Final Girl’s Art Featured In U.K. Exhibition

Adrienne King has a passion for art and she has taken her skill and applied to the Friday the 13th film series to recreate some classic scenes from the original 1980 film. This week, her artwork is on display in the United Kingdom at The Tank Gallery as part of the Misty Moon Exhibition. This is a rare opportunity for those fans outside of the U.S. to see this art upclose and have the opportunity to by these pieces.

It’s too bad that Adrienne didn’t send some Crystal Lake Wine over to the U.K. to sell as well! If interested in more information, check out the banner below or visit the Gallery website for times that the exhibition is open!

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4 Responses to “ Final Girl’s Art Featured In U.K. Exhibition ”

  1. From what it looks like, Alice won’t be attending, which is a shame. It would have been a better experience to meet her. Still very cool that her work is being showcased!

  2. Wow, Adrienne is sure busy nowadays. Thats awesome.

  3. Adrienne King’s art is great, she showed some of it on the Friday the 13th documntary “His Name was Jason” (I believe it was the second disc, which were the special features). I particularly liked her painting of her character Alice Hardy, in the final scene of the original film when she’s dragged in. I would definately like to see her new paintings recreating the scenes of the original film.

  4. Blimy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone todo with F13 over here!!!!!!!!!!! Love her paintings too, esps the f13 one!

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