A Second Chance For Friday The 13th

Just a reminder, if the new Friday The 13th is still playing in your area, why not grab some friends and go give it a re-appraisal? There’s something about seeing a movie a second time that tends to feel more relaxed and free of anticipatory pressure. Seeing it on the supposedly unlucky day helps, too – by seeing it you’re celebrating Jason Voorhees’ birthday. Hell, take the day off if you must – this is the closest we’ll ever get to having a holiday named after the maim man – the date Friday the 13th is now synonymous with Jason.

Also for our Australian visitors, the flick debuts in cinemas tomorrow, Thursday the 12th. I’ve been a good ‘un and held out all this long, so we’ll see if I can keep myself from watching it tomorrow or if I can wait one more paltry day to watch it on Friday. Hmm.

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75 Responses to “ A Second Chance For Friday The 13th ”

  1. I did see the movie a second time, last week, and I did actually enjoy it more that time. The expectations I had were gone, so I was just able to enjoy it for it is and not for what I thought/hoped it would be.

    It’s a good movie, better than some of the other entries in the series and not as good as some others. The end still makes no sense, but hey, neither did the end of Jason Takes Manhattan!

    Unfortunately for movie-goers, many theaters have already stopped showing it. In my area there is only 1 theater in a 40 mile radius airing it at all on this Friday. Sad. :(

  2. I caught the movie on midnight when it came out and I caught it again that following Monday. I liked it the first time and I did in fact enjoy it a lot more the second time around.

  3. I was it twice. Both times with people who aren’t big fans or haven’t seen previous F13 movies.
    The first group I saw it with didn’t like it much. The second group loved it

  4. I could not agreee more lol i will not reveal how many times i saw it in theatre lol lots ;) went with different groupes of friends, And i agree big time after reading all the complaints about the movie i highly recommend that those individuals go see it again, THE MOVIE IS AMAZING they did a great job encorperating all 2-4 also helping it make a bit mroe sense, I do not know why everone was complaining but on my second viewing(cause during the first i did have a few complaints)the movie is great and they did a great job delivering to us fans what we wanted.Go see it again without the anticipation and you will see that this movie is awesome or better yet watch part8 9 and 10 then you will realise that it blows those away and is right up there with 1-7 anyways long live friday the 13th and i wanted to give shouts out to the core fans whos upported the movie :)

  5. whoops “saw it twice” not “was it twice”

  6. I’d love to go see it again this Friday, but I’m going to a haunted house called Zombie Manor.

  7. I loved this movie and Hope Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki can be in the next Friday the 13th film and kill Jason together. That would totally be cool. Why doesn’t Horror films get big actors to help with box office tickets. Like Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Keanu Reeves, Leanardo Decaprio, Zac Efron, Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jamie Lee Curtis would be cool to star in a Friday the 13th movie. She fought Michael Myers why not Jason too. People like that would really help these movies. Yeah they’d have to pay more, But they’d get a lot more money back too. Tom Hanks would be great too. Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Cher, or Richard Gere. Shia Lebeouf and Luke Perry would also be great.

  8. Jason, wtf are you smoking?

  9. I would love to see it for the third time but, I think my wife would kill me if I dragged her to the theater again! We went to see it at 12:01am opening night and then again the following Monday. As you could probably gather, I LOVED the movie! It’s now my favorite Friday!!!!

    Can’t wait for the unrated DVD and Blu ray!

  10. yep. Seen it 2ce opening night…then again Monday, and at least 4 times on a b/l…now I can’t wait for the sequal (obviously) and the official liscenced DVD…speaking of which…any official release dates yet?

  11. ‘Why doesn’t Horror films get big actors to help with box office tickets. Like Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Keanu Reeves, Leanardo Decaprio, Zac Efron, Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jamie Lee Curtis would be cool to star in a Friday the 13th movie’

    Because the moment you get big actors and major studio backing it becomes watered down and glossy. In other words, shite! I’d rahter watch a bunch of unknowns getting slaughtered than a Tom Cruise slasher movie.

  12. No big actors i agree with christian too much control by major studioss and hot headed actors, Keep it the way it should be NO BIG STARS.

  13. and also to add the actors in friday movies are big stars to us horror fans and fans of this genre keep it real the way it has always been, w00t friday rules lol

  14. Christian Sellers “Because the moment you get big actors and major studio backing it becomes watered down and glossy. In other words, shite!”

    How is that different then this film? I can’t believe people are on here begging other’s to go see this P.O.S of a film. That shows right there that this film is horrible, If you have to beg someone to see a film then that normally means it’s not good. I’m sure if it was as good as all of you think it is it would still be playing in most theaters! But the fact that it’s already out of most theaters means it sucks. I wouldn’t waste another 20 bucks to see this movie. heres a good point for you The Wrestler a good movie. It has played at the same theater here for over two months hell it might have been here longer than that. My point is, that is a good movie people liked it. It had a story it had good acting it wasn’t just some bullshit to cash in on valentines day weekend. and to the people that say it’s a horror movie thats why it did bad … Bullshit… Freddy Vs Jason played at my local theater for more than 2 months as well… so blow that smoke somewhere else. If a movie is good and making money then it will stay in the theater no matter if it’s horror, comedy, drama, and so on. Was Freddy Vs Jason good… Eh… it was better than this shit…

  15. thedeadman stop your negativity freddy vs jason lasted longer due to having two horro icons, I would like to say i am 31 years old i was introduced to jason when i was being babysat at the age of 7 and i was told to go to bed and my sitter was watching a vhs movie i came down the stairs to watch what she was watching when i was supposed to be sleeping all i remember is a gilr in a canoe and when the boy jumped out i screamed and got busted, Fast forward 6 years later and my older sisters where torturing me with horro movies and i was like omg thats him and ever since then i have been a fan,And do not compare The wrestler to this movie you fool this movie is made for horror fans a small but dedicated emographic you idiot and this movie made the most any horror movie did in its history opening night and yes it shot way down the second week which is normal for a slasher film, astop the negativity the movie was awesome go watch 8-10 and tell that its not better than that, Final note YOU ARE EITHER A FAN WHO IS YOUNG AND DOES NOT KNOW THE FRIDAY SERIES OR YOU ARE IN FACT JUST A BITCHY FAN WHO CAN NEVER BE SATISFIED WE GOT JASON ON THE BIG SCREEN AGAIN JUST BE HAPPY FOR THAT, OTHER THAN THAT KEEP YOUR NEGATIVE COMMENTS TO YOURSELF.THIS FRIDAY WAS ONE OF THE BEST NOT THE BEST ONE THE BEST.

  16. Yes i know im mispelling but im at work and have to be fast


  18. I really did like it more the 2nd time I saw it ! I noticed things I didn’t see the 1st time. I bought my 2nd copy of My Name is Jason yesterday. I’m taking out the movie money, seeing it a 3rd time and selling the dvd on ebay. When is the release date for the dvd ? I’ve heard 4,5 and 6 are due in June.

  19. Did they change the music?

  20. THEDEADMAN13, I wasn’t referecing any movie in particular so lay off with the hostility. I’m sure you didn’t understand a word I said as your response has no revelance to my comment

  21. thedeadman is a fan that can not be pleased, Hey deadman why dont you make a friday movie im sure it would be good….lmfao ya he is just negative, On a brighter note when is the blu ray release

  22. Just because some of you like it, doesn’t mean that those of us that don’t are “fans that can’t be pleased”. THEDEADMAN13 kind of has a point. All of the Friday movies from Part 5 and up are glossy, you can tell that the film studio started putting in their ideas more and more as the series went a long. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Part 6 and Part 7 is OK, but the series changed after Part 4. I wanted the remake to be more like the first four. Instead it turned out more like a cross bewteen Parts 5, 7 and 8, and I don’t mean story wise… There’s no reason why we can’t respectfully disagree. Some of you calling people that don’t like the remake negative, and telling them to keep their comments to their self, that’s fucked up. Don’t you believe in freedom of speech?

  23. TODAY’S THE DAY PEOPLE! Us Aussies finally get a chance to get us some Jason ass kicking! I am attending the 12:40pm session at my local. Gonna grab me some McDonalds for lunch near theater and eat it with glee as I anticipate my very eager retrun to Crystal Lake. The next time i post here…i’ll be one of you!

  24. im with john yes i did in fact like the movie (after 3 times of watching it) but john and deadman have a point they ARE friday fans why else would the still be here after the movies is done over with we all have our opinions y cant it be heard yeah u dont have to be really harsh about it and hisnamewastravis said it is coming to dvd in like june

  25. @John – Exactly you have freedom of speech and nobody is taking that away from anybody. Since we all have it we also have the right to disagree and debunk opinions that don’t make any sense. I mean why come in all hard then not want anyone to disagree like it’s just totally out of line. I don’t get it.

    We just can’t all be patted on the back all the time like “great speech man.” There are some who like the movie there are others who don’t, cool let ‘em discuss I think it’s perfectly fine as long as people don’t start taking it personal.

  26. I just find out the all the theatres in my town are pulling of the movie from their screen this thursday (march 12th). That’s the dumbest thing… no more chance to see this movie on march 13th ! I guess that they would have a lot of fan on that day.

    Talk about an opportunity wasted !

  27. All i was trying to get across is, we have heard enough negativity and im sorry it does sound like fans crying and complaining i have issues with the new film too but i also loved it, Not everyone can be pleased take out the good and be happy that he is on the big screen again.

    I know where a tight group here it’s just i found some of the negative comments that have been posted since the movie came out where out of line is all…..and i respect everyone’s opinion but at the end of the day it was a good film……..

  28. if I see it again it would be my 5th time!!

  29. I did it. I saw Friday The 13th!! WOOHOO! Wow, actually took a moment to read some of the comments. Things be getting harsh. Ok. fare enough. People have differing opinions and that’s cool. It’s what makes us individuals. And we, has fans of this series can get quite passionate. My thoughts are this, not a perfect movie by any means. But did i have fun? Hell Yeah! Was Jason a big bad ass on screen again? Fucking A he was!!! Will get it on blu ray and watch it over and over until my eyes bleed with glee? Resounding yes. I loved it. For what it was. Friday the 13th. Jason Vorhees. Blood, boobs and hockey masks. Check, check, check. All boxes ticked as far as I was concerned. Heck, even the couple in their 70’s who sat behind me and the 50 year old woman who bought her grown up son walked out with silly smiles. Movies, in particular horror, is about scaring the audience. Sharing an experience with others that would normally make you shit pants and run. Arenaline and laughter.
    So…I sincerely cannot wait for future installments. Might even pop a few of the original series in the player tomorrow night for our second round of 13th mayhem.
    Peace to all of you horror lunatics. Enjoy your Jason and smile :)

  30. I’m gonna see it Friday.

  31. It’s gone from my movie theatre.. :( I would have gone to see it again if I had the chance but it’s already gone. SIGH. Now I have to wait for the DVD. I’ll be grabbing that on the first day it comes out tho. And I’ve got the 19 inch Jason figure, and the smaller 6 inch one. They’re both staring down at me on my desk shelf, hehe.

    Derek Mears is the best Jason ever. THANK YOU for breathing some life back into my favourite slasher, Derek!!

  32. My usual cinema has indeed stopped showing the new F13 but is still showing My Bloody Valentine,WHAT THE FUCK.The only reason for this i gather is the novelty factor of it being in 3D.Now imagine the kind of money that F13 could have made had it been in 3D.Don\’t get me wrong i\’ve seen and enjoyed the original MBV,but it certainly wasn\’t good enough to merit a 3D remake all these years later.Hopefully Jason will get all 3D\’d up up for the sequel.As for dvd/blu-ray release dates,play.com has it down for a June 29th release.JASON WILL NEVER DIE………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  33. I will wait for the DVD release to give it a second chance. Sorry but I am one of the older fans (36) that enjoyed seeing Jason back BUT thought the movie was pretty bad in many aspects.

    I do look forward to the sequels as well and they are sure to come. I would prefer a sequel to the series though, but I think all we will get now is sequels to the remake=(

  34. I know what you mean Blood, it was great seeing Jason back on the big screen and it was nice and gory and Derek Mears was excellent, but it was flawed. Entertaning, no arguing there, but not my favourite

  35. I agree also christian let’s not forget the dvd/blu ray release will have a additional 10-15 minutes including young jason crying holding his mother’s decapitated head :)

  36. God wish i could see it again! So its time to wait for DVD with the 10-15mins off extra!!! Cant wait!!

  37. They’re still showing it here in NYC, so I have no problem watching it again. Even if there were a few things I didn’t like, I still loved it. It already made $83,374,039 worldwide. Nuff Said!

  38. And another thing, I loved the ENDING!

  39. I agree brooklynpsycho the ending was mint homage to the original friday canoe scene :) yay positive reviews :)

  40. This may be a little off-topic, but I think the sexiness factor for Jason needs to increase. Not the victims so much, but Jason himself. Like, he’s not a zombie now anymore, so why not make him more attractive? I get that he as to be deformed, but sexier clothes? We’ve seen him running around the woods and all that. It’s old. Why has there never been a scene with his shirt off? I just think we are missing out on an entire aspect of the character.

  41. Are you serious? You want Jason to become more sexy? Sure, let’s make him blonde with bright white teeth and a Brad Pitt six-pack. In fact, I wonder if he’d take over from Derek Mears for the sequel. Seriously, the victims can take care of the sexy bit, I don’t think it’s Jason’s style. After all, he’s spent his entire life hiding out in the woods and living off scraps and probably wild animals, I doubt he’d look that sexy anyway and he probably has proper bad morning breath

  42. wow christian i agree that comment by tommy is ridiculous sorry tommy but really come on, he’s a mongloid not supposed to be sexy lol :)

  43. F13 – the remake/reboot – great opening numbers but after two weeks it’s no longer even in the top ten – it shows that a large majority of us wanted much more and were a bit disappointed with this movie. What kind of movie score was that? If it had the original Manfredini/Friday sound I’m sure I would have appreciated the movie a lot more. Without the brilliant suspenceful build up score of the originals this movie simply relied on loud ‘bangs’ to make you jump.

    I won’t pay to see it again at the theatre but will buy the DVD release (I want that 10 – 15 deleted minutes)!

    Don’t get me wrong, the remake/reboot was a fun time but I prefer most of the originals instead.

  44. I agree john i was really let down with the score of the movie(my only but biggest gripe with the movie), and it does suck its not in theater any more but it is going to hit the 100 mill mark i believe it’s at 84 mill now(going by another post)the core fan base is cult and there where new fans introduced by the reimagining and let’s not forget it cost 19 mill to make so in the eyes of the studios Jason is as strong as ever, Platinum dunes if you are reading this please INCLUDE THE ORIGINAL SCORE IN THE SEQUEL OR VARIATION OF IT(THE SOUNDS AND EVERYTHING FROM THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK WAS MUCH MORE SCARY) i would of loved and the other core fans as well nothing more than the awesome new Jason(Derek) to be complimented by the original score or something inspired by it :)

  45. DIGMADNES….I was just stating my opinion! If you don’t like it then … Oh well.. I’m a fan of 20 years so piss off with that noise! This movie sucked I didn’t like it… I didn’t like Freddy vs Jason I know it’s not FvsJ2 MORON! I was just saying that it was a horror movie too and it stayed in the theaters cause it was making money. That was my point go back and read for a change.

    Christian I read your post and I just responded. The main part i was responding to was you saying if it had big name actors it would be shit! Thats where my response was conected to yours. How is that different than this movie. So if you all don’t like it when someone says this movie is shit.. then FUCK OFF. Am I calling you all morons and talking shit cause you like this movie I was just saying it sucked. Is it better than 8-10? Try 7-FvsJ and yeah maybe alittle more entertaining but that doesn’t make it a good movie. All of those movies were bad too.

  46. I should’ve said if a movie is good “OR” making money then it will stay in the theaters.

  47. I am a fan of 24 years, i just think that we should rejoice he is on the big screen again, i find too many live in the past and expect the new ones to be the same well they won’t be not saying you expect that just saying there has been to many posts by the same people slamming it for the wrong reasons, I too had issues with the movie like the score that killed me but i took what i got and enjoyed the film as it was good and they will learn from this and put it on the table for the next one.

  48. See THEDEADMAN13, back with the hostility. Why do you have to tell me to FUCK OFF? Grow up! Just because you’re writing anonymously ona forum it doesn’t mean you have to mouth off. My comment was in response to someone suggesting that for a Friday the 13th film they should get ‘Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Keanu Reeves, Leanardo Decaprio, Zac Efron, Jennifer Love Hewit.’ I personally don’t feel they belong in a Friday the 13th movie, that was all I stated. So please try to act like a civilised human being if you’re going to engage in a debate. Thank you!

  49. Christian did i specifically say you when i said “So if you all don’t like it when someone says this movie is shit.. then FUCK OFF ”

    and to use your words “I’m sure you didn’t understand a word I said”

    There’s no hostility here. We’re all Friday the 13th fans here Some of us like this movie and some hate it, Some thought it was ok… Others not so much. We are all entitled to our opinions. I didn’t have any hostility in my first post. If you got that then you my friend are the one getting angry over someone not agreeing with you.

  50. You start a paragraph with my name and then write FUCK OFF three lines below it. If it’s not directed at any particular person then may I suggest a space in between so no one can take offence if it’s not intended?

  51. I think if you read I said “YOU ALL” not just you! any of you that don’t like it when someone has an opinion. Don’t tell me I can’t say something about a shitty movie when this is a Friday board for FANS not just the one’s that loved this movie.. ALL OF US.. Don’t come back at the one’s that didn’t like it and say we are morons or we didn’t understand you. We are not morons… I’m not a moron I just did not like this movie, Is that wrong? What if I got on here and told you all that loved it to shut up and stop leaving messages on here because i’m tired of hearing it. Wouldn’t go over very well huh?… I don’t do that cause everyone is entitled to their opinion… I’m not telling you to be civilized human being am I.

  52. Well that was a typo… happens on here you know…

  53. Thing is people who like the movie typically don’t insult people or tell them to fuck off. Nobody said you couldn’t state your opinion. In fact it sounds the other way around with all your insults.

    You think its a shitty movie ok tell people why, but don’t feel offended when people open a discussion around your reasons whether they’re flawed or valid.

    As soon as someone with a bad opinion about the movie gets debated they automatically think some sort of right has been infringed. This is a blog it’s for discussion don’t take it too personal.

  54. OK,

    Speaking of second chances, how about some more Jason on Bluray news…



    The most recent Friday the 13th with Derek Mears was nothing to write home about. Considering that Part IV was made in or around 1984, that film was better than the modern 2024 version with all of the special effects and advanced computer effects which are available at the present time.

    One thing that I did not understand was how did Jason in the Friday the 13th movie (2009) able to build underground tunnels around Camp Crystal Lake. I mean, there were underground tunnels which required bulldozers and other heavy machinery. Also, Derek Mears did not really impress me as playing Jason. I still prefer Kane Hodder to play the role. Derek Mears changed the persona of the Jason character – for example, he would run after his victims to pursue them instead the Jason in the previous versions would have a fast walk. Finally, I can’t recall Jason keeping one of his victims hostage as he did in the 2024 movie. This was so unlike the traditional Jason.

    Does anyone else have any other critiques of the F13th (2009) movie?

  56. I read about the friday blu-rays as well. I just wish we could get some concrete confirmation.

  57. Kane hoder = zombie jason slow walk

  58. Sinz I responded with Fuck off after the fact I was called a moron and belittled like a child when all I did was state my opinion. That was it… I didn’t offend anyone I didn’t call any names so thats where the Fuck off came from. After the fact I got attacked for stating my opinion.

  59. He didn’t make all of those tunnels. If you watch carefully you can see that it was an an old underground mine with the rails still there. Also Jason ran before he became a zombie including part IV where he chases Trish out of the house.

  60. Thank you for setting it straight scott s :)

  61. The tunnels in the new F13 – so there were mining tunnels built at Camp Crystal Lake sometime in the past? I think it was kind of a ridiculous idea and to have one of them run up into an over turned school bus? Again, I think it’s kind of ridiculous.

    Summer camps don’t have underground mining tunnels on/around their property (not that I know of anyway).

    Jason never needed undergroud tunnels to get around in the past movies. I did not care for this idea at all. I also have a problem with him keeping mementos of victims (doesn’t TCM do that already) and to keep one hostage made me roll my eyes – what the heck did he feed her for six weeks?

    The new F13 was a decent enough try but hopefully we’ll get a new director, writers and some Manfredini scoring for the sequel.

    I would be nice to have a continuing sequel to the original series as well. Friday the 13th, Part 13 – could be sweet! Please just don’t pick up where New Line made him into Uber-Jason (damn, I miss Paramount putting these out instead).

    One more thing; I did prefer Kane playing Jason – nobody did a bad job but I’m a Kane fan, although walking fast(er) would have taken away some of the whole ‘walks like a zombie’ comments thing.

    In the end I’m just happy this was successful and Jason is back.

  62. Nice post John i can feel the passion of the fan :)I too hope that they bring on Manfredini and if they can’t have something close to his original sound I mean I don’t mind music but i want the musical score more the build up to and the classic Friday screeching sound(no idea how to describe but you all know what i mean) and understandable it would be modernized, but that was my biggest gripe with the movie and hopefully they will listen to us fans and incorporate something of the like and i am confident they will in the sequel,But ya what i wanted to say in case you did not hear Platinum Dunes and Marcus Nispel said they wanted to put deer parts and a deer carcus down there or something to the like but they could not get into the budget apparently a dead deer carcus cause the wanted a real one was gonna cost half a million lol But that would of been a nice touch maybe? who knows i think it would of been.

    Please Dunes Brad We Know you read here Great Job guys you know where just passionate fans :)(I loved the movie :)

    But Please Bring back Manfredini have a modernized version inspired buy original or if not possible have Jablonski do something Inspired more by the prior series But I did love the intro Music Good Job Steve :)

    Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma

  63. Digmadness:


    There diff movies? Really? Could you possibly have meant “They’re different movies?” ‘Cause, you know, “there, their, and they’re” are not used interchangeably; this is basic grade-school grammar. I’m guessing you stock shelves at Wal*Mart for a living, no? Because you clearly haven’t developed the English skills–at 24, I believe–to excel much beyond that. Come on, man, have some dignity and self-respect: learn to use the English language properly; anything else just makes you look like a–well, a moron, as you so eloquently put it.

    And the same goes for the dude that said “I seen it 2ce.” No, my friend, you SAW it twice. Seriously, grow the fuck up, because you’re bringing down the collective IQ for the rest of us.

  64. Jesus Christ, Digmadness…I just read the rest of this thread, and all I can say is that I’m sorry for singling you out: the people posting on this site are a bunch of fucking illiterate retards. I’m not kidding. It’s no goddamned wonder that the horror genre is still so disreputable, or that no one takes the comments on these sites seriously. How can you, when 90% of the posts look like they were written by a second-grader? Don’t any of you aspire to be anything more than a fucking text-generation robot with absolutely no grasp of, or regard for, the native language that you’re supposed to know how to speak, read and write? Do any of you possess even a modicum of self-respect or goddamned pride? How do you think other people view you when you write like this? I’ll tell you: they look at you with pity because you sound like fucking idiots…and that’s really sad.

    I just wonder what all your mothers and fathers must think. Not too much is my guess.

  65. Get off your pedestal James. We don’t all speak the same and we don’t all express ourselves the same way and I’m happy for that. Some people can be bothersome and difficult to understand but I don’t hold a nitpicky grammar cop above them.

    So clillax homie weez can all speaks how we feelz dawg.

  66. Hello James sorry i was misspelling i did not mean to offend, As i am part French Canadian and Canadian English sometimes my spelling is off due typo me typing English words the french way in some cases, But ya don’t judge me on it I am educated and also hold a good position with a isp.

    So if you don’t like it or it bothers you, please do not read my posts.

  67. Also respect to Sinz86 for the nice words, thanks bro

  68. I have to agree with THEDEADMAN13 on this one. He was insulted first. He only insulted the movie, not the people that liked it. This seems to be a common thing with people that like the remake.

  69. this movie rocked! if they make another one with jason like he is now then derek mears should definately play the part. but if they make him zombiesh then kane hodder should get the part most definately. and holy shit wtf is going on with the debating with tying right and shit. no this is for the comments whether good or bad. who cares if u misspelled words its typing anyways. i mean jesus christ in texting and in IMing all of us shorten shit. this is for us to discuss friday the thirteenth movies. and for the people that have negative comments then fuck off because apparently y’all dont like these movies so why bash a movie genre for other fans?! w/e u like thats what you stick with go comment on your favorite movies! besides if you think its stupid then keep that to yourself we’re not going to kill you we dont care. we like jason y’all dont. but dont come bashing a good movie series! to the jason fans how did yall like jason in this new movie?

  70. fuck you brian. i didn’t like the remake either, but the old friday movies are my favorite movies out of any genre. nobody’s bashing the whole series, just the remake. we have just as much of a right to post are opinions as you do. why can’t you people that like the remake just respectfully disagree? you don’t have to be dickheads about it.

  71. Well said mark!

  72. Mark yes we are all fans but i would like you to list the reimagining vs 2-4 and please list what what ruined it for you and i would like to see what made you dislike it just a honest question i just want to know how you feel this film compared to the others, again i thought it was great just curious for those who disliked it please point out what you did not like, that way we can start discussions on the pros and cons.

  73. To me, the characters didn’t seem realistic, they reminded me more of the ones from parts 8 and up. They were a group of people that didn’t seem like they’d be friends in real life. The characters from the older fridays felt like real people to me, which made those movies alot more scary. And the actors in the remake didn’t act like they were all that scared, the ones in the old fridays did. I know that’s a problem in most new horror movies and not just the friday remake, but I was told that this was going to be a remake of parts 1-4, not 5-10. And it just didn’t have any kind of an atmosphere, like in part 3 with the wind and the chase scene with Chris, that’s what I love so much about these movies. The remake just didn’t have that… I’m not trying to knock anyone who liked the remake, everybody has different opinions about all of the sequels. This is just mine.

  74. I agree with most people about the remake it had some really great parts that made it a F13 movie but the down points and there were two really big downers in this movies one the hostage someone tell in any of the previous f13 movie did jason ever take a hostage you cant cause he never did. and number two the part where jason looked like was going to speak and no offense but if he had said anything i would have left the theater. but I cant wait to see if they do make another one.


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