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Raise your hand if you’re just as interested in this documentary as the remake. *Raises hand* Here’s the official promo for His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th, due to street on DVD on Feb. 3rd, followed by a world-premiere broadcast on the Starz network on Friday, February 13th.

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  1. Looks pretty sweet! (although, I really hate the eyes in that promo shot)

  2. This documentary is going to be fantastic! :-)

  3. “Twelve sequels”, I can’t begin to tell you how wrong that is..

    But anyway, pretty cool promo, just too bad there’s not a full trailer with a taste of the interviews. Can’t wait to see the whole thing though.

  4. Yeah I think the yes are from Part 6 actually. At least they look like they might be. At any rate they don’t match the mask. Kinda hoaky but damn this doc looks good!

  5. I don\’t think the eyes are from any F13, They look \

  6. My message screwed up.
    I was saying the eyes are photoshopped… poorly. Their perspective isn’t correct. I do lots of photoshop work.
    I doubt they are from any F13.

  7. The eyes are from part 6, when Jason comes back to life in the beginning of the movie, before he puts his mask on. Except they just reversed the shot to have two eyes instead of one, and put a mask over the shot.

  8. “Twelve sequels”? Ugh. As if the horror genre doesn’t have to battle a reputation for stupidity as it is. Is it really too much to ask to hire a copy editor who can count?

  9. I agree that they could have at least have gotten the number of sequels right. I must say, I’m not usually that nit picky . . . but COME ON!!! HOW DAMN HARD IS IT TO COUNT!?! This makes me leery about it. If you can’t get the facts right in your trailer, what are we to expect when we watch the flick? However, I do think the documentary looks sweet and am looking forward to it. I just hope they don’t disappoint, which unfortunately I am getting used to.

  10. it should have said like 10 sequel from the first or 11 movies and 1 to come (12) lol

    but that was awesome

  11. Cant Wait Feb 3rd will be a great day to be a friday fan

  12. Can’t wait! It’s going to be an awesome birthday this year. I’ll be grabbing Friday the 13th on Blu Ray, part 2 and 3 on regulard DVD and His Name is Jason

  13. I think the whole “Twelve Sequel” thing is including Freddy Vs. Jason and the remake. Silly I know as the official series ends with Jason X (which i actually enjoyed…it was fun). Doco looks bloody fantastic, and as for the mask pic…where is Jason’s famous droopy eye? Oh well…nit picks. Can’t wait for this!!!!

  14. Awesome; beyond awesome. :D

    Look’s very good indeed. I shall be pre-ordering the new versions of Parts 1-through-3 on DVD from http://www.deepdiscount.com, and alos the documentary.

    Bring on February, a super smokin’ month to be a Fridaythe 13th fan! And everyone don’t forget to both tune into STARZ on that night, as well as repeats, and to order the documentary and also the new discs as well as going to the multiplex all over North America opening weekend, so that we’ll have more Mr. Voorhees goodness to look forward to (hopefully/maybe even further uncut re-releases? *crosses fingers*). Showing support with you’re dollars is the best way to get future uncut special editions and more goodies. Just a thought. ;)

    Again the documentary look’s very well put together. I hope they do one for the Ngihtmare on Elm Street series, plus the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films (especially focusing on the first three films) and a ‘crystal lake memories’ style book for the Halloween films.

    Next year is gonna be so sweet …

  15. Uh, Dean of the Dead, even if you count FvJ and the remake, that would be ELEVEN sequels. The first movie in any series isn’t a sequel.

  16. all i want to say is when the remake comes out plz for the love of jason and all that is friday the 13th go see it dont watch it on the net the more money the make the more likely we all will get a sequel so plz go see it……….and buy it when it comes out on dvd

  17. MAN I CAN’T WAIT TIL FEBRUARY!!! It’s gonna be a good month for us Friday fans.

    BTW, you guys are right. Those eyes DO look lame.

  18. “all i want to say is when the remake comes out plz for the love of jason and all that is friday the 13th go see it dont watch it on the net the more money the make the more likely we all will get a sequel so plz go see it……….and buy it when it comes out on dvd”

    Gotta agree with T there. Indeed: Support it wiht you’re dollars ($), either U.S. or Canadian, once it hits the North American box office. Please oh please, since it’s illegal anyway, don’t download it. And if I enjoy the film enough, indeed, I’ll get the DVD as well once it’s released at the tail end of ‘09 (the special edition will probably be just in time for an October/Halloween seasonal realease. I mean a February movie sounds about right to be released around that time). And of course the documentary and the new editions as well, if fanatics/collectors care to do so.

    Great words, T. Truely …

  19. This looks gay, why would they have this

  20. Balooeyezz!!! Lol..i chuckled at my own ignorance when i read that. you are right! The trailer doesn’t know what the hell it’s talking about…

  21. okay this looks to be good. i will watch on starz first, though.

  22. The trailer looks good. I was kind of hoping to see a droopy eye as well. February is going to be a good month for Friday the 13th fans. I need to pick up Fangoria.

  23. “This looks gay, why would they have this”

    Well it’s probably cut for the STARZ channel and no doubt Anchor Bay Entertainment made this for the web for genre sites. I’m sorry but I don’t get what’s so “Gay”, in the traditional Homophobic side of this, is Gay about it. Look’s completely fine to me (though it chould use a better voice over actor, it’s alright).

  24. What irks me is that this trailer begins with the narration …

    “Thirty years ago a masked killer hunted in the shadows of Camp Crystal Lake, giving birth to twelve sequels and piling up an endless body count …”

    Huh? What? If I recall, thirty years ago, the demented slasher, Mrs. Voorhees, hunted in the shadows of Camp Crystal Lake, introducing us to an unstoppable masked killer who would go on to give birth to TEN* sequels and pile up an endless body count. Let’s get the facts straight.

    I wish people would quit ignoring Mrs. Voorhees’ groundbreaking role in the series. She doesn’t get enough credit for starting the whole “Friday the 13th” onslaught ritual. For mercy’s sake, give the woman the respect she deserves for instituting the saga.

    *There are only eleven movies in the Friday the 13th series with the inclusion of “Freddy Vs. Jason.” A sequel continuing story to an original work. The new movie is supposedly a REMAKE of the first four films, not a continuing story, so logically it should not be considered a sequel because it is not intended to be a follow-up to the preceding films. Also, the original “Friday the 13th” cannot be included. It does not follow any film before it because there was no other film before it. It is simply the beginning of the madness. With the omission of part one and the upcoming film, there are only ten sequels to the movie with the inclusion of “Freddy Vs. Jason.”

  25. I meant to write in the footnote …

    ” … A sequel is a continuing story to an original work …”

    Sorry, guys.

  26. wow.Vicky is hot

  27. “wow.Vicky is hot”

    Yes indeed. ;)

    And gotta love the nod to much older school F13th names (namely the smolderin’ hot Vicki in the excellant Part 2, and the of course Part VI’s as well).

  28. People are focusing on the negative a little too much here. I doubt the trailer was made by the filmmakers (how often are they?!), so watch the documentary before you pass judgement and stop nitpicking. Ten sequels, twelve sequels, who cares? Just be thankful someone’s made a documentary about the franchise. I am!

  29. Exactly Mr Sellers. For years this franchise has become huge only through word of mouth. I have always thought that it was the B-movie “cheesyness” of the films that drew fans. It is so nice for us long-time fans to see the interest and enjoyment of F13 come into the mainstream.

  30. “People are focusing on the negative a little too much here. I doubt the trailer was made by the filmmakers (how often are they?!), so watch the documentary before you pass judgement and stop nitpicking. Ten sequels, twelve sequels, who cares? Just be thankful someone’s made a documentary about the franchise. I am”

    So true, my friend! SO true. :D

    I feel the internet has made as all a bit spoiled and with wanting this & that totally correct, but hell, with THIS many sequels, people are gonna make un-assuming and un-caring fuck ups about it. Fuck dudes & dudettes, I’m a life long fan since I was about 6 goin’ on 7, not even in double digits yet, using VHS tapes to record Parts VII and VI, not even my favorite of the original series by the way, off HBO and Showtime and Cinemax back when they were even all better for late nite, tits & stage blood filled goodness, and even if I was randomly asked very quickly, I would fuck some stuff up (factoid wise) probably. ;)

    I’m just excited about this documentary. February is gonna break my, financially wise a bit, but ah well, I’m down to making monthly Deep Discount.com orders, so I can handle it. Fuck my January birthday month and bring on February as I’ve been sayin’. :D

  31. I have a tendency to not give in to the negative stuff about something that is not even out yet. I have to wait a month until the documentary, the uncut version of part one, the other two following sequels and finally the remake to come out. I’m saving up every penny and marking down the calendar starting tomorrow. Who cares about the inaccuracey of how many movies there have been, they were probably rushing to get the trailer done and maybe messed up. I’m not concerned about that. I’m just grateful that there’s going to be a documentary of my favorite movie franchise.

  32. What I don’t get is why some here think that I’m “passing judgement” on the documentary and the remake. My comment is solely based on the trailer, not on the remake or documentary itself. That wouldn’t make any sense because, as some of you have stated, neither the documentary or remake has come out yet for me to even make such an analysis. When I spoke about the remake in my initial post, I simply stated that remake could not be considered a sequel. Whether others care or agree with my take on the trailer is not my concern. I simply gave my personal view of it based on what I had seen.

    The whole point of my post was to point out the little respect Mrs. Voorhees receives for her role in starting up the whole series and for being the prolific killer she was. I did not make my post with the purpose of condemning the documentary or the remake. It’s to the point that many do not even know that Mrs. Voorhees was the original killer, except “Friday the 13th” fans. The original “Scream” illustrated a fine example of this.

    Some “Friday” fans get so offended when people make the least little complaint about the series … (and I’m the one indirectly labeled the nitpicker). Don’t worry! Everything is fine. You will still get your documentary and your film remake. Enjoy!

  33. I wasn’t singling a specific person out when I said ‘nitpicking.’ It’s not the best trailer in the world but judging a feature on the trailer alone (of which most of the time they’re crap anyway) is not fair on the filmmakers, who I’m sure have invested a lot of love in this project, having reunited so many cast and crew from the twelve movies.

    And I try to keep the twist at the end of the first movie a secret to those who have yet to see it or else it takes away the film’s edge. F13 fans have respect for Mrs. Voorhees, it’s just best to keep her a secret until people have seen the movie. I’m sure most people on here already have but there’s new fans that come on here all the time and may not have started at the beginning.

  34. I am looking forward to this so much. I think the movie too is going to give a fresh new look for the series. You just got to love Jason.

  35. I remember when the original came out. Nobody knew what it was about, walking into the movie theatre. This type of movie, had never been produced before. Unless, you count Halloween.
    Nobody in the movie theatre knew what to expect, when the film started. There was screaming in the movie theatre, during the first kills.
    People were covering their eyes and scared out of their wits. And that haunting voice, “Kill,Kill,Kill” was bone chilling.
    Then, when Mrs. Voorhees first appeared, nobody suspected her. Who was she and what the heck is she doing here ? Everyone believed it was someone else, killing.
    I remember when you walked out of the movie, it was dark outside and you were looking at the dark shadows, all around you. People were really frightened.
    I hope this remake has the same effect. I would love to experience that feeling, all over again.

  36. Unfortunately we’ve become very jaded and decensortised. We’ve seen it all before. Anyone who grew up on the slashers, body horrors and cannibal movies of the 1980’s literally have seen it all. What can a new movie show us that we haven’t already seen, that will genuinely scare us? And that’s the problem. All I can hope for is that it’s entertaining an a rush!

  37. Cool, I already have the Friday The 13th boxset I bought in ‘04. I’m looking foward for this also!!!!

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