Melyssa Ade - "Janessa"

Contact Information:
Melyssa Ade
c/o K.G. Talent
55A Sumach Street
Toronto, Ontario M5A 3J6

Biography: "Melyssa was born in Yellowknife, a town in the Northwest Territory in Canada. She moved to Toronto at a very young age and still lives there today. Melyssa has been acting professionally for about 13 years. She studied acting at Earl Haig High School in Toronto. She also studied with Uta Hagen of the HB Studio New York, Patrick Tucker of The Original Shakespeare Co., and spent a number of years studying improvisation with Jerry Schaeffer at Second City and Theatresports. She most recently worked with the Asbestos Brothers comedy troupe.

For two years she was the host of CTV's Saturday morning show, Master Control, where she hung out with children across the country each week. Other acting credits include: Puck in A Midsummer's Night Dream, Guildenstern in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, and Emma Simpson in Nickelodeon's Dear America series. She was part of an all female comedy troupe called GRRRLZ Show and continues to be very active in the Toronto improv scene." - Theatersports Toronto Bio

Quote: "I think there has consistently been strong female characters throughout cinema. What is exciting about this s that our age doesn't seem to diminish our potential strength. The women onboard are all young women. Janessa's a teenager. So regardless of that, we still have a full range of human emotions, we still have a full range of capabilities. And that was definitely an appeal with this project - that these young people are very capable. We're not just running and screaming from one cabin to the next. We have a problem to solve and we get down, we get dirty, and try and solve it. These kids just want to go home. That's all. And that's where you grab yourself. That's real. Whether it was set in outer space or in Tahiti or on the top of a mountain." - pg. 248, Crystal Lake Memories

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Interstate 60 (2002)
Jason X (2001)

Confessions of an American Bride (2005)
Home Beyond the Sun (2004)
Hitched (2001)
Dear America: When Will This Cruel War Be Over? (2000)
Evidence of Blood (1998)
Master Control (1997-99) - Host
Visitors of the Night (1995)
Max Glick (1990)

Television Guest Appearances
Angela's Eyes (2006)
Beautiful People (2005)
The Eleventh Hour (2005)
Blue Murder (2004)
Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (1999)
Maniac Mansion (1993)

Where Is She Now?: Melyssa Ade recently filmed the television movie Confessions of an American Bride. She continues to be active in theater, television and film acting.

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