New Sideshow Part 3 Jason Available This Week?

Sideshow Collectibles is gearing up for their annual Black and White Friday festivities to coincide with the absolutey insane shopping extravaganza that occurs the day after Thanksgiving. For those visitors to the website that live outside of the U.S. and have not had the pleasure of experiencing the insanity of this one shopping day, count yourself lucky! At any rate, Sideshow posted an advertising banner for this coming Friday’s online event and that banner teases new product announcements.

Look closely at the middle figure of the silhouette and see if that outline looks familiar. The rumor has it that Sideshow will make the new Part 3 Jason statue, which we mentioned a few weeks ago, available for Pre-Order. Collectors are hoping this is true, so we shall see if the long wait will be finally over come this Friday!

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10 Responses to “ New Sideshow Part 3 Jason Available This Week? ”

  1. Oooh goody, I do hope so. Chances are I won’t be able to snag him, but Sideshow is well worth the price. I frequently nitpick my Movie Maniacs; my eye is too discerning, and my friends Sideshow figures have always made me smile.

  2. Lucky guys!!!

  3. I want one.

  4. I’ve been working in retail for the past three Black Fridays, and I’ll be doing it again this year. Hopefully nobody else here has to deal with that, but if so, I feel your pain. And if anybody is actually crazy enough to take part in the shopping frenzy, try not to trample any innocent shoppers/employees to death this year.

  5. Please oh please. I hope this is true!

    I’m hoping so because for Shocktober they said he would be available for preorders very soon.

  6. The pose that he’s in looks like the Mezco part 3. It looks like Jason is in that blacked out photo. The other figures look like Avatar and Silver Surfer.

  7. Oh boy I’m sure it will cost $10,000….

  8. I’ve been waiting for this one forever!!!! Part 3 is my favorite in the series!!!!!

  9. I hope to have one but I’ve got to ask my wife. Money’s tight around here. I do have a question for you guys….. Does anyone know where I can find the Jason figure from part 4 that isn’t a 100 bucks. When the figure first came out, I was very sick and we didn’t have the extra money to buy one because of all the meds the doc was putting in my body. It’s the only one that I’m missing for the small figures. I don’t know if anybody has thought about this before but there should be something on this website for fans to help each other out. For example, If one person was looking for a Jason figure or poster, ect and another knew where to find it, they could led them in the right direction. Another example, Fans could trade with one another. I just thought that it would be a good idea for fans to look out for one another. With the holidays coming up, may you know a fan that is less fortunate. Do something nice for them. Get a poster, a pin, ect. You guys are probably thinking, Is this guy for real? I’m serious. You might even make a new friend(but we’re all friends here, anyway). I hope you guys respond to this. I’d like to know what you guys think.

  10. All hail Sideshow !!!! And their Masterpiece is about to get unleashed on the F13 community !!! Cant wait!!! This will be the only Jason collectible that matters !!

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