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Hi everyone. Not a huge update. As you all know the Dunes gang are all about the Elm Street remake at the moment. (The less said about Nancy=angry goth social outcast the better am I right?). But you know this is a small but vital bit of news I think we missed. Im sorry if you guys are allready aware of this but below you will find some hard facts (Would you expect anything less from us?) concerning the Friday sequel.

  • It’s on the fast track. I’d take this to mean that after the Dunes are finished with Elm Street we can expect a new Friday as the next feature. Maybe even later this year when Elm Street wraps.
  • Damian Shannon and Mark Swift have allready started to bash around ideas for the sequel and will indeed pen the script. Say what you will about FvJ but that and the new Friday had some funny teens which I liked. So for me it’s a plus.
  • Amanda Righetti and Jared Padalecki are expected to return, however it’s unknown in what shape. For example the former has stated he would only return in a smaller role and would love to be taken out by Jason as he feels his character is done. Righetti I guess would have the potential to have the larger role out of the two. Hell, thats fine with me, the girl has acting chops and is very easy on the eye. Bear in mind both star in popular TV shows so it’s also worth considering the fact they may just get dumped. I guess thats down to the sechdule and the writers. Regardless both would not turn the chance down.
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  1. I’m anxiously awaiting the sequel. Seeing the final dude (yes, not final girl) taken out by Jason would be pretty cool, sorta like the beginning of the original Part 2. I hope that Shannon and Swift include some more of the classic kills, though the first had its share of good ones.
    Also, I wanted to let people know that Elm Street ‘09 is filming in MY HOMETOWN OF BARRINGTON, IL come the end of April! They’re even using my high school! It’s gonna be awesome!
    Sorry if I took up too much space.

  2. Well, if they keep with the tradition of the original, they’ll both be taken out at the beginning of the next installment. But hot damn, I really hope that Tommy Jarvis turns up, cause, that would just rock!

  3. In my honest opinion, the remake was horrible. It was like the people making the film didn’t care about taking it serious. I want to see the ULTIMATE Friday the 13th, not a subpar “remake” that uses cliche ideas that have been done before and are not scary anymore. I want to be thrilled and scared when I watch a horror movie, no laugh at it. Friday remake had nothing good about it except for Mears and Daniel Pearl. The first four were excellent with Friday 3 and 4 being my personal favorites. The actors who played Jason in those two films really made it a great character. Five was OK. Six and on were pretty bad and in my honest opinion Kane was the worst Jason of the series. I feel that once filmmakers take filmmaking more serious, that is when we will see better films. I would have loved to have seen the Friday remake take a totally different route but still pay homage by doing something different and unique and scary, rather than something that is the same old crap.

    The main idea that for us independent filmmakers is that we need to take a step in the right direction and make films that are unique and not copying or “paying homage” to films of the past. They have been done on bigger and better budgets. It’s time for good cinema and in order to do that, we have to really understand what scares people and what comes from within us, while not copying other films of the past, which is what Friday the 13th remake did.

  4. I hate to say this but lets do it right this time. Lets go back to New York!

  5. i kinda agree with scott goldberg, I love parts 1 2 3 4., I was so happy as a fan for the remake.But what i thought and wished it would be ,it was NOT .Mears was great and I would want him back but you know I feal it was almost PG rated now that I see moves like watchmen and bloody valentine and well probably the new halloween, It was Not that gory I want to feel the hurt, and see the gore and the kills man shit there were like 3 good kills the burning bitch in the sleeping bag,,the arrow in the eye, the chinese kid the kills in the next movie need to be much much more brutal I think they can dumb down the tit a bit for some more gore and brutal he is pist and fast and mad and crazy now fuckin show it..this movie was not the worst by far it was just dong wrong to me and maby some you you the fan..i dont like what nipple head did with it he did ok with the chain saw remake but that dont mean you use him for FRIDAY THE 13th , after watching his name is jason …which is great by the way.. They should bring back the director from part 4 by himself or with someone els
    who i have to many people i could come up with so u guys can put who u want,,but pleas make the next one worth while and I hope the dvd for the remake is good UNRATED and extra stuff they took out to make 15 extra mins,in the movie well thats what i think as a fan,,,so tell me if im RIGHT… THANKS SHOTZ10….

  6. Any word on release date of the remake on blu/dvd?

  7. A little off-topic, but I’m glad that Romero has hired John Harrison to compose …of the Dead. His music in Day of the Dead was so fitting and it really added to the dread – now, how does this tie in with the remake of Friday the 13th? Well, the “remake” didn’t have any uniqueness about the music. It was too modern and didn’t fit the movie. There’s a certain style and score for a movie in my opinion. Halloween, Carrie, Phantasm, Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, all had scores that FIT the film. They all made sense and felt like they were it’s missing link. Take a score away, the film doesn’t have the same impact. I despise the last ten years of remakes. Nothing good in my opinion. In the 80’s and 70’s we had some AMAZING remakes. The Fly, Night of the Living Dead, etc so those were great, and the filmmakers actually gave a crap. With remakes of today, it’s just to get the people in the seats and to use the title to cash in on previous films. As far as a business, it’s a nice profit for the studios, but when it comes down to the artistry aspect of it, the films suffer because the passion isn’t in these films like they were years ago. So it’s our time to make films that are unique and counteract the modern day “horror” movie and to dig deep within our own experiences to make some awesome horror films without “paying homage” and without ripping off other filmmakers who we love like Romero and Kubrick and Carpenter.

  8. don’t think they’ll release it next year. maybe on may 13th 2024.

  9. Ok I agree after 6 it got dumb, but Kane was not the worst, it was Ken the guy in Freddy vs Jason. What made Kane good as Jason, he cared about Jason and how he was on screen, unlike Ken, he just suit up. But of all the Jason, it is tie for me with 2-4. Dash (not the poser Warren who should be discredited), really laid the ground work for Jason and believeable. Richard and Ted White, showed a very brutal side to the Jason that I think fans have always related Jason to. As a zombie Kane really did separate Jason from the 1st four. That why I always thought that 1-4 is a story, 5 is one by itself, and 6-FvJ is separate. Kane as Jason is total a different side to it all. With the 1st four, there was more of an angry over his mothers death, and with Kane, it was like a hobby or your on my camp grounds. I do believe that Derek did an awesome job and had alot of Ted Whites Jason in him. I do look forward to the sequel, but what about his old man, there is alot of referance to Jason dad in the comic books and supposely he was writing in the 6th one but cut. Would love to see that area explored. Maybe Jason comes across him and remember him hitting his mom and there is some daddy issues going on. Just a thought

  10. That’s awesome Luis, that they’re filming it in your town. Is Barrington a very wealthy community? I live in Chicago as well, I’m from Frankfort. I was wondering if they’d film it in my town as well. Hopefully they get rid of the innocent Freddy concept and gothic nancy. Anyways as far as the Friday sequel goes, I hope they get a different director. I did like this remake, wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. One thing they need to do is cater less to teens and more towards horror fans. That means less actors from the CW, less product placement, less sex/nudity (a little is ok, it’s f13, but this remake went over the top with it), less drug use too and more focus on the scary parts.

  11. VERY good news! Loved the recent film and can’t wait for the sequel.

  12. It’s definitely possible that they could film in Frankfort, Justin – they’re using a lot of the Chicagoland area (or so I heard) so keep watching out for things! I also hope Freddy will return to his darker roots, kinda like in New Nightmare. Though Billy Bob Thornton is definitely not my first choice, we’ll see.
    About Friday, though – I am very peeved that they are trying to shift slasher movies toward a more teenage audience – the sex was way too explicit in the new film, as it was in My Bloody Valentine 3D (good movie, BTW). The only problem is, who are they gonna get to direct? Yeah, Marcus Nispel’s take wasn’t that great, but I’m not sure who else would want to jump on as director for Friday 2. Again, we’ll just have to sit and watch…

  13. Luis, I’d like to take helm of a Friday remake and do it the right way. Better yet, I’d like to remake a film like The Gate which I feel can be made more of a straight up horror film rather than a kids horror film and to give it a political or social commentary to it so it’s not just a horror film with no backbone. The Gate in my opinion is a fun film and very good, but a lot of people do not know about it.

    Actually aren’t they remaking The Gate? I heard a rumor a while back, not sure what’s going on with it now.

    As for social and political commentary, this is why I love Romero films. He’s making films with zombies as a forefront idea and then making statements on the world today. I loved Diary of the Dead and was so moved by the statements Romero made about too much information on the net as well as too much power given to critics who feel they have the right and power to say whats good in and a film and whats not, therefore making opinions for an audience rather than letting them see a film for themselves. A good example that I can think of was seeing a review on Diary where the guy was just bashing and bashing and stating that “Cloverfield” was a better film. That is all matter of opinion.

    I just feel with a Friday the 13th remake, it needs to be done right. And it obviously wasn’t. I want to see, with new technology, the best damn Friday the 13th film and not some third rate college thesis BS.

    I feel everything is subjective. Everyone has their own opinions on films, etc. I just feel that serious filmmakers need to be at the helm of these remakes (or original films rather) and to remake films that haven’t been heard of really, you know? That is how to make a remake…. Something that isn’t really known of that needs to be remade….That’s only if you must make a remake if you’re a big studio. I prefer making original films.

  14. The idea of a sequel to the reboot is both exciting and ‘rolling my eyes’ at the same time.

    Same writers. Damn, because they aren’t that good. So many of their ideas/script for this were laughable.

    Different director. Great, because he treated the reboot as a TCM entry and it did not feel like a Friday the 13th. I was not full of suspence once during the reboot. Loud noises is a cheap way of making an audience jump. A good director should be able to scare an audience without the use of a loud “bang” in the music.

    Please get someone who knows how to properly score a Friday the 13th movie…is Harry no longer available? The score for the reboot was just awful (for the most part).

    I liked Derek’s turn as Jason (Kane will always be my favourite) but they should slow him down just a bit. To see Jason running like in a marathon made him look almost funny. Granted Kane was too slow but Derek was too fast.

    It would be nice to return to slower paced, tension building suspence. The reboot was fast and furious and, in the end, it suffered because of it (my opinion anyway).

    Jason Lives.

  15. John Robert, I’m a pretty big fan of the reboot but I agree about the music. Why was the first 20 minutes filled with those loud “BANG!” sound effects? It didn’t make the scenes scary, it just hurt my ears….especially since my theater had the sound cranked up way past my comfort level. I’m so glad these were mostly in the beginning, because I would have walked out.

  16. I think the next one needs more gore, more painfull kills and less humor if some, at the end I liked the new friday but I really think it need more blood and guts, all the kills were really fast paced and I hate that, I mean I like to see what is happening not the annoying all over the place camera, and would be great if Harry could do the score

  17. i think the next one needs a long good old chase scene

  18. i can’t believe those tools are writing the script. i think they got a little lucky with the reboot because it had some saving graces, but overall the writing was shit. it’s all downhill from here. most series’s have 4 or 5 entries before they turn to shit…this one will turn to shit much quicker. hire some people with talent that respect the series and take it a little more seriously.

  19. I was hoping this was going to be an April Fool’s Day joke when you mentioned Swift and Shannon were writing the sequel…I guess it IS a joke in some way because they can’t write shit. In my opinion they fucked up Freddy vs Jason and they certainly didn’t do the Friday reboot any justice. Bring on some new writers who actually CARE about the series instead of making one-dimensional cliche “characters”

  20. Wow, I can’t believe how full of shit people are! I dared to criticize the movie when it first came out and all the fanboys on here tried to crucify me by throwing aggressive personal attacks because my opinion dared to differ from theirs. But now the dust has settled and people are realising that it wasn’t a work of art and was a disappointment in comparison to what fans were expecting everyone has started pointing out what was wrong with it. Either it was a masterpiece or it wasn’t, time shouldn’t change this.

  21. I will NOT be seeing the ELM street remake its a movie that should not be tainted friday is fine because every movie is a remake basically but the original Nightmare is a classic

  22. like i said if the same writers come back I realy want the guy who did part 4 whats his name joe zito…to direct this next friday movie…!

  23. I’m really excited that we’re getting a sequel. I think that it should be a different story though… returning actors, just Derek Mears. If they want some returning actors then bring back some old F13 actors. Tommy Jarvis needs to be in the next one too. He was a huge character. I can’t say it enough…….Harry Manfredini has to do the music. Without his score, it was too different. I still like the remake though. The past 4 movies with Jason couldn’t even compare to the Remake. The fact that people compare Ted White and Derek Mears is fuckin’ awesome. Ted was(my opinion)the best Jason. Not to discredit Kane, but the movies he was in were fair(not his fault at all). New Blood was his best.

  24. They should bring back Tommy Jarvis. Come on. Jason V Tommy. And have Mears back, but have Hodder in a cameo yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hey everyone! Hope you are all well. Just reading over the feedback to my article and I’m surprised there is a lot of dislike going around for Swift and Shannon. Personally I feel they created a decent story. Ok, it borrowed quite a bit and they (actually it could have been an editing decision) shot themselves in the foot a little with the ‘1980′ title card during Mrs Voorhees scene which certified this as a remake and not a loose sequel. However I liked all the teens. Especially the first bunch so from that perspective I didn’t mind it. Then of course there was the final girl switch. I dug that. I guess a lot of people expected Whitney to die and Jena to live. More stuff like that keeps things fresh IMO. Although I will say it back fired a little as we never got to know Whitney. Hell I think Bree appeared on screen more times!

    Overall I say, feel free to disagree :) if they can get more focus in regards to the lead(s) and try to stick to the book with the kills we could have a solid sequel. I get what you all mean about the kill scenes but on screen a lot of it comes down to directorial decisions with regards to stageing them so I wouldn’t say that rests at the feet of the writers.

    Also one more shocking confession….keep Tommy Jarvis out of it. I think everyone would only end up not liking the actor they choose and to be honest I think his story was done with Jason Lives. There’s no need for him to return and no need to use him in the new series of films. I think they should go down their own path. These are just my thoughts though….

  26. My issues with the remake were always the quality of the script and acting. While I appreciate the Friday the 13th series has always been flawed they often have likeable characters and limited cliches. But the new film was full of cringeworthy dialogue and awful acting, particularly from the actors in the opening sequence. Firing Shannon and Swift would be a good move as they written two Jason scripts now and they’ve both been pretty crap. I doubt it’ll be third time lucky.

  27. The fact of the matter Sanchez, is that they used actors who looked like they were in the show Gilmore Girls or on these MTV “Hills” shows and that’s a recipe for disaster.

    If I were remaking a film, it would be all unknowns and Paul Kratka to pay homange to the earier films, and I’d also have people in it who look REAL and not fake like everyone in the remake looked. The hairstyles really took away from the film.

    Freddy Vs. Jason was HORRIBLE as well.

    You need all of these elements to make a film work. Great script, great director who has a vision and is able to communicate, great art department, great camera person and a producer who is willing to let the director make it their vision. A true horror fan needs to direct this film, but a horror fan who doesnt take from past horror films to add to the film – but from someone who loves horror and has experienced LIFE HORROR and whom has lived and seen many horrific things. The filmmaker and writer need to be able to both have that.

    Taxi Driver. Why did it work? Great writer and great director. That is what makes these films work, but you know what? Today it’s all politics. It’s not about who is good, it’s who is your friend and most of these friend circles with these people who make these remakes are pretty crappy in my honest opinion.

  28. Sounds good to me, can’t wait to see another Jason movie and see what they do with Elm street!

  29. I agree the charater of Tommy Jarvis is over. I do not want to see him back. Although his sister Trish might be an interesting return. I loved Trish in part 4…she rocked and was one of the best ‘fights back’ charaters of the entire series (Amy Steele’s Jenny was pretty cool too).

    I still cannot get over these two wannbe writers coming back for a higly anticipated sequel to the reboot. Damn! Damn! Damn!

    Joseph Zito, the director of Part 4, would be great for this reboot sequel since he directed, I believe, the best Friday entry.

    And I know I’ve said it before; please for the love of Jason have someone (if not Harry Manfredini) score this as a Friday the 13th and not some modern heavy handed computer generated sounding score that we got for the reboot. I need suspenceful strings/orchestration…now, that’s how Friday’s are supposed to be scored. I’ve said my piece, Amen.

    …the body count continues…

  30. Personally, I hope it’s an entirely different group of kids falling to Jason this time around.

  31. Im am Happy PLatnium Dunes Decided to Leave Rosemary’s Baby Alone After what they did to Amityville Personally I think there Best was the Remake Of Texas Chainsaw and when I saw the new friday i was hoping they be some nice shots like they were in that I also agree with some of you that say Damian Shannon and Mark Swift should hang it up Id love to see Joe Zito direct another and Kane should come back in a cameo I dont know about U guys but dont you think its time we met MR Voorhees Maybe Kane could do that part

  32. LETS START THE BRING BACK Joseph Zito !!





  34. It just looks to me like all the producers from Paramount care about is a gimmick to make money. They don’t give a flying fuck if the movies turn out good. They know that this series will always make money. Hell why do you think they keep hiring Shannon and Swift, the movies these two have wrote have been complete shit, but they’ve also been hits at the box office. They don’t have to make a good movie, they just have to make a good trailer. You don’t have to like it, you just have to watch it. That’s all they need to make their money. Paramount’s just looking at the money, not the quality. I remember back in the day when movies use to be fun, now they’re just a way to kill time when you’re bored.

  35. Has no one on here ever read an interview with anyone from Platinum Dunes? They’ve said on many occasions that aside from Jason and his mother they didn’t want to bring back any of the old characters, cast or crew, hence Tom Savini, Kane Hodder or Harry Manfredini not being involved. So there’s no way a fan petition will convince them to hire Joseph Zito, who hasn’t made a film in years anyway, and they’ve already dismissed the notion of bringing back Tommy Jarvis. Face it guys, the ’80’s is over with, if you want a sequel you’re just gonna have to settle for whatever they feel like giving you as, when all is said and done, we mean absolutely nothing to them.

  36. Or, Christian, we can make films that are original and unique that counteract the crap that Hollwood and studios that support and make remakes are doing. I hope all independent filmmakers base their horror films off true life situations/horror and not monsters or zombies and to make a kick as short film and put it online for the world to see and get the film out there and saying, “This is my response to the horrible remakes of today!”. Also, everyone is becoming “American Idolized” meaning wanting to put their faces on everything to be “famous” and to get known, when it should be more about promoting the films, the music, etc. When people think that way, they’ve lost what it’s all about. To me, it’s about making the art, music, etc that will speak to people and make people think as well as entertain. So while the 80’s may be over with, we can still have that sensibility of the 80’s in what we do, by NOT copying, but by paying homage in small, tiny ways.

  37. After the atrocious Freddy vs. Jason I really didn’t want Damian Shannon and Mark Swift to write Friday the 13th, let alone the sequel. DAMN! But I did love Friday the 13th, thanks to Platinum Dunes of course. So I’m sure I will love the sequel either way.


  39. How about writing likeable teens for a nice piece of change? the ones in the remake/reboot/rewhoring/rebutchering were such pricks & I wanted to die the minute they opened their stupid mouths…

    Another thing, bring some interesting KILLS!! the ones in Michael Bay´s shit stain were boring & uneven, they just come & go without any impact, like trie to build some tensing dumbasses!!

    Fuck this sequel already. Poor Freddy, he’s going to be raped without lube like Jason, I guess fair is fair!

  40. ‘How about writing likeable teens for a nice piece of change? the ones in the remake/reboot/rewhoring/rebutchering were such pricks & I wanted to die the minute they opened their stupid mouths…’

    I so know where you’re coming from Chris, the dialogue and the acting almost embarrassed me. I like the kills and I like Jason but I have difficulty with the rest of the movie. Shannon and Swift should never work in horror again


  42. is there an actual release date for the movie to go to DVD?

  43. CJ as far as I know there aren’t any sites except for from which you should be able to pick up the trade paperback of the Wildstorm Friday series as well as Freddy vs Jason. As for the Avatar comics….good luck finding them mate. Best bet is Ebay or a comic con. Good luck.

  44. but i remember someone gave me a site that was TERRIFIC it had every thing!! please someone remember cuz i dont!!!

  45. Yeah, I was like “it’s that how suits see teens nowadays?, like a bunch of assholes, cliche ridden cartoons?”, LAME.

    Yes, in the originals we used to have the pot dude, the slut, the nerd, blah blah blah, but they never felt artificial, the ones in the reshit looked & acted like they were trying way too hard…

    Anyways, I’ll pretend that this never happened and I’ll stick to the originals, fuck I’m old.

  46. but i remember someone gave me a site that was TERRIFIC it had every thing!! please someone remember cuz i dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. i think we all should go to platinum dunes web site and let them know about this site and maybe if they really care about the fans they will come here and read what true friday fans want whos with any one its the only to even try to get what we want

  48. Platinun Dunes do know about this site. But they don’t care about you, they care about money. If you hate the remake there’s eleven other films you can watch.

  49. It’s all about the money, true dat. Thankfully I went to see that mess for free (press showing in Mexico), they ain’t getting my money.

  50. Great news! I loved the remake, I thought it was the best since I saw Part 4 at a drive in. I can’t wait to see more.

  51. i was satisfied with the remake overall. lookin forward to the next one!

    and i thought i’d let ya guys know that yesterday i found myself with nothing to do so i popped in the 2 friday flicks that get the most heat from everyone about sucking — A New Beginning and Jason X.

    i think 5 is a lot better than it gets credit for. and Jason X is actually very entertaining in it’s own right. some great kills in both.

  52. I don’t care anymore.


  54. I wasn’t too impressed by the remake at all. The screen writing was poor at best, never mind the performances by some of the actors.
    What I don’t understand is how Shannon and Swift are writing the script again. These guys couldn’t write a decent storyline if their lives depended on it.
    Come on PD, give this franchise the professional and most importantly fan oriented treatment it deserves and get some talented folks with actual F13 knowledge on board to write you up a storyline. What this franchise needs is a fast paced, brutal and well written installment, not some junk that needs overdone nudity, cheap dialogues or obscene language to keep the viewers interest going.

  55. Get warrington gillette to repise his awesome role as Jason, otherwise I’ll pass. He’s easily the best of the jasons, he did great stunts.

  56. Gay guy , I presume there’s a joke in there somewhere?!

  57. Ok, I don’t think I’m saying anything not previously mentioned, but if the series wants to succeed AND please the hardcore fans who’ve kept Jason alive (over and over and over) for the past 30 years, we need to get back to a few BASICS.

    First….Keep Mears as Jason. He is FUCKING awesome, a true hailback to the days of Ted White and Steve Dash (we love you, Kane, but the LIVING Jason was fifty times scarier than the undead one). Second…..we need a Manfredini-esque score (I’m not necessarily saying bring Harry back….bless his heart, his scores from parts 9 and 10 really SUCKED…..I don’t think he can get over the electronic keyboard) complete with strings and trumpets (oh my GOD how awesome the chase scenes were in the first few movies with those elements!) and a REALLY good “ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma” effect.

    Third…..maybe the idea of reintroducing the Jarvis family IS a good idea…..Jason had himself a real rival in young Tommy, and if we can find an actress who can match Kimberly Beck’s fighting skills with Jason, well Sir we have us a DAMN good movie.

    Fourth…..MORE DAMN BLOOD…..and NOT COMPUTER GENERATED blood for GOD’S SAKE! And would it KILL the film makers to go back to the “dead body through the window” and “drops from the tree in ropes” gags that we loved so much? How about a really GOOD reveal on Jason’s face at the END of the movie? And lets be fun about it… SOMETHING to put the crack back in the top of the damned mask…..the fans just MISS that!

    In addition….Joseph Zito…..a WISE choice. Final Chapter was by FAR the best and scariest of the series. The series could REALLY use him.

    As for casting ideas…..I like the idea of a Kane Hodder cameo….I think the way he single handedly kept the series alive for so long REALLY leaves the studios owing him a SERIOUS debt of gratitude (and the fans would just love it). NO MORE GILMORE GIRL LOOKALIKES. Jesus….make the teens look like REAL teens. Not glossy, glamorous centerfolds…..hell, it’s even more fun to see ‘em naked that way!

    All this being said, I think the remake had it’s heart in the right place. Yes, Swift and Shannon suck monkey balls and DON’T need to return, but the movie WAS creepy, we DID have a kick ass Jason (yes, kiddies, Jason DOES run as a human, and he ROCKED in this last one), and we did get to go back to the drunken party holocaust scenario. But in the end, it was too much like a teenie-bopper romp. Let’s see if the sequel can bring the new series back to the basics (and a little more backstory on Mama Voorhees and her killer wouldn’t hurt)and start a NEW Friday the 13th saga that will rock THIS generation like the originals did for mine.

  58. Oh, and Gay Guy…..who the hell are you and what the HELL did Warrington Gillette ever do except jump through a window?????


  60. i’m not pointing out anything that hasn’t been said but the new friday movie was really terriable in my opinion. the movie just lacked any heart in it what so ever and didn’t even feel like a jason movie. it just felt like some guy in a mask protecting his pot patch. horriable

  61. I hope to good that the Gay Guy is joking!?! You can’t be for real about the Warrington Gillete comment!!! That guy needs to be shot

  62. it didn’t feel totally like a jason movie i think because too much time has passed. jason x and FvJ didnt feel like the rest because they were more recent.

    the music and sound effects are what makes a Friday movie feel like a Friday movie. the new ones lack the original woodsy environment and atmosphere.

  63. Kane Hodder “single-handedly kept the series alive?” And this is based on what empirical evidence?

    I think it’s more likely that whenever a new sequel got greenlighted, the producers then called up Hodder and asked if he wanted to reprise the role. If someone has a shred of evidence that supports the idea that Hodder had anything more in-depth to do with getting new sequels off the ground, please link to it and I will stand corrected. Otherwise, let’s not exaggerate Mr. Hodder’s contributions.

    Christ, the man can’t even single-handedly keep his waist below 42 inches.

  64. Speaking of Freddy, did i hear correctly that Kelly Lee from the original “Bad News Bears” movies (aka Jackie Earle Haley who looked like a midget corpse in Semi-Pro) will be playing the role of Freddy in the upcoming re-make ???

    If so, then give Derek Mears an Oscar cause Freddy is DOOMED.

  65. oooooooooooooooooooooooomg gay guy ur such a homo
    oopsy i mean cock suckerrrrrrrrrr i got 1 for you

  66. L wow just wow


  68. the new Freddy movie will probably definitely be better than the new Jason movie. these guys style is designed pretty well for an eerie dream-filled movie. it’ll be effective. their style doesn’t suit a Jason movie at all.

    Freddy is still only laughable to me; but ya know

  69. Hey guys,

    I am yet to see the remake… Eveyobe I talk to says it’s awful and it draws me further away from seeing it :/

    Should I still go?


  70. Yes Dalek go with no expectations just to enjoy the movie, And form your own opinion you may enjoy i certainly did :)

  71. go see the new friday the 13th if your a fan just go..but you will like me want to see the uncut DVD when it comes out ..and when is it comming out does anyone know

  72. Wanna know what Jackie Earl Haley will sound like as Freddy? Just listen to Rorschach in Watchmen.

  73. Isn’t Jackie Earle like 5′1 or something lmao ?

  74. Oki dokie ^_^


  76. I’m afraid the sequel fill fall short too. As long as the same people is involved in the follow up I would not raise my hopes too high.

  77. Who was the most “psycho” Jason?

    I like debating about which film created the scariest Jason, but you don’t ever hear about people talking about who was the downright craziest bastard in the series. A few posts up, a poster said that the remake was too fast and Mears moved to quickly. I thought it portrayed the pace of insanity.

    The zombie Jason is out of the running because zombies do not think. So, of all the human Jasons, which one was clinically the craziest psycho?

    I think it is an interesting question. Like based on choices, movement, kills, etc., which one of them was absolutely out of his friggin’ mind?

    You could make an argument that the remake portrayed a very angry, very insane Jason. I’m not sure. That bad mutha F. from part 3 was psycho for sure!

  78. I have to give Kane kudos for hanging in there and keeping the hype. Yeah, he WAS asked to play Jason repeatedly, and mostly because so many people LOVED the way the man played him. Who gave a damn that he “can’t keep his waist below a size 42″…..when you’re 6′3″ and wearing a fucking hockey mask, you don’t have to look like an anorexic bitch in costume… fact, he actually looked like he could swing a fucking axe that way. Yeah, the single-handed remark was a bit much, but the truth is that man did more for the series in the last decade than any of the other Jasons did, and he was robbed when they asked Ken to take over for FvJ (an emo Jason? who the FUCK wanted to see that? We wanted to see a VICIOUS Jason, and Kane would have given us THAT, regardless of waist size).

    So no, Balooeyezz, he really didn’t single-handedly keep the series alive, but he DID keep us interested in the idea when most of us were BEGGING for SOMETHING to get the greenlight at New Line.

    And no, I don’t even think he was the BEST Jason…..I actually liked Dash, Brooker, and White the best. I just loved Kane’s enthusiasm and his love of his fans and the movies.

  79. Platinum Dunbes Friday was well made. I trust them with the sequel. Padelecki need not even be in it. We can assume his character just moved on.

  80. I think, that the next Friday Sequel must de be derected by Jon Harris (The Descent: Part 2) . He already has expirience with the work with the Sequels :)

  81. I probably should know this already, but I have a question: If Shannon and Swift are supposedly fans of the series as they are from interviews and such that I’ve seen, why are they screwing the new films up with their writing? Shouldn’t they know what Friday the 13th really is? Or is it executive meddling…again, please excuse me, it’s just been bothering me.

  82. Spreading the word….Someone is impersonating some of us. After some research and lots of waiting…we have realized that it is “T”…The original “T” now will go by the name of ‘The real T” so any posts from “T” as of now will be an imposter. He is a loser who has nothing better to do with his time. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.
    He has imperonated EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now he is making it seem like he is the victim. So beware of this little loser troll.

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