Final Chapter, New Beginning, Jason Lives Deluxe Editions

LOL @ fan commentaries being axed. Not trying to be snarky at all as I myself have been part of commentaries and magazine articles as someone representing “the fans”, but it’s humbling to know that the quality of DVD special features would really drop if they started accepting easy fan participation and their/our second-hand info over the somewhat, y’know, work, that goes into corralling cast and crew together.

Cast/crew must remain prominent on these things, otherwise first-hand knowledge becomes lost to the ages. But I think Shock Till You Drop are being a bit hard on themselves by saying ‘not surprisingly’, I’m sure they did a fine job and hope those fan commentaries become available as mp3s.

Here they are, the specs for the latest batch of Friday the 13th sequels arriving as special edition DVDs on June 16th. Here’s the breakdown…

Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter

• Audio commentary by director Joseph Zito, screenwriter Barney Cohen and editor Joel Goodman
• Fan commentary by Adam Green and Joe Lynch
• Slashed scenes
• The Lost Ending
• Jason’s Unlucky Day: 25 Years After FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER
• Lost Tales from Camp Blood—Part IV
• The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited—Part I
• Jimmy’s Dead Dance Moves
• Original theatrical trailer

Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

• Audio commentary by director/co-screenwriter Danny Steinmann with cast and crew
• New Beginnings: The Making of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V: A NEW BEGINNING
• Lost Tales from Camp Blood—Part V
• The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited—Part II
• Original theatrical trailer

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

• Audio commentary by writer/director Tom McLoughlin with cast and crew
• Slashed scenes
• Jason Lives: The Making of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI: JASON LIVES
• Meeting Mr. Voorhees
• Lost Tales from Camp Blood—Part VI
• Crystal Lake Massacre Revisited—Part III
• Original theatrical trailer

Not surprisingly, it appears the “fan commentaries” that several of us web journos participated in got axed (I did one for Jason Lives with Uncle Creepy of Maybe those will surface another time.

Source: STYD

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  1. This is excellent news, despite many fans hating A New Beginning I find it a thoroughly enjoyable sleazy entry, and the other two are classics as well. Commentaries are good but no deleted scenes for Part 5 (one of the goriest before the MPAA got their scissors out)? Grrr….

  2. Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter

    • Audio commentary by director Joseph Zito, screenwriter Barney Cohen and editor Joel Goodman
    • Fan commentary by Adam Green and Joe Lynch
    • Slashed scenes
    • The Lost Ending
    • Jason’s Unlucky Day: 25 Years After FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER
    • Lost Tales from Camp Blood—Part IV
    • The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited—Part I
    • Jimmy’s Dead Dance Moves
    • Original theatrical trailer

    what the heck is the lost ending

  3. Are any of these gonna be uncut?

  4. i will be getting 4 and 5 !!!! when they come out..

  5. I\’m gonna get these, specially after knowing about the \

  6. I’ll wait for the blu-ray two months later…no sense in getting screwed again like with part 2 and 3.

  7. the lost ending is most likely the dream sequence where Trish finds her dead mom in the bath tub and she comes out of the water with milky white eyes, similar to the scene at the end of the Prowler with the dead guy in the shower coming to life for one last scare.

  8. is slashed scenes in part 4 the same tv footage we got before or is it gore footage?? please be gore footage!!! i’ll spend the time to reinsert it myself. hell, i even enlarged the stuff from part 6 on the boxset and reinserted it. it looks like shit but i’m obsessed with seeing less cut versions of these films.

    hopefully the slashed scenes in 6 will be fullsized.

  9. i agree with madgoalie. i’ll definitely wait for the Blu-Ray editions.

  10. this is good!!!!!

  11. Yeah, but when you did your commentary representing fans, at least they had some people involved in making the film to accompany you. So I’m with you, glad they got axed. Looking forward to these releases.

  12. Didn’t this very site report that all of these re-releases are going to be coming out AGAIN in a boxed set? I think it might of been in the Masi interview.

    This is a good step in Paramount’s handling of the F13 license. They realize the fan based-ground swell of love for the movies & hatred of their shoddy previous editions.

    That being stated, why not full uncut???? GET IT OVER-WITH ALREADY!!!!

  13. Where is the Lost Tales From Camp Blood: part III at?

  14. the2ndsuitor, if they could find the footage, they would be all uncut.

  15. I will be adding part 4 to my collection. I’m very interested in learning more about the lost ending.

  16. That’s a damn good point, SkaryMoviez, Part 3 had fuck all in the way of extras

  17. Is June 16th also going to be the release date for Friday 2024 ?

  18. I know there has been alot of discussion about how The new Friday should be more like the older movies. I myself agree that the score, the writing and and the kills could have been better. I still enjoyed the film and can’t wait to own it on DVD. For any of you that are old enough, like me, to have seen all the movies in the theaters, it would be hard to duplicate the first 4 films.
    I can remember the buzz when those original films were released. After seeing Part 1 I can remember it scaring the hell out of me.
    Hopefully the sequel can improve on some things that were missing in the reboot. I will still be there on opening night for whatever movie they release and be glad that the franchise lives on.

  19. These earlier films just reinforce what was wrong with the new movie

  20. It was just a different time back in the late 70’s early 80’s. It was the beginning of the slasher film with only a handful of movies in the genre. It all started with Black Christmas and Halloween. Thankfully we still have the earlier films to appreciate.

  21. Hey guys. I know it’s been a good long while since I lasted posted, but working over time in this super-shit westernized econemy keep’s be QUITE busy. Ya’ll have no idea, or maybe you sadly do. :(

    Anyway the cover art for the Part V-through-VI Deluxe Edition’s that those of us who apprechiate the new transfers and us commentary track fanatics shall be picking up, made it online the other day:

    Just re-looked at’em. Yeah they’re all pretty ugly, but reguardless, I’m a huge Friday completeist, so I’m still picking them all up, even if V was honestly the last great one (very old school exploitation-y) that I really enjoyed and love.

  22. Hope those aren’t the final covers. There’s no such house in Part V, and that’s Roy on the Part VI cover, not Jason.

  23. I heard that Kimberly Beck recorded a commentary for Friday 4 also? I’m way confused now. I was expecting that!

  24. “Hope those aren’t the final covers. There’s no such house in Part V, and that’s Roy on the Part VI cover, not Jason”

    Same here. I also love Part V, and that rural county, isolated farm house that is older and dilapidated look’s nothing a tall like the secluded Pinehurst Institute home.

    But alas, they sadly look very final to me. But it’s way past April Fool’s Day and it IS Cashamount, so ya know. Ah well

  25. I’ll buy these for the commentaries alone. glad to see they are giving us some deleted stuff too. but why not 5?

  26. Hey, Christian. I just saw that the Lost Tales From Camp Blood: part III is going to be on the blu-ray disc of Part 3D.

    Not sure why they won’t release it on standard, either…Guess those of us without blu-ray will have to wait until it goes up on Youtube to see it.

  27. What is “Crystal Lake Massacres?” All I know is that I can’t wait to see the slashed scenes, 25 years later documentary, and the original ending to The Final Chapter.

    Though I am not going to buy this particular release. I am just going to wait for the Blu-Ray which I’m sure will be out before or around Halloween time.

  28. Im glad The fan commentarys arent there Id much rather listen to the filmmakers glad to see all the directors participated

  29. Fuck the rest of that shit….damn why not just put out the original versions uncut as they were intended 30 years ago. Not putting some wack ass shit called slashed scenes which may be cool only if they included the uncut films. It really looks as if this is one series that just never really saw the light of day as the original form. This is bullshit, and think they are really going to get dropped again just like with the boxset back a few years ago.

  30. Thanks for the info SkaryMoviez. I can’t be arsed upgrading to Blu-ray as I’m happy enough with DVD. Guess I’ll have to live without that one. Bastards!

  31. wait a second part IV V and VI have lost tales form camp blood parts IV V VI. what happened to part 3? Friday the 13th 3D didn\’t have a lost tales segement on it.

  32. well that blows. would love to have 5 and 6 with the cut footage PUT BACK IN. even if it’s crappy quality who gives a fuck! why don’t they listen to us?!?! We’re they’re money!!

  33. Typical, u dont c any off then FANS commentaries!! Its a shame really! Did i miss the house or something, cause i dont remeber cing it.

  34. Critic,

    The reason making them all uncut is absolutely impossible is because Paramount DOES NOT HAVE THE FOOTAGE. In the early 80s when footage was cut, it was thrown away. Paramount just allowed two people to raid their vaults for Friday the 13th material and they didn’t come up with much. Remember, these films were negotive pick ups. Paramount did not make them. They hired other people to make them.

    Any footage that might exist is not in the proper format or condition to even be remastered back into the master negotives with the excaption of some of the Part 4 and 6 footage.

    Even the uncut Part 7 only exists on VHS format which is completely unusable to remaster.

  35. Any word on who the cast members are who are on the commentaries for 5 & 6?


  37. Well there is alot i can say about the new deluxe’s and fan responces so i will cut to the chase. As a long time fan i am glad to see paramount showing a little more appreciation for these movies which have made them “a killing” in the box office and in home sales. Also it is nice to see more extra’s making it onto the discs. One issue i have with people’s repeated argument about “Uncut” Versions, honestly….this is not the most important thing in the world. We will more than likely never get those type of releases due to a possibility of many reason’s and i find that as long as lots of special features such as commentaries, original/alternate endings and what not. i personally feel that the bickering for uncut version’s need to die.

  38. Some of you are being naive. Paramount has the uncut footage. Film studios have been in the habit of preserving cut footage since long before the Friday movies were ever made… Considering all of the time and hard work the filmmakers put into making the special effects, do you really think they would just throw that footage away? The reason we’re not getting uncut versions is because Paramount doesn’t care about the fans. They’re not releasing these new deluxe editions for the fans, they’re releasing them as a gimmick to try and make more money off of the remake that just came out. Why do you think they’re redesigning the cover artwork? Pretty much all of the fans agree that the original artwork is the best. The redesigned artwork is just a gimmick to try and get young people who aren’t fans and aren’t that familiar with Friday the 13th, to buy the DVDs… Paramounts’ way of thinking is, the fans are gonna buy it anyway so we might as well try to target other people, it’s the same thing they did with the remake. Paramount doesn’t give a shit about making a quality product that makes the fans happy, they only care about making money… People complaining is a good thing, the more people that complain the better the chances are that somebody at Paramount might get the idea that there is money to be made by making quality DVDs instead of just using a gimmick.

  39. Hell, My Bloody Valentine was recently released uncut on DVD, which is also Paramount. But I would be willing to bet they wouldn’t have released that uncut DVD if it wasn’t for the remake.

  40. Here is a link to an article about My Bloody Valentine that says that the filmmakers confirmed that the uncut footage still existed, but Paramount just refused to release an uncut version - And the uncut version finally released on DVD was released by Lions Gate after Paramount sold the rights to the film to them… So who is to say that the same isn’t true with the Friday movies.

  41. does any one think its fishy that they only say deleted scenes for 4 and 6 and on the box set we got some from those movies…….

  42. What do you guys think the odds are that the part 6 feature “Meeting Mr. Voorhees” has anything to do with Jason’s father? Since there was that scene with Jason’s dad that was either cut or didn’t get filmed at all (don’t remember which) but was still in the novelization.

  43. right on brooke… i’ve never bought into this bullshit that it’s lost forever or it doesn’t exist. there is much more evidence that it does, and no evidence that it doesn’t-just a bunch of people with no affiliation to paramount saying ‘get over it’

  44. I think ol’ Brooke is in for a rude awakening…

  45. well kasch, here’s a rude awakening for you:

    this is one of many interviews where john carl buechler says the cut footage from part 7 is in paramount’s vault. google for 2 seconds and you’ll find something. i take his word over the random people on this blog, being that he made the movie.

    the workprint of part 7 that made it to the boxset was originally stolen from paramount’s vault…i’ve read some interviews that suggested kane was there when it was open and he snagged one while no one was looking.

    my point being…there is stuff in those vaults. maybe not everything and maybe not in the greatest shape, but don’t be so quick to take paramount’s word for it. they’re bastards and they don’t want to spend the time and money to do this for us.

    they were saying nothing could be done with my bloody valentine, yet as soon as lions gate got the rights to it, all the cut death scenes were reinserted.

    don’t give up hope, people!! if there’s one thing i know about people, they will always give you the minimum you will allow…they will always try to get the most for the least. but if you bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, eventually you’ll get what you want. if you feel you’re not getting what you deserve, don’t let it go. otherwise you’ll always get half-assed shit.

  46. does paramount realize if they opened that stuff in the vaults on dvd THEY WOULD MAKE MORE MONEY THEN WITH THESE RELEASES (these releases re great but yes) IF THEY DID THAT I SWEAR THEY WOULD BE RICH AS FUCK

    well if they releases an uncut boxset

    oh my god if that happened






  47. How am I in for a rude awakening?

  48. What happened with My Bloody Valentine is proof that the people at Paramount are liars. Paramount said that that footage was lost, but as soon as Lions Gate got the rights it some how magically appeared. Even the filmmakers of MBV said Paramount was lying about the footage. So how do we know Paramount’s not lying about the Friday footage?

  49. How do you start your own post on a certain topic?

  50. There were a number of bonus features (including “Lost Tales from Camp Blood: Part 3″) left off the domestic standard-def release of “Friday the 13th Part 3.”

    It was done so that the 3D and Non-3D versions of the movie could both fit on one dual-layer DVD. There was no room left for the bonus features so the opted to use the 3D version as the soul “Bonus Feature.”

    These features (again, including “Lost Tales from Camp Blood: Part 3″) were release on the overseas Blu-Ray release back in February, and will also be released on the upcoming domestic Blu-Ray release.

    Unfortunately, if anyone does not have a Blu-Ray player, Parts 4/5/6 of “Lost Tales from Camp Blood” are a direct continuation of Part 3. That decision was made before Paramount decided not to put Part 3 on the domestic release. There is a very brief flashback at the beginning of “Part 4,” but just in case:


    Eric (Part 2) makes it to the cabin from Part 1, only to be attacked by The Killer (duh) after finding Mark (Part 1) dead. The Killer shoves the back end of a hammer into his eye socket and drags him off screen.

  51. The lost ending is no doubt none other than the one Robstarr is referring to. Joe Zito mentioned this alternate ending with Trish and Tommy’s mother in the bathtub and in fact pictures were even shown of the make up work that Savini did on the actress for the particular alternate ending in the doc His Name Was Jason. With that said, even if in fact that is the alternate ending in question, I hope the footage is indeed intact and we finally get to see! YAH!

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