Review: Nightmare Warriors #4, Expanded Contest and Giveaway

Our contest has expanded! Check out the new contest and review of Issue #4

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10 Responses to “ Review: Nightmare Warriors #4, Expanded Contest and Giveaway ”

  1. is anyone else really really tired of the FVJ Jason look

  2. i have to say this series is great! This series is much better then the last one!!! They should do more Friday the 13th comic series!!

  3. SPAZ i could not agree with you more. i have always hated the FVJ look. ALOT

  4. I hate the FVJ look too

  5. Just one character or all them appearing from Friday The 13th not including Jason?

  6. Also is the Friday The 13th series as a whole or just Friday The 13th?

  7. I hated the JvJ look, and it’s even worse in this comic. Machete hand for Json is beyond retarded.

  8. SPAZ

    i agree,its a very dull look,but hey at least we got a cool image in the comic above lol,no dr.voorhee my prostates already been examined lol

  9. I like the FVJ look. Never undertood why so many don’t. It’s not the masterpiece that New Blood was, granted; but there is nothing wrong with it and he was supposed to be a more sympathetic Jason anyway; I feel that from the FVJ look and that was important to me at the time.

  10. “no dr.voorhees my prostates already been examined”

    Funny as hell. :)

    Hey, I am not a humongous comic guy myself, but these have been a lot of fun to read through and the art is well done. I am sure they stuck with the FvJ look because this is a versus series.

    What look would you guys prefer they use for the next comic series?

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