Friday Conversation: The Original “Final Chapter” Ending


Ever since the Deluxe Edition DVD of The Final Chapter was released and the original ending was premiered, the fans have been split on its use. Should Joe Zito have stuck with that original ending? As it stands now, the ending that is in the final print is a great one and was the perfect way to end the film and quite possibly the franchise.

Proponents of keeping the original ending would argue that it fit perfectly into the established formula set by the previous three films. Each of the previous films had dream sequences with that final jump scare before rolling into the credits. The Final Chapter’s final scene did not have this last jump scare, but perhaps that was the point. The film was meant to be final and have Jason completely obliterated. What do you think? So, do you like the final product as is or should the original ending have been used?

Also, would you like to see Paramount offer an extended edition of the movie with the original ending added in as an altenative? Perhaps bringing in Kimberly Beck to do voice over  work and use stock music from Harry Manfredini?

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36 Responses to “ Friday Conversation: The Original “Final Chapter” Ending ”

  1. Leave it the way it is. Good ending to a good movie. Just leave it in the special features

  2. I would like the option of the alternate ending, mainly because the franchise did not end.

  3. and maybe on blu-ray!

  4. Great idea. I would love it if they would include multiple versions when they are available (especially uncut versions) but I would like the original theatrical release to be included. As much as I love the uncut versions, it bothers me that they didn’t include the theatrical version of Friday the 13th (1980) on the blu-ray.

  5. I’m quite happy with the the theatrical/VHS/DVD ending we have. o me, it’s was a good attempt to kill him off…of course sick and deranged fans like al of us would not have it that way.

    The original intended ending just wasn’t anything special, so although, it was worth the watch since noone has ever seen it, I’m glad it didn’t make it in.

  6. I really wish they would have used the alternate dream sequence ending. I think it\’s great and it would have continued the tradition from the first three films.

  7. Are you sure this was the intended ending for the film or just an idea that they shot?!? The theatrical ending for Part 3 was only used because the intended ending (which didn’t even include a dream sequence) was too gory…so I’m not sure if consistency was something they always had in mind by this point in the franchise.

    I like the ending of A Final Chapter just the way it is. Also, Corey Feldman hacked Jason to shit on the floor and I find it difficult to believe that Jason would find a way to hide in the bathroom with a shredded back and his brains dripping out of his head.

  8. I find it difficult to believe that Jason would find a way to hide in the bathroom with a shredded back and his brains dripping out of his head

    Thanks for commenting. Actually this was meant for the ending and it was supposed to be a dream sequence just like the previous three movies, as I mentioned above. So the scene could have played out as it was only a dream.

  9. I think they shouldve gone with the alternate ending, and make it a dream sequance. Then they couldve flashed to where Trish was in the hospital and She hugs Tommy, and of course He looks at the camera and gives that disturbing look like Hes going to be the next Jason. Figuring 1 and 3 had dream sequances, and Im not sure about that scene in part 2 where Jason lunges through the window at Ginny. But it wouldve been perfect. As Ive said millions of times, The Final Chapter is My favorite. Even without the alternate ending it still kicks ass. I mean the way Jason dies, classic.

  10. I’ve still never seen the alternate ending.

    Could anyone please give me a rundown of what happens?

  11. Buck,

    This is how the alternate ending goes:

    Trisha wakes up the next morning and hears moaning in the restroom upstairs. Corey Feldman wakes up too but he is too frightenined to move so he stays on the couch and shivers while Trisha goes up the stairs.

    The sound is obviously coming from behind the bathroom door and Trisha slowly walks up to it and gently pushes it open. Her mother is on her hands and knees and vomiting in the toilet. Trisha goes to help her out and when she kneels beside her, the audience can see something moving behind the shower curtain. Jason pulls the shower curtain open to reveal himself. He is holding a bottle of Jack Daniels so its obvious that he and Trisha’s mom have been partying it up all night. Trisha’s mom tells Trisha that she thinks she pregnant and thats why she’s throwing up (not becuase she has a hang over). Then Jason raises his machete to kill Trisha but before he swings it down, the camera fades to black.

  12. Yea, a few people use to have the alternative ending uploaded to Youtube, but have since had them pulled. Otherwise, I could have put that scene up for everyone to see.

  13. …I wouldn’t know since it’s never been released on blu-ray!!

  14. here is a link of the alternate ending, but it has music put to it. and its mixed back into the real ending, maybe this is the way that it could have looked, without the music mind you.

  15. lol, i forgot to mention, every will notice the song playing during the clip

  16. Ah, this person did not put “alternative ending” in his title, which is why it is still up. :) Thanks for sharing the link, bytor.

  17. Does Paramount really think that they need to take down the alternative ending because if they don’t people wont buy their DVD?!? That’s ridiculous! Everybody knows that you buy the Final Chapter DVD to watch “The Lost Tales of Camp Blood”!

  18. Leave it. If ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Besides with the way it ended (the look in Tommy’s eyes while hugging Trish) & with what they did in part 5, their intentions were to have Tommy take over as the killer but obviously dropped that idea (thank god!). That alternate ending was definetly pretty cool though & we at least got to see the intended fate of Mrs. Jarvis. Now only if they had filmed that ending from part 6 with Elias Vorhees from the novelization. Yeah that artists comic style interpretation was ok but obviously a filmed version would have kicked ass!

  19. An alternate ending is the way to go, but only use original footage. Don’t add in things, that would be overkill.

  20. I really liked this alternate ending to the Final Chapter, it answered some questions regarding the ending of the movie. For example: what happened to Mrs. Jarvis, we assume that Jason killed her but we never know what happened to her afterwards, also I think this ending gives alot of closure to Trish.

  21. So if the alternate ending answered so much, can anybody here tell me how Mrs. Jarvis died exactly?

  22. I really like the dream ending from part 4. I believe that they should have used that ending instead of the one that was used in the film.

  23. i am still waiting for the lost ending to part 3….where jason “cuts off” chris’s head. that would be awesome to finally see…

  24. Re: the part 3 alternate ending,

    I think ive read this footage is gone and only stills remain, it is the holy grail of the series.

  25. Leave it how it is, its perfect!

  26. I would love to see the ending restored in the film. I run the Kimberly Beck fansite, and I think the fans would love to hear what Kimberly Beck has to say and what she is doing now! :~)

  27. I would love to see the alternate ending put back in and also some of the gore scenes that was cut out

  28. It’s a pretty creepy scene on paper, but no offense to Mr. Savini, but Jason looked awful here.

  29. I like the alternative endinG very much.I think it should have been in the film and then cut to Trish waking up in a chair and going in to see Tommy.

  30. Wow.

    I had never saw that alternate ending before. It’s a cool added feature, but I do believe the orginal ending fit better in terms of the storyline. Jason had to die here… Tommy was the one who killed him, and after this, his presence was the undead-Jason.

    Still… it is cool. I wonder if they would ever re-edited Friday4, if they could put this and the orginal ending both in there. His sisters “dream” could be used as the reason Tommy went to the grave in part 6 and why he never believed that Jason was fully dead.

    2 cool!

  31. it is a classic,so leave it as 1.

  32. I think one of the reasons that so many fans are saying they like the “lost” ending more is because they have seen the theatrical ending a million times or more.

    The Final Chapter is a near-perfect horror film just the way it is.

  33. as a fan,I would like to see all deleted scenes for all the friday movies to see the ideas the directors had.except part 8 & 9 those directors should be shot for messing up a great series with that trash that they put out

  34. The final shot of Final Chapter is great. It’s a classic. Let the Final Chapter be the way it is. I does not need to be fixed, cause it’s not broken. That alternate ending is just that, an alternate ending that was not the chosen one. And the chosen one has proven to be the right and the classic one.

  35. hate that ending but was happy to see it on the deluxe edition i think it ends just fine its also my VERY fav film in the series i have a love for all of them (yes part 9 too) but I think this one is so creepy and its my fav jason

  36. I think it would have made the ending better to use the alternate ending. There is something so so creepy about seeing all the destruction and death the morning after in the daylight. If anyone has ever saw the sharon tate crime scene photos that are online, just seeing the crime scene photos that were taken in the day time, really makes it more real and horrific. I know it creeps me out

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