne King, Betsy Palmer, Tom Savini, Ari Lehman, Ken Kirzinger, and Dick Wieand! Chiller Theater is April 13-15, 2024.

Jason X writer Todd Farmer's new comic Alien Pig Farm 3000 (from Steve Niles and Thomas Jane's RAW Studios and Image Comics) hits comic stores next month. Talk to your comic book guy about pre-ordering a copy or two (or ten)!

Due to many suggestions and e-mails, the timeline has been tweaked slightly to make more sense and preserve continuity as much as possible.

The Where Are They Now? pages for parts 6-X have now been updated. Thanks to everyone who sent in information on the F13 cast and crew!

It's a new year and time for a few site updates! Thanks to Robert Freese for sending in pictures of the Spanish lobbycards for Friday the 13th. I also did a major update of all the Where Are They Now? pages for parts 1-5. The rest to come soon!

The comic book rights have been picked up by Wildstorm, and a 5-issue series is available now, with issue #2 in comic stores this month!

Update on the Friday the 13th remake: It appears that the legal issues have been worked out, with the Platinum Dunes producers saying that the film will be a Paramount/New Line co-production and might be ready for release near the end of 2024.
          - Thanks to and

For the latest collection of news, check out the F13 Remake News Thread on the forum!

Information has been added on the most recent book in the Jason X series, and Friday the 13th books. Also there have been some new Jason figures released by SideShowToys, and you can order them through this site!

Starting today, there is an exclusive F13 / Halloween Contest going on, partnered with! Hurry - it only runs from 10/26 to 10/31! We look forward to your submissions.

Go to website for Friday the 13th contests - Win some prizes!

There are many movie theaters with special showings of the Friday the 13th series tonight.
Screenland, Kansas City, MO - Part 2
Friday Night Frights, Denton, TX - Part 4
SlasherFest, Baltimore, MD - Parts 2, 3, 5

Check your local listings
for a theater near you!

More site updates coming later this month!

Here's a quick update with some October events, and more F13 news will be coming later this month!

Upcoming October events:
Crystal Lake Memories - Second edition released!
SlasherFest (13-14) - Warrington Gillette, Richard Brooker, Tom Morga, Dick Wieand, Stu Charno!
FrightFest (27-28) - Meet Kane Hodder!

Some news on the upcoming Friday the 13th movie, as reported at "In a recent chat with Jonathan Liebesman, who helmed the upcoming TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING for Platinum Dunes and New Line, Fango has learned the future FRIDAY director is heading back to the studio in the coming days to pitch his take on a film that is geared to reignite and overhaul the franchise." At least some progress is being made! Let's hope for 2024.

It's already July 13th, and there has been no new word about the upcoming Friday the 13th movie. Apparently it has been stalled due to legal issues, probably pertaining to the 'Jason Voorhees' rights. Feel free to read our open letter to New Line Cinema, and comment on our message board.

Several sections have been updated. Pictures have been added to locations, a couple in around town, and there are some great new fan tattoos.

There are also new references and more information in the Where Are They Now? section!

For those of you who have sent in submissions to fan art and costumes - Don't worry, I have received all the pictures, and they will be added to the site when I get a chance for the next update. Thanks!

A new webcast radio interview is available on featuring Tom Savini. He talks extensively about his work on the series, including his design for the young Jason, his work with Joe Zito, and his reasons for turning down Part 2 and coming back for Part 4. Check it out!

Also the Monster Mania convention will be happening this summer (August 25-27) in Cherry Hill, NJ, featuring many actors from the F13 series. Larry Zerner, Betsy Palmer, Lar Park Lincoln, Erin Gray, Dana Kimmel, Kimberly Beck, Steve Dash, Richard Brooker, Ted White, C.J. Graham, and Ken Kirzinger currently listed as guests!

Lately we have been having some major problems with our server provider in relation to the forum, and we are working to get all of the issues solved.

We are aware of the frequent downtime, and we apologize for the frustration it is causing many of our users. We will keep you updated on our progress.

Discussion continues on the message board about the upcoming Friday the 13th movie... Read more and tell us your opinion!

In the mean time, the references section has been updated with all those Jason sightings people have been e-mailing to me. Keep them coming!

There were also several corrections and additions made to the Where Are They Now? section. Thanks to everyone who sent in information!

As reported on the website:

"Bay boards next 'Friday' - Jason returns for New Line

Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes shingle is coming aboard to produce the 11th outing in the sturdy Friday the 13th franchise for New Line.
New Line's hired Mark Wheaton to pen the script. Studio [president] Toby Emmerich is overseeing along with execs Cale Boyter and Jeff Katz."

As discussed on our message board (the best place for the latest news), Variety has briefly mentioned a new Friday the 13th movie. This is the direct quote from Variety magazine - sites with anything more claiming to "quote" Variety are purely speculative:

"Horror pics score a couple of hot dates
[...] New Line is hoping to release it's 12th film in the "Friday the 13th" franchise on --surprise-- Friday, Oct. 13 [2006]. Studio has hired a writer to pen another version of the Voorhees saga."

We are finding out more information about the original paintings for the posters. Spiros Angelikas designed the Friday the 13th illustration, but it was sci-fi and fantasy painter Alex Ebel who painted the final product. Spiros, was the designer, creative director, and owner of the company that advertised the film, Spiros Associates. More information specifically about these paintings can be found at, and we will be posting more about the original artwork soon. Thanks to Harry Angelikas for the correction!


Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!

For a special treat, here's a peek at the original painted version of the Part 2 poster, done by the same painter for the first movie. Thanks to Friday fan, Chris Dunshee!

Links to the movie trailers have been added to all of the film pages (click movie bar above). Thanks to for hosting these trailers!

In the comics section, information and pictures for the upcoming Jason vs. Jason X comic are now available. Thanks to Mike Wolfer for all his work!

In the December issue of The Horror Newsletter there is a feature article called Holidays With The Voorhees with interviews with Betsy Palmer and Ari Lehman. Check it out!

Monsters HD will be featuring a Friday the 13th Slasherthon starting at 5 AM. If you have Dish Network, this will be the first time you'll get to see the movies in HDTV!

You can also listen to the webcast radio show special at featuring interviews from Betsy Palmer, Harry Manfredini and Paul Kratka!

Peter Bracke will be signing copies of Crystal Lake Memories at Golden Apple Comics in the Los Angeles area on Friday the 13th from 5-7 PM.

Finally, Brenna and Blake were interviewed for the Australian ABC News Online website about the series and it's impact on the fans. Enjoy!

Once again drawing on the awesome new Crystal Lake Memories book, the Where Are They Now? section has been updated with pictures and quotes from parts 5-X. Thanks Peter Bracke!

A link to the 'Friday the 13th (film series)' entry on Wikipedia has been added under fun stuff. Fans should go there to add more information and comments to this growing on-line reference guide.

The Friday the 13th Forum will be shutting down over the Thanksgiving holiday to get a much needed software update. Look for big changes on the forum when it comes back up! Happy Holidays!

We are sad to report that the producer of the Halloween series, Moustapha Akkad, was killed in the bombings that took place at three Jordan hotels. His daughter was also killed in the attack. The horror industry will forever be grateful to him, and it's tragic to hear of such senseless deaths.

R.I.P. Moustapha Akkad - 1935 - 2024

Sideshow Collectibles has revealed it's new . Available now for pre-order through our site! This figure should be shipped out during the second quarter of 2024.

Thanks to the amazing Crystal Lake Memories book, the entire section of Where Are They Now? is being updated - starting with pictures and quotes from parts 1-4. Also a rare photograph of Mrs. Jarvis's death makeup is in the Part 4 pictures section.

Due to all of the new fan costumes sent in, we had to create another costumes page to accomodate them all! There are also several new F13-inspired pumpkin carvings in the sculpture section.

The winner of the Sideshow Halloween contest is Steeve Dumont! Thanks to all who participated.

Here's the down and dirty update for everyone.

  • Pictures added to around town
  • Comic covers added to comics
  • New artist spotlights in fan art
  • Pictures added to page 3 of fan art
  • Awesome jason painting by Dan Jackson
  • A new books section has been added, which covers the young adult novels up to the current releases by Black Flame
  • The entire first run of Crystal Lake Memories has SOLD OUT. The new printings will be available in bookstores sometime in January, 2024.
Have a safe and happy Halloween out there!

We've partnered with SideShow Collectibles to bring you a new Halloween contest, ending on October 31st. You could win a
Part 7 Jason figure as well as an exclusive 25th Anniversary Jason mask keychain! Enter here!

The release of Crystal Lake Memories is just a couple weeks away, and there is going to be a
book release party October 22, in Los Angeles. Many F13 alumni will be there, and seating is limited. Try to attend and say hi to Peter Bracke!

Thanks to our regular contributor, Bong Tokin' Chuckles, new pictures have been added to Film Locations. Check out the new additions in Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 6, and thanks to Kevin Cothran for FvsJ location pics.

The Where Are They Now? has some major updates, including new actresses and lots of contact information for fan mail.

Another big thank you goes out to Chris for helping update the references section. Fan costumes will most likely be updated after Halloween, so make sure to submit your new pictures!

Thanks to all of the new references submitted by everyone! There are also several actor updates on the Where Are They Now? page.

There were a few minor edits to the timeline and it has now been made more 'Firefox-friendly'. There are also more location pictures from Blairstown, NJ, thanks to Dean Orewiler Portrait Art!

Some shots from around town have been added, as well as several new fan tattoo pictures.

Finally, pictures of the figure and NECA's Jason and Mrs. Voorhees boxset are available in the figures section.

Blake and Brenna are back from their honeymoon, and want to thank everyone who has supported them and this site over the years. We appreciate all of your contributions and kind words. Thanks!

The amazingly thorough Crystal Lake Memories from author Peter Bracke is now available for pre-order! Filled with rare photographs and interviews, we recommend it for any avid Friday the 13th fan. Read more about it at the official website.

Happy Friday the 13th, everybody! Twenty five years ago this month, the original Friday the 13th movie was released in theaters across the nation.

To mark this achievement, the NecroComicon presents the
25th anniversary celebration in Hollywood, Friday May 13th - 15th. We encourage everyone to go meet the stars of the series!

The new Friday the 13th comic from Avatar Press is now available, and an additional issue will be coming out in June. Talk with the artist!

Also, Sideshow Collectibles has announced that it will be producing an exclusive Jason Goes to Hell 12" figure. Available for pre-order on this site soon.

Several references have been added, and fan art has been expanded with a brand new comic pros section. Big thanks to Scott Kurtz from PVPonline for providing our first drawing!


The two winners of our Mother's Day contest are:
Stephen Hodges and Raymond Zandlo!

Check out information on Avatar Comics new Friday the 13th comic series, available in comic book stores on Friday, May 13th! Ask your local retailer to order the special edition covers.

We have added several pictures of the upcoming Part 2 figure set, from NECA. This set includes a Jason figure, a Mrs. Voorhees figure, and a shrine complete with a severed head and corpses scattered around. This set will be available by September 2024.

Thanks to the help of Linderman, all of the bloopers have been updated for each movie. There are also some additions to the references section.

There have been many new fan costumes added. Thanks for your submissions! We have also updated the Where Are They Now? section with pictures, biographies, and new contact info.

After meeting with New Line, it appears that Quentin Tarantino has decided to not be involved with any Friday the 13th movies. - Empire Online

But hopefully this will cheer all of you up: We are teaming up again with Sideshow Collectibles to bring you a new contest! For our "Mother's Day" contest, you could win one of two figures - either a FvsJ Jason or Mrs. Voorhees herself! All you need to register to win is a valid e-mail address.

8:00 AM CST - This morning the Hollywood Reporter has printed the rumor that Quentin Tarantino is "intrigued with the idea" of working with our horror icon. He is reportedly going to be meeting with New Line execs this week. Whether anything actually comes from this is another matter. Discuss this issue in our upcoming F13 films forum.

Sideshow Toys recently unveiled their with a protruding spine and everything. If you pre-order now, Jason comes with an exclusive miniature tree trimmer! Release date is expected to be late Spring 2024.

Thanks to several camera-happy fans, we have new pictures in the around town section and the Part 1 film location page. There is also a new addition to the tattoo page, inspired by last year's Freddy vs. Jason art contest winner, Federico D'Alessandro.

New artwork has been added, most notably a new piece from Andy Robbins featuring the cast of the Final Chapter in all their twisted glory.

Finally, as many of you know, there were several Friday the 13th-related novels released recently, and we will be creating a new section specifically for those. For now, feel free to join our forum to discuss the new and upcoming Black Flame publications.

There will be a memorial service celebrating the life of Steve Susskind at the Directors Guild Theatre in Los Angeles, California, on March 8th, 7PM.

This month has the release of two Jason X books:
A novelization of the film by Pat Cadigan, as well as Jason X: The Experiment, a 'further adventure' in the Jason X storyline, also written by Pat Cadigan.

The horror links page has also been updated.

We have just learned from a family friend that Steve Susskind was killed in an automobile accident on Friday, January 21st, 2024. Our deepest condolences to his friends and family.

It's a new year, and time for some more updates! As always, there are several additions to both the fan artwork and fan costumes sections. In the sculpture section, we are now accepting fan submissions of pumpkins that have an F13 theme.

Several pictures and other information have been added to the where are they now section, as well as an e-mail interview with Spencer Stump, young Jason Voorhees from Freddy vs. Jason!

Also, check out this new music video from the band The Vacancy, who were inspired by Part 2 when filming this song. Spot the references!

So many people sent in their costumes that we had to make a new fan costumes page! Check the main costume page to see several more additions.

Also, fan artwork has been updated, as well as some amazing fan tattoos. Keep sending stuff in!

Happy Halloween everyone! I look forward to people sending in pictures of their Jason costumes soon.

The 3 winners of our SideShow Toy Contest:
Tyler Langlois - Jason 12" figure
Christina Miron - Freddy 12" figure
Robert Lee Owen - Ash 12" figure

Congratulations, and thank you to all who entered!

There are only a few days left in our Sideshow Toy giveaway contest, so click this link now to enter!

Also, this week is having their Tournament of Terror, and the final battle has come down to Freddy vs. Jason, again! Go ahead and show your support by voting for the guy in the hockey mask. Winner announced after Halloween!

Congratulations to our Jason X heroine!
"On September 13th, Lexa Doig and her husband, actor Michael Shanks, welcomed their first child together: a daughter named Mia Tabitha Shanks."
- Thanks to

A new section has been added! Under "Fun Stuff" is the new around town that shows street signs and shops that make you think of the Friday the 13th series. Go ahead and send in your pictures!

All of the references and bloopers that were submitted have been added to those pages.

There was a lot of submissions, but I was able to update all of the fan artwork that people had sent in. I also added a few more pictures in the fan tattoos section. I will update fan costumes after Halloween, so make sure to take pictures of you as Jason!

And finally, I went through every single actor in the where are they now section and updated their most recent movie and television appearances. There were some people who had major additions such as new pictures or a new website, so take a look!

The Paramount Friday the 13th DVD boxset is
now available! Read reviews on the sites below.
Select images from boxset

Major additions to the message board, as well as a new contest for October! Just submit your name and e-mail address, and three (3) winners will be randomly chosen on October 31st, 2024.

We have also added a search feature which allows you to search for any phrase or word located on this website. Look for an update about the boxset soon!

We were informed today through Peter Bracke that Martin Becker died on August 13th, from pancreatic cancer. He helped do special effects for many of the movies in the series, including part 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! I'm glad all our campers have arrived home safely from our F13 Camp 2. We got to hang out with Todd Farmer, watch movies, and pull some legendary pranks!

For our update, there are new fan tattoos, fan costumes, and some new fan art with several new additions from our main artist, One of the Dead.

We would also like to announce the launch of Peter Bracke's website for his latest book, Crystal Lake Memories, due to hit stores in 2024. Check it out!

Once again Sideshow Toys continues to cater to the fans by producing a figure as well as a new figure, maggots and all! If you order now, Jason comes with an exclusive severed arm holding a machete. Release date in 2024.

We will be busy with Friday the 13th Camp 2 in the coming weeks, but look for a large update in August when we return! See all of you campers there!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! The specs for the Friday the 13th DVD boxset have been released. Details are featured on our message board, where you can voice your opinion and tell us what you think!

Release date is October 5th.

It's been busy around here at F13 headquarters with studying for finals and getting prepared for Camp, but I was able to swing a couple updates for you!

Lots of updates on the Where Are They Now? pages, as well as many new references and some FvsJ bloopers. A big thanks goes to Linderman!

Some great new submissions in the fan costumes and fan art sections, and finally we have added a much requested tattoo gallery for you crazy kids!

Sideshow Toys just keeps it coming with yet another fantastic new figure. The new with bonus severed head, has already sold out!

We have updated the message board software to VBulletin 3.0.1. Please let us know of any changes you would like to see to make it easier to use.

There's also a small update to the references page. Thanks to everyone who sent in submissions!

We have updated fan costumes and fan art, including this amazing 3-D computer graphic created by Darren Robert Foster. New pictures of Cyclonus's costumes have been added to his spotlight section!

The Where Are They Now? section has also been updated, and several fan pictures have been added to the Part 1 film locations section.

There are also some new pictures added to the figures page, to show the new Freddy vs. Jason and Part 2 releases from NECA and Sideshow Toys.

And just for fun, we've created a What Friday the 13th Character Are You? quiz, hosted at Quizilla. Thanks to Linderman for all his help with the quiz!

Sadly, we recently found out that Walt Gorney passed away on March 5th, 2024, from natural causes. He will be missed. R.I.P. Crazy Ralph!

Just announced, Sideshow Toys will be making a Jason Voorhees figure modeled from Friday the 13th: Part 2, with exclusive Mrs. Voorhees head! Pre-order yours today for a Fall 2024 release!


Happy Friday the 13th, Jason fans!

To celebrate, we have added pictures and details from the Part 6 and Part 7 film locations.

There is also a large update in the Where Are They Now? section, and all of the Freddy vs. Jason actors photos and information has been added. Enjoy!

Also, one of our favorite maskmakers, 245 Trioxin, has updated and re-opened their site. Check it out!

Check out our new interview with Ari Lehman, Jason from Part 1! Look for a big update next Friday!

The timeline has now been updated to include the events of Freddy vs. Jason in relation to the series.

Thanks to your submissions, all of the references have been updated, including the Manhunt game!

Finally, a fourth page of fan art has been added, as well as additions to the rest of the pages. Also a fourth page of fan costumes is now open, and a new costume spotlight on forum member, eXile!

Our Freddy vs. Jason film section is now open, along with body count, cast & crew, and rejected scripts. Freddy vs. Jason pictures, bloopers, and actor information coming soon!

The Where Are They Now? section has been updated with information about the people we met at the Fangoria convention, and some new pictures were added as well.

The first installment of our film locations section is now open, with pictures from the Friday the 13th location! Part 2 & Part 3 have also been added.

The Freddy vs. Jason Special Edition DVD was released today! Go buy it now! Feel free to use our link for merchandise.

We are just starting to recover from the fantastic time had by all at the Fangoria 2024 convention in New Jersey. Blake and I got to meet so many F13 forum members, as well as spend some time with the celebrities from the series.

Thanks to Mike Gingold from Fangoria magazine for giving such a warm welcome to the members of our site! He helped make our first convention a really memorable one.

Check out the F13 Forum thread for first reports from the convention, which will be compiled and encorporated into pages on this site very soon.

Friday the 13th Part 1-8 are owned by Paramount Pictures
"Friday the 13th", Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X owned by New Line Cinema

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