Fans Speak Out: Favorite Jason Instrument of Destruction

machete1The machete is almost as much of the Jason character as the hockey mask. It has been used in numerous marketing campaigns, even when it is never used in the movie it is promoting. For instance, the trailer for Jason Takes Manhattan features Jason with a machete, yet he never uses the tool one time in the film. In fact, the machete itself was rarely used by Jason in the earlier films. The most it was ever used by Jason in the first four films was in Part 3, and that was towards the end of the movie. Roy featured the machete in the final confrontation of A New Beginning, but it wasn’t until Jason Lives where Mr. Voorhees carried the machete as his main weapon of choice. Even the subsequent The New Blood featured Jason briefly with the instrument and, as previously stated, Jason Takes Manhattan not at all.

Not until the New Line films did Jason truly showcase the machete as his true instrument of destruction. That being said, there have been numerous weapons used throughout the series to dispatch of Jason’s victims. Which is your favorite weapon used in the series and what would you like to see used in the future?


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39 Responses to “ Fans Speak Out: Favorite Jason Instrument of Destruction ”

  1. Well the machete is very iconic for Jason. The speargun from part 3 was pretty awesome too! But my vote is definately the machete! It is just something that “goes” with Jason! I would like to see him use some cool power tools!

  2. Surgical machete from JX (The one he finds right after thawing out)

  3. The machete is by far my favorite, but too obvious. How about the party favor(horn) or the steaming rock in the sauna.

  4. Part 7 weedwacker that J uses to kill Dr. Crews
    part 4 hacksaw used on Axel
    Part 1 the axe used on i dont know her name…
    remake 2024 bow and arrow and screw driver and Trent demise on the tow truck

  5. The machete, by far. It is big, heavy and delivers the kind of blow Jason is suited for.

  6. I still say the machete, not just cause its iconic, but its just simple and effective!!

  7. ShoutAtTheDevil mentioned one of the underappreciated kills in the franchise, the sauna rock. That was just nasty. If only they could have shown a little more in the thheater. And to think, that was an inserted scene at the last moment. I like that instrument. Another one was JJ’s guitar in the same movie.

  8. I’d say the axe is my favorite. The machete is cool but gets too much attention for how little its used.

    Future weapons…I want the icicle…and winter Crystal Lake! Can you imagine a frosty Jason with warm breath coming from his mask.

  9. Everything near Jason is my favorite weapon . . . and his!

  10. His best kills to me were usually with his bare hands.

  11. Killers and their ICONIC Weapons:

    Michael Myers: Butcher Knife
    Leatherface: Chainsaw
    Freddy: Knifes for the fingers

    Jason: Machete, but really, mostly used his hands. If he uses any of the above, he would be copying the others. I say he uses a sledgehammer! Imagine grabbing a smaller-handle sledgehammer and busting open a cranium with that!?

  12. “His best kills to me were usually with his bare hands”

    Very true. Paul’s head crush and eye popping was awesome. Ben’s unedited head crush in The New Blood is one of the best kills, period!

  13. His hands.

    Whether it be punching threw someone’s chest or crushing someone’s head/face.

    The man’s got destructive hands.

    And I agree the surgical machete in JX is pretty cool too.

  14. I too agree that his best tools were his own 2 hands.

  15. jasonsfury, glad you liked the sauna rock. Always thought it would be a bad way to go.

    Love the icicle idea. I think the whole winter angle is a great one for the next movie.

    And yes bare hands are another good response, kinda wish I had thought of it.

    How about when Jason goes Mike Tyson and punches a guys head off, unrealistic but fun nonetheless.

  16. I always liked the tree trimming saw Jason uses to kill Dr. Crews in part 7. When I first saw the trailer You get to see Jason reving it up. I remember thinking finnaly, He gets to use some kind of buzzsaw. My only wish is that the ratings board wouldve left that scene alone. The uncut kill is awesome, much like the rest of the uncut kills. But anyway the trimming saw was always my favorite. When Kane Hodder went to go rent the saw for the scene, He asked the guy what it was used for. The man replied “its for trimming limbs”.

  17. I’m old school…I like the machete the best but I also liked the street sign in Jason goes to hell when he split the woman in half through the tent with it.

  18. I have always enjoyed the traditional tools like machete, axe, knife, and pitchfork. I also liked they scythe used on Maddy in Part VII.

    I was never really a fan of the head crushes, window tosses, or the drowning. I prefer to see Jason use a camp tool as a weapon.

  19. The Corkscrew (Part 4)

  20. There is a few that I like but the best would have 2 be the party horn from part 7…so funny when he shoved it into her eye and the horn blew. Wow that sounds wrong that I think the killing is funny.

  21. I’ve allways wanted to see Jason with a chainsaw. It would have been a dream come true! For some wierd reason i’ve allways asociated Jason with a chainsaw, allthough he have never used one in the series.

  22. The machete is my favourite as it has become an extension of Jason himself.Other favourites include……

    His right hook (julius decap scene from part viii).
    Liquid nitrogen (face smash from part x)
    Folding bed (part xi/F vs J)
    Sleeping bag (parts vii + x)
    Bow + arrow (part xii/09 reboot)

    As effective as all the above are you just can’t beat the dull sound of a machete finding it’s victim……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  23. In the first couple of films Jason was very creative using many weapons , then the new line films came that’s when the machete became his staple. It wasn’t until recently in the reboot that he began to use other weapons besides the machete.

  24. I have always wanted to see Jason kill with the pick-axe, in other films like he did in part 2.

  25. I like when Jason has the Axe. When he’s running with it in part 3 is very menacing and the one he’s running with in the reboot. I love Jason with the Axe, If The Machete wasnt his Staple no doubt it would be an axe.

  26. How about the lamp post in JGTH? Or how about the punch in Jason Lives where he grabs the heart? The speargun from part 3 is my all time fave.

  27. A Machete for sure..But i like when jason get a axe ( =

  28. The spear gun from pt. 3 has always been my favorite.

  29. Even though it wasn’t technically “Jason” weapon, my favorite one has always been “The Strap”.

    I still don’t know who thought up that one but it still sticks in my mind and its something you never see in other horror movie.

    Yes, it’s a Roy weapon but its a Jason kill nevertheless.


    Wow, it’s funny you brought this column up… I mean I have also associated the machete with Jason just like all the other horror icons “weapons of choice”.
    But truthfully I never counted the usage and yeah, it’s odd but I never noticed the “lack-of” machete use. I think he’s used a pitchfork and axe in more scenes by far.

    Good call on this one.


  30. Thanks! It is an interesting look at the franchise. Even the hockey mask could be viewed in this light as many people just associate the hock with the whole franchise when in actuality it didn’t really become a mainstay until The Final Chapter.

  31. I’d love if he used an axe more.

  32. Road flare

  33. The machete will always be the iconic weapon. I loved the speargun too. After those, I would have to go with the road flare.

  34. Jason X, freezin’ the chick’s head and smashing it in to itty bitty pieces…

  35. In the originals, Jason used axes, pick-axe, hammers, knifes, cleavers,garden shears, pitchforks, saws, ice picks, spearguns ect. Not just the machete.

  36. Love all of them, especially the punched through the chest heart pull out, punch through back, tent stake throw, smashed frozen face which I simulated on youtube with my X costume, Fence post throw over the shoulder, sleeping bag, back break in Jason X, glass in throat part 6, and more.

  37. My favorite F13 weapons:
    Part 2: Barbed Wire
    Part 3: Red Hot Fireplace Poker
    Part 4: Corkscrew
    Part 5: Leather Strap
    Part 6: Throwing Knife
    Part 7: Tree Trimming Saw
    Part 8: Spear Gun
    JGTH: Knife Sharpening Pole
    Jason X: Freezing Liquid
    F.v.J.: Freddy’s Arm
    Remake: Screwdriver

  38. I hate the machete thing!!!, it makes Jason looks more a GIJOE action figure than the evil character he should be. To me, watching Jason with an axe (like that dreamy vision Tommy Jarvis has in Part 5) is by far scarier than that real “toyish”, boring (and not so iconic) machete thing. To me, the “machete era” is the symbol of Jason’s declive as a character.

    Bring back the classic Jason from Part 3 and 4!!!!, throw away that machete and give him an axe!!!

  39. The weedwacker is my favorite…just too bad you don’t see alot of that in part 7…
    and the Jason X machete is very nice..( you know..the one from the poster)

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