Julie Michaels (FBI Agent Elizabeth Marcus; Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday)


How did you first become involved with Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday? Were you sceptical about appearing in the ninth Friday the 13th movie?
“I was approached to do this film after I had completed work on Point Break. At first I balked as horror films scare the bejeezus out of me. After speaking with Adam Marcus (director) he assured me I would be spared most of the gore and blood by writing the part with this in mind. He actually named my character after himself (Elizabeth Marcus). A little trivia for you!”

When the film starts it seems that your character will be just another dumb victim, but then it is revealed that she is an undercover FBI agent. How did it feel to hold your own against Jason Voorhees?
“It felt very empowering, especially since the crew referred to my character as ‘bait’ and considering most that have tried to stop Jason in the past have only succeeded in becoming a victim. Come on, everyone wants to kick Jason’s butt!”

Two minutes into the movie you were naked. Were you nervous about shooting that scene and how unpleasant was it running through the woods in just a towel?
“The nudity is not a problem if it is not gratuitous yet adds to the artistic value of the movie… Oh who’s kidding who… nudity is scarier than facing Jason!!! As for running through the woods, the worst part was the condition it left my feet in afterwards. Adam had to literally carry me off the set.”

Your character falls over the banister, and is then forced to run and jump out of Jason’s path. How much of the scene was you and how much was a stunt double and did you receive any injuries during the shoot?
“Unlike some of the actors that ‘claim’ to have done all their own stunts, I actually did. Don’t believe me… just ask Kane. He was the stunt coordinator.”

It is well documented that Kane Hodder takes his role as Jason very seriously and pushes stunts as far as possible. How was it working with such an intense performer and were you ever scared during filming?
“Kane is the real deal. Intense, but very safe. He knew where to draw the line. I was scared almost all of the time but only because of his performance, and not the safety of the stunts. Once he freaked me out really badly; in the scene I was supposed to run out of the cabin and around the car as I escaped from Jason. Kane was not in the scene but unbeknownst to me or anyone else he had hidden behind the door (as Jason) and he jumped out as they called ‘action.’ He scared me so badly I jumped OVER the car instead of around it. So I guess you can say he takes his job very seriously.”

Jason Goes to Hell took many liberties with the Friday the 13th legend, annoying some fans. Were you familiar with the story before you were offered the role and what did you think of Jason only being on screen for a few minutes? Do you think the ‘body-jumping’ theme worked well with the Friday the 13th formula?
“I felt the ‘body-jumping’ theme was innovative and scary. Heck, Jason has been killed in so many different ways; I think this just trumped them all. I enjoyed the way Adam shot the film and toyed with the audience. Adam is a little twisted! And I believe it helped keep Jason and Friday the 13th from becoming too formulaic and predictable. As for Jason only being on screen for a few minutes, well there I would have to agree with the fans… more JASON please. However, I loved Kane playing a guard putting down his alter ego.”



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