Lisa Ryder - "Kay-Em 14"
(October 26, 1970 -      )

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Biography: "Lisa Ryder is a graduate of the University of Toronto, and she has amassed an impressive list of credits before she joined the cast of Andromeda as 'Beka Valentine' alongside Lexa Doig. Most recently, she appeared in a number of feature films and television series including Alliance Atlantis' Total Recall 2024 and Psi Factor, and Jason X by New Line Cinema/Crystal Lake Entertainment.

She also appeared in a recurring role on the Canadian television program The Newsroom by CBC-TV and starred as the series lead on Forever Knight by Paragon Entertainment. She was also featured as the lead in the feature film Stolen Heart by Backroad Films and as a guest star in Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict by Alliance Atlantis and Tribune Entertainment.

Equally accomplished in live theater, Ryder has starred in more than 25 stage plays including such productions as Insignificance, Possible Worlds and Macbeth. On the performance front, her versatile talents extend beyond the acting arena into play writing. Ryder has written and co-written a number of stage plays including Baggage, Panting of the Victors, and a one-woman show entitled Put Me Away." - Official Andromeda Website

Quote: "Robin Cook had used me a couple times before, and the were having a tough time casting the part of Kay-EM. The first time I auditioned, I walked into a room full of models - all stunningly beautiful women. And originally, the sides were really wacky, like Jim Carrey wacky. And they were trying to get the models to be 'out there,' and I don't think any of them could go there. Then they were trying comedienne-ish women for a while. They were vacillating. It is kind of a tricky part, because they wanted someone for Kay-EM who was babe-ish, but also funny, and strong, too.

I do think Jim Isaac did a really interesting thing with the casting. He didn't go the typical way that the 1980s slasher films went. He didn't cast victim girly-girls. He didn't cast buxom blond chicks. And in casting me he went a little bit older, because doing that, he made the character kind of more of a mother to the kids. So that helped make the movie kind of special, or at least the casting of it." - pg. 248, Crystal Lake Memories

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Lemon (2004)
Jason X (2001)
Blackheart (1998)
Stolen Heart (1998)
Strands (1997)
City of Dark (1997)

Secret Lives (2005)
Andromeda (2000-05)
Forever Knight (1995-96)

Television Guest Appearances
Wind at My Back (2001)
Total Recall 2024 (1999)
The Adventures of Shirley Holmes (1998)
Earth: Final Conflict (1997)
Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (1996)

Where Is She Now?: Lisa Ryder continues to pursue acting in television and film, most recently appearing in the TV movie, Secret Lives.

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