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(November 1968 -      )

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Interview: F13 Chat Transcript - April 28, 2002

Biography: Todd Farmer, a good old boy from Kentucky, originally started off going to a Divinity college to study Religion. After working a few years in construction, he knew it was time for a change in his life. Writing was in his blood, and so he decided to try his hand at starting a screenwriting career.

'Dean Lorey introduced me to Hollywood. We'd met over the phone when I was living in Dallas. He optioned a couple of scripts from me and I eventually moved out to L.A. He introduced me to Sean Cunningham, and over time, Dean and I became pretty good friends. Let it be known that I get much pleasure out of defeating him almost daily in frag-filled games of Quake II. Anyway, Dean's first movie was Jason Goes to Hell, in which he played a small part. I really couldn't let his part be better than my part now could I? I had very little choice but to write myself a great character and stick him in an awesome scene.'

'Sean Cunningham called Jimmy, Noel (his son) and myself into his office back in May of '99. As most who have been following the Freddy vs. Jason story know, it had gone through a number of rewrites and finding just the right story was certainly a difficult task. I had even made a pass through it myself. Sean called us into the office that day to talk about Friday the 13th Part 10. He wanted to know if we had any ideas. It was Jimmy's idea for 'Jason' in winter. A frozen Crystal Lake, snow, ice, basically the third act of The Shining. That was and still is a great idea. That's a movie I'd like to see. And who knows, if all goes well, we just might at that.'

'But, the problem was Freddy vs. Jason. With it's going forward we had to come up with a story that would catch New Line's attention. I mean, if you were New Line, why would you want to make a 'Jason' movie when you were dealing with FvsJ? We needed something a little different. I'd always loved the idea of Jason stalking down the streets of New York. Just the idea of Jason taking Manhattan appealed to me. Of course, I sort of wanted to see Jason actually take Manhattan. Of course, taking Jason away from Crystal Lake would be a risk, but it could also be alot of fun.'

'Thus, I pitched Jason in Space. Yup, that was me. If it sucks I accept all the blame. You should have seen Sean, Noel and Jimmy's faces. It was like I'd pitched a romantic comedy about Jason and a one legged prostitute falling madly in love in WWII Europe. Well, long story short, I pitched them the story and by the end of it they were on board. The idea was to open the movie in the year 2010 so that we didn't interfere with FvsJ or any other Freddy or Jason story that needed to be told.' - Full interview at Diabolical Dominion

Update: Todd Farmer is the lead writer for the new comic, Alien Pig Farm 3000.

Writer Filmography
Clock Tower (2008)
Psychopath (2008)
The Messengers (2007)
Jason X (2001)

Acting Filmography
The Belly of the Beast (2006)
Jason X (2001)

Where Is He Now?: Todd Farmer continues to write in the California area, and his original story of Scarecrow got turned into The Messengers, which opens nationwide in early 2007. Check out his upcoming comic, Alien Pig Farm 3000!

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