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Biography: "Barna Morciz is originally from Hungary. At the age of 9, Barna and his family moved to Libya, where he spent his teenage years. He moved to Toronto in 1989, attended York University to study dentistry to follow in his parents footsteps (both doctors) but was quickly distracted by York's Theatre/Film department. After the first year, he dropped out of biology and studied acting at George Brown theatre school.

Since graduating, Barna has appeared in numerous feature films, television movies and TV series. Some of his theatre credits include: 'Rick' in Six Degrees of Separation, 'York' in Quiet in the Land and 'Puck' in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Barna spends much of his free time training for as well as teaching flying trapeze and acrobatics at Mainspace School of Circus Arts, a special skill he picked up while rehearsing for the acrobatic role of 'Puck'. He continues to pursue an acting career." - Headshot Resume

A Home at the End of the World (2004)
Sugar (2004)
Touch of Pink (2004)
True Blue (2001)
Jason X (2001)
Yaddie and Dah (1999)
Aliens in the Wild Wild West (1999)
Good Will Hunting (1997)

Metropia (2004)
The Grid (2004)
The Piano Man's Daughter (2003)
Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Women (1997)
My Mother's Ghost (1996)
Another Woman (1994)

Television Guest Appearances
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye (2003)
Queer as Folk (2001)
Our Hero (2000)
Relic Hunter (2000)
Gilmore Girls (2000)
Earth: Final Conflict (2000)
Wind at My Back (1999)
Nikita (1998)
Ready or Not (1995)

Where Is He Now?: Barna Morciz continues to be involved in acting in Toronto, recently appearing in the Colin Farrell film, A Home at the End of the World.

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