What are your plans for Friday the 13th?

With the new Friday the 13th film just one week away, we wanna know what are YOUR plans? Do you plan on camping out to be first in line? Are you going to see a midnight showing? Maybe you plan on seeing the film wearing your favorite hockey mask or plan on having a Friday the 13th movie marathon the night before?

Whatever your plans post ‘em below!

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50 Responses to “ What are your plans for Friday the 13th? ”

  1. im gunna get tix the day of the show for like me and 7 of my friends and smoke a blunt and go see the 10 oclock showing of friday the 13th iv been weighting for 3 years for this

  2. I am not planning to camp out, but I am planning on seeing it opening day, with my brother, just like we saw all the old F13 flicks “back in the day”. Of course, now we are both bringing our wives after finding people to babysit the kids at home! Can’t wait, though!

  3. I’ll be waking up at Noon, and Gathering my Fellow Friday the 13th Fanatics to go see one of the First Showings we can get too. If it’s good, we’ll see it one or five more times, depending, if it sucks, well, then maybe only once or twice, lol…

    One week To GO!!!

  4. Probably won’t go to it in theatres. I know some gabby teens on their cell phones or who brought their babies will ruin it. I’ll wait for DVD.

  5. I will most definately be seeing it opening night. I would see it midnite the night before but I would need to find a babysitter for my son so thats out of the question. My girlfriend and I will definately cruise a blunt on the way to the show and arrive early to get good seats. Ive waited soooo long theres no way I wouldnt wanna see this on the big screen. Just watching the trailer with a big audience at the theatre was fun because it is true F13 movies get the most animated audiences and i love to see how the fans feed off the movie. 30 years coming I think this will gross more than Freddy vs. Jason……

  6. I\’m going to the first available show at 12 noon… then shooting my Jason short film later that night! :)

  7. i’m starting to watch f12th part 2 right now.:-)
    and about next friday…well u know what!!!:-)

  8. i just want big numbers!

  9. I have to work! :( But I am definitely going to the movie in the evening and will be prebuying my ticket the moment they go on sale! :D I did draw Jason in the work diary though. ^-^

  10. I’m going to see it twice on opening night. I don’t want to go during the day. The night time is the right time for a movie such as this! :-)

  11. I’m going wearing my Jason hoodie, with all my friends to the midnight show. The night before I am going to get drunk and watch the first four films to get pumped up for this one

  12. My dad is going to take me and my best friend to see the movie. So excited, this is going to be my first Friday film in theaters.

  13. I’m going to see it in the evening and watch the first four movies on the same day. I’m even going to wear my official Friday the 13th remake shirt to the screening. I’m going to see if some of my friends would want to see it. I agree with the person who said that the night time is the right time to see this movie. I hope and pray to whoever is listening that a mother does not bring her baby to the theatre, that will ruin it definitely. Oh yeah and no cell phones either. I hope to see a bunch of people dressed up as Jason on opening night. Hell I thought of dressing up as Jason and carrying a real machete with me to the theatre for the hell of it but decided against it since I have no decent Jason costume.

  14. Have the day off work, so I plan to see it three times that day. Some friends have asked me about midnight screenings, but I don’t want to do it that way. I want to go to bed on Thursday the 12th and wake up on Friday the 13th, amped up like I haven’t been since Part 7 came out almost 22 years ago. I plan to hit the first showing alone, then hook up with a friend for a late afternoon screening. Then, that night, my wife and I will be hitting a “primetime” showing with a full crowd.

    My only regret is that I don’t have Saturday off, so I won’t be able to go again!

  15. Hi, i wanna go, whit my brother, the tsuesday after the work, yea, here in Chile, the movie arrives the Tsuesday 12, thats cool, im so crazy for this movie.

  16. I’m taking my girlfriend to the theatre around 7 or 8 on Friday the 13th. I really want to bring my hockey mask and scare her with it, but it’s hard to sneak that one in.

  17. Well it’s my birthday so the very first showing of the new Friday will be mine at the local multiplex! Then home to watch my newly purchased “His Name Was Jason” doc. AND my “UNCUT original Friday the 13th.” Then later that night I’ll be playing a show with my band
    for a few hundred of our closest friends. Gonna be a great day!

  18. I picked up the saturday night into sunday morning shift so I can see this on opening night!!!!!!!! Going to take my girlfriend to see it. I agree with all you guys, no cell phones and leave the baby at home. I cannot wait, Ive been waiting a long time for this……… its going to be an awesome night!

  19. I don’t work on Friday’s so I am seeing the first showing. I realy don’t think it will sell out that early in the day, 11am or 12pm., not sure what time it starts since they’er not posting times yet.

  20. I’m gonna throw on my LRG chainsaw sweater ditch the phony looking attachable hockey mask and wear my FvJ replica mask to the show. I might reserve tickets at a prefered theater cause if it’s sold out opening night. No fuggin way I’m watching it where a loud obnoxious crowd will ruin it for me.

    If I don’t catch it opening day I’ll probably go home, do some boozing and watch a F13 I haven’t seen in awhile. Wish it was warmer around the city of Chi, cause if it was I’d probably go to the forest with some friends and look for trouble with the local law enforcement.

  21. Sunday the 15th for me and my bro

  22. I also go tthe day off work. I’m taking my ride–my father–to see it at the first showing, witch’ll probably be a non/12:50 or 1 somethin’ early show as I prefer. I’m bringing my $10 rebate coupon (thak you STARZ and New Line and everyone who decided to do that, by the way) cause it’s only $8 for an adult ticket at the multiplex here in Shreveport that I go to, and that’ll cover noe of our ticket costs.

    Basically that is all. Though I’m a die hard fan of the Cashamount years, inparticular the first five films (flaws & all like a true die hard “proud freak” as Uncle Creepy so proudly said on disc two of the documentary), the actual date that Friday the 13th falls on every year honestly isn’t like Christmas or Halloween or even the 4th of July (not Patriotic at all and personally find it a wasted emotion myself, hope it’s not too controversal–I just list it cause I love a social gathering of vegging out on Barbeque and shooting off Fireworks out in a woodsy setting myself). I normally since ‘04 just watch all of the first four or so sometime during that day, if I can, from the trusty ol’ disappointing “From Crystal Lake to Mahatten” boxset with whom ever wants to watch it with me. Normally it’s been my neices and nephews I’ve gotten into retro Horror titles that I collect.

    The only difference is from now on they’ll all be the Deluxe Editions that are now slowly comin’ out through out this year.

    Mainly I’m just looknig forwar dto enjoying an early showing int he midday/afternoon here in Shreveport and enjoying the reboot/re-starting of the franchise.

    Hope everyone has a good time. Damn I’m still enjoyin’ this documentary. I so can’t wait re-watch it tomarrow …

  23. I’m going on opening night with my brother and sister. We made plans months ago to all get the night off and go and see it. I’m still considering wearing my Freddy glove and hat.. (my sister would hate me for it) I’m gonna wear all black either way and maybe throw on some fake blood. I cannot WAIT!!

  24. Me and a bunch of my freinds are getting tickets for the midnight showing. One of the biggest reason for this, apart from being one of the first audiences to view the movie, is knowing that mostly only die-hard Friday fans would stay up all night to see the newest take on the most classic slasher movie IN THE WORLD. In turn, avoiding the little teen-age tards that usually end up talking on there cell phones and pissing the rest of us off. I’ve been waiting YEARS for this movie and I want everything to be perfect! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  25. I never really geek out to many things. But I grew up watching the “Friday the 13th” movies. So I took the day off in advance so that I can see an early showing (without kids or crowds).

    It also works out because next weekend is a long weekend since Monday is a holiday. So I’m sure I will probably see the film twice before the weekend is over.

    I’m pretty excited. I hope it delivers.

  26. Me and my 6 buddies are meeting at my house thursday night. then hitting dinner at the house of blues. we got a blunt for before dinner and then smoking another right before we go in to the midnight showing.Cant wait at all

  27. i have school, then (since i got a free ticket from the His Name was Jason DVD, i will use that) the movie starts at around 7:30, so i will get at about 6:00 to get the prefect seat!!! :D i am soo pumped!! so far, every day of Feb. i have been watching every F13th film up to the remake, i just finished Part 6, tomorrow will be part 7!!! on the 12, i will watch the first one UNCUT, then His name was jason…then on the 13th…well u know! :D

  28. I’m really excited because I’ll be flying home to visit my family, so I’ll get to finally bring my brother with me to see Jason on the big screen.

  29. Me and a bunch of my friends are buying tickets to the 11:45 showing in harvard square in Boston were gonna go in around 9 eat at fire and ice which is by far the best restaurant in the world and then were gonna go see it and I will officially be the happiest man alive while watching that movie

  30. thursday night at midnight (friday) im going to watch the entire series .by the time the last movie plays the theaters should be opening so i can see the first 2 showings. FUCKING A THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT FUCKING DAY.HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH YOU JASON LOVING MOTHERFUCKERS.HA HA HA KI KI KI MA MA MA

  31. I’m going to see it on the opening night. I got a free ticket with the His name was Jason dvd but as I live in Sweden I can’t use it :-(

    When I get home after I’m going to watch the Deluxe Edition dvd’s, a nice way to end the best Friday the 13th since…I don’t know when.

  32. Hello,

    I was going to go in costume to give the fans a kick but…

    My local Silver City (London, Ontario) saw my Jason costume in pictures and the company said I cannot come in costume for the fans.

    They said it was “too scary” for the kids who may be in the foyer.

    So I guess I will be going to the earliest showing.


  33. I’ll go see it on my own at the 6 pm-showing, then join two friends for the 9 pm one. If I like it, I’ll catch it on saturday once or twice too, and if I really like it (and have the dough) I’ll see it on sunday as well. :)

  34. Too bad Derek. Cool to show up in full costume.

  35. well i got a free movie pass by buying his name was jason to go see it. So my plan is to see it either the midnight showing or the first showing of the day with my movie pass. then im going on date in the evening to see it again. i will hopefully fit in a 3rd viewing on saturday the 14th.

  36. I may be one of the few that believe that this movie looks like crap. Is it a remake? or a continuition because the story is all different than the 1st part. It looks like an MTV horror film(as sadly all thease horror films are today).
    I think it’s an insult that they can’t leave well enough alone and sad that the new generation of horror fans can’t get any new origianl horror villans… (leather face, Michael and now Jason)
    Next.. a new Freddy remake i’am sure!

    Hey did anyone see that horrible looking trailer to “Last House on the Left” yet.. geez another REMAKE!!!!

  37. I leave work a 1/2 day early on Friday so I can cash my check early afternoon-get the move tix so I got them WAY before ANYONE else really shows up….coming home-suting up and going back to the cinema to enjoy what I enjoy most in life; JASON VOORHEES doing what he does best! Original, dead-end sequal, Lots of tits, Good/bad acting, remakes whatever-I DON’T CARE! JUST BRING ME JASON and a few dumb teens for him to prey upon! Thats what it is and what is shall be!

  38. I live in the UK and I\’m so glad it got the same release date as the U.S, we normally end up waiting weeks or months while all our American buddies see it first…. well I\’m off work this week, gonna hit up all the old movies throughout the week then Friday morning I am knockin on the cinema doors demandin to see the first showing lol… I can\’t wait!!!!!

  39. I scored sneak preview passes for Tuesday the 10th and I’m taking my buddy! F*ck yeah!

  40. I plan on taking exactly 13 people including myself to the midnight showing on Fri. Feb 13th. I will wear my lucky 49ers jersey that says #13 and the last name on the back is Voorhees, lol. I have not anticipated a movie so much, the only one that comes close was Freddy vs Jason. I think the trailers look really good, and i can’t wait to see the finished product. Even though this is a remake, i do not think it will disappoint and to me it will fit into something that happens in between part 2 and part 3.

  41. Gonna go to a night time showing with a gang of my best friends, now i just have to convince them all to dress up like Jason with me

  42. Going to a midnight showing by myself, I have waited for a New Friday for so long, I don’t want anyone to ruin it. Then Friday night the wife and I and some friends are going to see it, I will be in full costume that night, can’t fucking wait!

  43. midnight showing, its going to be awesome.

  44. I got the day off work. Im getting the mask from the new poster inked on me. Then Im going to see the movie!!!!. Cannot wait!!! Ill more than likely see it ALL weekend.

  45. I have been debating back & forth on whether to go to the midnight showing or a showing late Friday night. I really want the whole theater to be packed as I walk in with my Friday the 13th t-shirt & ski mask.

    Even though I really wanted to wake up on Friday the 13th & see a night showing as someone else said, I think I am gonna go to the midnight showing.

    As someone else said if U really wanna be with the diehard fans, then the midnight showing is where theyll all be at!!!

  46. My fiance and I are actually going to see the last showing of the movie available on opening day, and then going out to a Valentines Day breakfast afterwards. Jason Date FTW.

  47. Just booked my tickets there for the 9.30pm showing in Sunderland England cant wait Jason Rules!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I will be going to see the new movie immediatley after work on F13, and then going directly over to the Palace Theatre (Syracuse, NY) and watching part 4 The Final Chapter and then Pieces as part of a triple feature. The first film is Psycho, which sadly I will miss due to seeing the new flick…I am really pumped to see 4 on the big screen!! If you live in the area come out to the showing, the Palace is on James Street in the Eastwood neighborhood.

  49. My willpower is weakening…

    As noted, I planned to go to bed Thursday night and wake up ready for the movie on Friday, but the lure of the midnight showing is too strong. Bottom line is that I don’t want my first viewing to be in a half empty theater with a quiet, afternoon audience, and I know there’s no way I’ll be able to wait until Friday night. So I’m probably going to a 12:01 AM show to get the crowd experience, then catch an afternoon viewing so I can really see the film without possibility for distraction. Then I’ll go back again Friday night to get some more screaming and seat-jumping!:)

  50. Midnight showing for me too!

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