Friday Conversation: What Do You Like In A Friday Website?

So, this week’s conversation doesn’t necessarily pertain to the movies, but our great website. I have been writing here on this website for close to 2 years and have seen a lot of visitors and topics come and go. I think most of the series topics and news we bring to our visitors is worthy of the history of this website. However, curiosity has grabbed my attention and now I have to ask everyone a simple question. What do you like in a Friday the 13th website?

There are websites, Friday the 13th related or not, that offer certain areas of interest to their visitors. If you had to choose one thing about a website that most interests you what would it be?

1. Discussions (Message Forum, Comments on blog)
2. News and Updates
3. Content (Photos, video, information on movies)

So, here is your chance to sound off and tell everyone what you like in a website generally as well as a Friday the 13th website, specifically. Tell us what you don’t like about websites that are set up today and what you may not like about our website here. Now, this does not give everyone the license to bash individual websites, but what you like or dislike about the content in general.

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31 Responses to “ Friday Conversation: What Do You Like In A Friday Website? ”

  1. I like the blog idea. lets registered users create blogs that other users can comment on.

    I also like the newspaper idea. I’m excited to read other people’s articles and to contribute some myself!

  2. Blog Ideas, and most of all news/updates and *grudge matches*. I enjoy this site very much and above all other internet sites. I thank the creators of this site dedicated to all things “Friday”.

  3. I also like the newspaper idea. I’m excited to read other people’s articles and to contribute some myself!

    That is something that is being worked on. Guest contributors to the paper is a definite reality. More information on that soon.

    So, it seems as though the blog idea is still very popular. DO you guys prefer it over a forum or archived information about the films?

  4. I just found a box cover for part 4 that have never seen before maybe some of you have but its pretty bad ass.

  5. It is a cool box cover. That is the box cover for the DVD’s released last year for regions outside the US. Here is a review of the covers I did last year. Great find hardrocker51406!

    On task with this blog, what do you like to see in a Friday website, hardrocker51406?

  6. Really you guys have got just about everything an f13 fan would want in a website. The only thing id like is more jgth stuff. That was the first friday film i seen back when i was like 8 so it has a soft spot in my heart

  7. Really you have everything on here an f13 fan would want with blog posts breaking news and cool finds. The only thing that id like to see is some more jgth stuff. That was the first friday i ever saw so its my personal fav.

  8. I am a big fan of JGTH as well. Not sure if you have looked yet, but here is some of the stories and news we have posted over the last year.

    More JGTH info will be on it’s way

  9. Sorry. It said my post didnt load so i re posted it lol.

  10. I love your site. You give the most current news where others don’t even come close. I do think you need to update your image gallery. Almost everything is empty! Can’t wait for the forum and he Gazette!

  11. I cant think off anything else too put on here it does have everything u need to know!!
    Maybe a backgrount pic on the images page type thing, But that would be it!

  12. A total bodycount list and method of murder as well as weapon(s) used would be cool. Add more photos to the image gallery. I love theorizing about these films. I haven’t navigated through the whole site yet, but I like this blog discussion forum thing, and the chance to write an op-ed in the newspaper would be cool. Other than that the site owns. It’s about the only site I go to. I like other horror stuff, too, namely slashers, but Jason is at the top of my list of all-time favorite of course, and this is by far the best site for Friday the 13th. Just keep all things Friday the 13th coming!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  13. What about something where you can design wallpapers like on the FvJ movie website? That’d be kinda cool if one could build something using pieces of imagery from all the films. I’m not sure if there’d be some kind of legality there to do so.

  14. Well, I think it’s obvious that I am dying to see how the Gazette turns out! So excited still that you guys are making that a reality! ; )

    The only thing I would add to this site is the ability to let us visitors/fans post our own threads, similar to the IMDb website. I love reading other people’s topics and being able to share my opinions on them, as well as posting my own topics. There have been a lot of topics that I would love to discuss on here, but there’s no way to post a thread. That would be the only thing I can think to add to this already amazing site! You guys do a kick ass job. My favorite site used to be the Halloweenmovies site, but that has really gone down the shitter the last few years. Now I come to this site daily to discuss my second favorite movie franchise! :p

  15. I honestly have no complaints about the site. When it was owned by Blake and Brenna, it wasnt even a quarter of what it is now. I didnt really see eye to eye with either of them. In fact we had an exchange of nasty e-mails. But anyway, since Jasons Fury took over its been a major improvement. I believe Hes more of a true Friday fan then the previous owners. Any news that has to do with Jason or Jason related gets reported here. I love the bracket challenges, grudgematches, Friday conversations and more. I do miss the guess the Friday scenes with the blurry images, very challenging. And just for an idea, We should do a guess that FT13th quote challenge. I think thatd be alot of fun. Anyway, keep up the good work Jasons Fury. This is truly the best FT13th website that exsists.

  16. I like the grudge match type of questions. It gets people talking about in context that they don’t normally fit in. Love the current final girl battle that’s going on right now.

  17. Actually what I found cool about JF’s link there was seeing The Walmart Man. LOL. Where did they guy ever go?

  18. The not they lol wow I’m slippin’.

  19. Giving serious fans a chance to shape the site would be cool…

  20. Love the website. Would like some new desktop wallpapers. Especially one of Jason in the boat like on the main page.

  21. Actually what I found cool about JF’s link there was seeing The Walmart Man. LOL. Where did they guy ever go?

    Gone to work for corporate and no longer has time for us. ;)

  22. since Jasons Fury took over its been a major improvement. I believe Hes more of a true Friday fan then the previous owners.

    Thanks for the compliment! However, I can’t say I am a bigger fan than Blake and Brenna. They put alot into this site and working with people from the series. I think each person contributes in their own way.

  23. I guess have everything grouped together. I have my bookmark set at opening the blog portion of the site,and it never crosses my mind to visit the other areas. Perhaps have multimedia on a page with trailers, high resolution pictures, fan videos, etc…

  24. I like everything the site has. It’s what’s left over from the Blake and Brenna days and they did a pretty top notch job. Jason’s Fury and Dusk have equaled that job by continuing the spirit of the website with ideas like this one that will continue the legacy of the site much like the legacy of our favorite film franchise.

    Somethings I would like to see would be the return of the forum. I liked the ability to post your own thoughts and comments about whatever topics interest you.

    I would also like to to see a fan fiction section for the site. I got to thinking after reading the recent comments by Todd Farmer and the subsequent comments afterward. While a Hollywood studio might not appreciate a fan written script or novel or comic, I know damn well the folks that visit this site would appreciate them.

    Pretty much the rest of here or has been mentioned above. Thanks Jason’s Fury and Dusk for keeping F13films a progressive, fun and fan friendly place to be. Cheers!

  25. It’d be cool if there were some mini games like trivia and flash games that unlocked new content within the site (for each individual visitor). Maybe an interactive Crystal Lake map. I don’t blog on everything, so it’d be cool once I’m done leaving a post to explore other aspects of the site like that. But, other than that, the site is the best.

  26. Also, a virtual tour of Crystal Lake would be a nice touch.

  27. thevengefulmachete, I think you may have something there with the virtual tour of Crystal Lake, both that camp and the town. Maybe have the content and pages designated to different areas in that virtual tour. I like that idea a lot! Nice one!

  28. Thanx colin. Think about it, tour Crystal Lake, the neighboring campgrounds from Part 2, Higgins Haven, the Jarvis House etc…include all of the best elements from all of the films.

  29. This is all very ambitious! I like the ideas. Perhaps this is something to look into. Great job everyone.

  30. One more note if I may…you could have the virtual tour interactive-filled with trivia games and flash games like on Adult Swim or whatever. Each game unlocks something new like a new area or fun facts. I’m getting crazy with this. LOL!

  31. luv the whole site and its the 1st in my favorites!
    if u could make a new section it would b a voting the wii on the contest channel,there is a topic and 2 answers. after a set time it closes and the results are in.for example…
    what versions of the friday the 13th films do you like the most?
    A]old versions
    B]new versions

    what your favorite out of these two?
    A]friday the 13th part1
    B]friday the 13th part2
    that would b kool to see what fans like more.
    what u think jasonsfury??

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