Friday The 13th: 30 Years Of Terror?

Uncategorized April 3rd, 2024

Halloween: 25 Years Of Terror was a decent doco on the series and I can’t wait to see some of the same magic sprinkled on Friday The 13th. From Fangoria:

Fango has learned from producer Anthony Masi that FRIDAY THE 13TH creator Sean Cunningham has thrown his full support behind an all-encompassing documentary on the film series, which Masi is currently putting together with Thommy Hutson. Masi, who produced the similar HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR and, with Hutson, is piloting the fortunes of several genre films including PRANK and NEMESIS, tells FANGORIA that this project, for which a trailer has already been cut, will be “a retrospective much like [his earlier docu] HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR. But it’s going to be done differently.”

“With HALLOWEEN, the making of the movies was often more interesting than the movies themselves,” Hutson adds. “But that wasn’t the case with the FRIDAY THE 13TH films. Those productions were very cookie-cutter; they came out with seven of them in eight years. It was a formula. But with the remake of the first film about to go into production, all of a sudden there’s a renewed interest in the series.”

Masi adds that, rather than a straightforward behind-the-scenes recounting, the docu will “talk about things like body count, gore and the concept of Jason as a superhero. There will also be more of a narrative flow to it. We don’t want it to end up being just a bunch of talking heads.” An official start date has yet to be announced; keep your eyes here for updates. —Marc Shapiro

And this just a day later. I loved Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers (both versions - live with it), so welcome aboard the Jason-Train, Daniel!

We broke the news yesterday about a new documentary on the FRIDAY THE 13TH film series that Anthony Masi and Thommy Hutson are producing, and today Hutson let us know who’s helming it. “This definitive documentary on such a terrific franchise will be directed by Daniel Farrands [pictured with FRIDAY PART III’s Larry Zerner, left, and Richard Brooker],” Hutson tells us. “He was paramount in putting this project together, and has been heavily involved from the beginning. After writing and/or directing projects such as HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT and two documentaries on the Amityville Horror for the History Channel [also seen on the DVD of the ’79 AMITYVILLE HORROR film], there is no better person to be at the helm. His great ideas and encyclopedic knowledge about the films will truly enhance this project.” Farrands also served as editor and co-publisher of the FRIDAY book CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES; we’ll keep you updated on the FRIDAY docu as it progresses. —Michael Gingold

5 Responses to “Friday The 13th: 30 Years Of Terror?”

  1. Adam Wilson Says:

    This is awesome. I am a fanatic of the Friday The 13th Movies as i have the box set, Jason X and Freddy vs Jason, Crystal Lake Memories and several Jason Action Figures. A full Length Documentry on the Franchise would be just the thing for all of us fans to see. Now if only they could get Friday the 13th part 3 to come into theatres for a limited time in canada as i was not old enough to see it when it was originally released in theatres. I have been dying to see all the 3d effects in all their glory :)
    Awesome news all around

  2. John Says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing this DVD and learning the secrets behind making the Friday the 13th movies. I have Crystal Lake Memories waiting for me to be picked up, I just can’t get over the asking price for that book, fifty dollars, sheesh. It will be worth it in the end though. I can’t wait to read it, I have the Making of Friday the 13th book by David Grove, I would love to see a documentary based on the Friday the 13th series. This would be a dream come true for Jason fans all over.

  3. Christian Says:

    A documentary is an excellent idea, and well timed as the franchise gets its make-over. My only doubts is to how accurate this is, as Fangoria have a track record for reporting incorrectly (Michael Bailey Smith as Jason is a perfect example). I’m going to wait until I hear it from somewhere else before I rejoice. But fingers crossed…

  4. Chris Geddie Says:

    The part about Jason as a superhero is mildly disturbing.

  5. A-kila Says:

    This is awesome they finally got discussion back yea i beleve a documentary would be awesome i really hope they do one

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