Friday The 13th (2009) Screen Used Items Auction

A couple of months back there was notification put out that Profiles in History was going to be holding a humongous auction of many items from Hollywood past and present films. Inluded in this auction will be items used on-screen in the new Friday the 13th that was released this past February. These items are very expensive, but I thought allof the Friday fans would like to see what’s being put out there for auction. You never know, maybe you can own a piece of history.

The auction is being held Friday April 30th and Saturday May 1st. You can attend the auction in person or bid online. Check out the flier below for details and also view the pieces from Friday the 13th that are up for auction. Enjoy and Good Luck.



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I've been dedicated to this franchise for most of my life and am happy to be contributing news and information to all of the fans out there. Happy Friday The 13th!

16 Responses to “ Friday The 13th (2009) Screen Used Items Auction ”

  1. That axe looks so awesome.

  2. That machete also looks awesome.

  3. I like the torso. Even if I could afford it, I wouldn’t get it though. You always hear stories about the latex stuff deteriorating after a while. It is a very nice piece though.

  4. collectors are nutting in their pants right now

  5. Trust me, Brett. Collectors are doing mmuch more than that right now. :) You should see some of the other props and such from other Hollywood movies that are being auctioned off. There is items from the Terminator and Alien movies. I think, also I saw something for the Gill man and the list goes on and on.

    I have the entire catalog, if anyone is interested in it. I could try to email the pdf. It’s pretty big though. Let me know if you are interested.

  6. Has anybody heard if any of warrington gillettes(the real Jason) stuff from Friday 2 is being auctioned. I would pay thousands for anything he’s touched.

  7. Why should we care if you’re gay? Should my name be straight guy?

  8. The torso rocks. I had mixed feelings about them not showing him unmasked, now I wish they did.

  9. I got’s to win me the lottery and fast……………………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  10. that dude looks so lame in the costume, haha!!!

    i hope whoever gets it puts it in a display case to preserve it, rather than wearing it around and jacking off. …although then they could sell it on ebay as ‘offical costume jizzed in by jason’.

    then i suppose collectors would be nutting in their pants over nut in the pants.

    i prefer lesbian porn, but that’s just me.

  11. He was.

  12. Oh fuck.Here we go again.

  13. who cares what he was he still did the things he did color should not matter

  14. losers

  15. dude, black or white, 98% of the jesus story is made up. …so why does it suprise you that they made up his race? if you want to discuss fiction, discuss friday the 13th, or go to a praise the lord site.

  16. That’s like saying it doesn’t matter that we tell people that Abraham Lincoln was Mexican. Or that Jason was black. It’s called historical accuracy. Our civilization is founded on being able to discuss all things with some ground rules, i.e. a basis in fact. That’s why we have dictionaries and encyclopedias.

    So, though it may not be directly relevant to Friday 13 whether Jesus was black or not, the concept of fact/fiction subjective/objective is very important for all discussions and all message boards. Water is wet, the sky is blue, Jesus was black.

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