Final Girl Grudge Match: Jessica Kimble vs Rowan

Last week was a huge landslide victory for Ginny Fields. In fact, it was almost a shut-out and I have never seen that before, ever, in any of the challenges I have conducted over the last year. So, Ginny is looked at as one definitive, tough badass chica to not mess with. This week shall be interesting to see where the visitors’ loyalties reside for the later films in the series.

Jessica Kimble (Jason Goes To Hell) vs Rowan (Jason X)
Steven Freeman took the big time beating from Jason, but Jessica got all of the glory for helping send Jason to hell in JGTH. Jessica was no wimp while engaging her maternal instincts to protect her kid from Jason, but only her bloodline saved her from certain doom. Now Rowan took Jason head on in the opening sequence of Jason X. Shooting Jason with a shotgun and getting him into cryo-freeze took a lot of nerve. In the end, both females were willing to sacrifice themselves to stop Jason once and for all.

Who would survive a death match between one another and emerge victorious?

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24 Responses to “ Final Girl Grudge Match: Jessica Kimble vs Rowan ”

  1. Sweet I’m first. I think its roman. She stood upto Jason and knew a jell of a lot about him. Really stephen stephen took on Jason in JGTH. So i say Roman.

  2. Jessica Kimble.

    In a Voorhees was he born, through a Voorhhes may he be reborn, and only by the hands of a Voorhees will he die.

    Nuff said.

  3. Rowan gets my vote

    Jessica was tough but Steven got her out of a lot of jams in JGTH.

  4. Gotta go with Rowan. Kimble may be Jason’s niece or whatever, but she was fighting him to protect her child, plain and simple. Not sure she would have, otherwise. Rowan learned about Jason over a time span and in effect kept him from killing for hundreds of years. She gets my vote.

  5. I will have to go with Rowan!!!

    She had him frozen and then ended up fighting him again how many hundred years later???…she one tough cookie!!….Jessica was tough and had a good fight but no the same as Rowan!!!

  6. Rowan gets my vote.

  7. Rowan wins it for me. She’s survived Jason on earth and in space. She even managed to halt Jason on her own and even when Jason went on his space rampage she survived while many other better trained people didn’t. Rowan wins it for me.

  8. I am going to say Rowan

  9. I have to go with Rowan. Jessica is a Voorhees and all, but She didnt really do much other than the finishing blow with the dagger. Steven took all the lumps throughout that film, and battles Jason (one of the greatest fight scenes ever in the series). But Rowan is much more tougher by far. How She got Jason into the Cryo stasis unit was badass. Shes pretty badass with a gun. And Shes very smart (minus standing in front of the cryo stasis unit after She put Jason in). She landed in 2455 and She adapted real quick. But most importantly She knows Jason, and that He doesnt die. She knew it was a danger to have Him on the Grendel, but stupid Professor Lowe had to get rich quick or so he thought. Anyway, Steven Freeman and Creighton Duke were the heroes of JGTH. If only Jessica wouldve done more. But thats why My vote goes to Rowan. Plus Shes super Hot!!! Michael Shanks is a lucky Man.

  10. I think Rowan would win this one. She is tough and knew what it would take to beat Jaosn, before he became Uber Jason that is!

  11. I hated both of these movies, I really did and that makes this choice that much harder so it boils down to which movie I hated less, and that was Jason X. It urks me to say that lol. Rowan was one of those hybrids of “death prophecy” givers and heroine so I’ll give it to her.

  12. Rowan for sure, she is hot and tough.

  13. I’ll take Rowan. She really did go toe to toe with Jason in certain scenes, except when UberJason arrived. :)

  14. Rowen…easy pick.

  15. Rowan hands down

  16. Rowan.

  17. Interesting how people are saying Jessica had help, and not mentioning that Rowan had help too (other than JF). When Uber Jason showed up she had 1 person and an android helping her. But my vote still goes to Rowan. She really is a tough woman

  18. I’ll go against the grain and say Jessica. The Voorhees family gimmick was great, but ultimately it comes down to this: You don’t mess with family. Jason whacked her mom and almost got the baby.

  19. Rowan

  20. Jessica Kimble

  21. Rowan

    Jessica certainly (attempted to) end Jason once and for all and what better way then to send Jason to the darkest evil place for heartless killers? (Though I think Jason should have been to be at peace and enjoy himself in Hell for all his hard work but that’s just me) However, Rowan studied Jason…sort of knew why and what he was. She was afront many boards of directors for multiple executions, and seen fit since he can’t die he should be frozen for obvious reasons…Not to mention she had to dea with him centuries later…Although it was Brodski who took Jason out-NOT Rowan…just please remember that!

  22. Easy…Rowan!

    …”you brought him on board?”…

  23. Rowan…so hot……………

  24. Rowan…..deffinately…Jessica was ok, but not my favorite of the two

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