Friday the 13th part 3 3D: Deluxe Edition Reviewed!

Ever since the early days in which movies could be bought or rented to enjoy in the comfort of our own home, fans have longed for an easy way to take home Friday the 13th part 3 and watch it the way it was meant to be seen; In 3D. Numerous attempts at bootleg versions have popped up since the days of the internet first began. Some were better than others. But none were the best of quality. So imagine the excitment of Friday the 13th fans everywhere when the word hits the net that finally, after all these years, February the 3rd, 2024 would be the day that Paramount would be releasing Friday the 13th part 3 in 3D! Jason would be jumping right out of your television, and practically standing in your living room! Not only would it be in 3D, it would be in the form of Deluxe Edition!

Was it worth the wait? It’s all a matter of preference. For one, the 2D version of the movie looks absolutely fantastic. It’s the best transfer to date and like the new releases for Friday 1 and Friday 2, it is Mastered in High definition with a new 5.1 surround mix. It really does look good.

How’s the 3D? The 3D that we are presented with is the traditional blue and red 3D. The disc comes 2 pairs of nice looking 3D glasses. They are white based on the front, with the iconic red triangle and blood stains. The sides of the glasses are black with “Friday the 13th 3D” logos on each side with blood splatters. I actually have to admire the fact that we got some gimmicked glasses since I was expecting some cut and dry 3D glasses. So what about the quality of the 3D presentation? In all honesty, it just depends on what kind of television you are viewing the movie on. I tried it out on a few TV sets. If your primary choice for viewing movies is your computer, stay away. I tried out the film on both my desktop PC monitor as well as my laptop and it just doesn’t work. There are small glimpses of 3D goodness. But it’s not worth it. I then tried it on a 27 inch flat screen standard def TV. It was better than the computer. But I still wouldn’t recommend giving it a shot. It wasn’t until I popped the film into a DVD player attached to a 42′ inch flat panel HDTV that I was actually impressed. Though it wasn’t perfect by any means, the 3D on the larger flat TV worked as well as it probably ever will on a home format. You’ll find yourself noticing things that you probably wouldn’t have even noticed. One scene that actually made me kind of jerk my head is a simple one and something I had never even noticed. When Harold is walking around in the beginning of the movie a moth flies by the screen. Yes…a moth. And I had to rewind the disc to make sure there wasn’t a moth in the room. The 3D works great on still objects. I feel a lot of people may be let down by the kills in 3D though. While they aren’t bad, the 3D does seem quite blurry when it comes to moving objects. But it was still cool to see the spear gun and the eyeball popping scenes in 3D as it’s not unbearably bad. Let’s move onto the special features shall we!?





What’s that I hear?

Why it’s our good friends The crickets of course!!

If you go into this disc expecting special features other than a 3D version of the film, you are going to be VERY disappointed unless you absolutely love the theatrical trailer. Don’t get me wrong! The trailer is awesome. But it hardly constitutes anything I would called “Deluxe Edition”! There’s nothing to see here folks. It’s a shame. We were even left with a cliffhanger on the part 2 disc in the special feature “Lost Tales from Camp Blood”. But do we get a conclusion or even another installment? Not at all. I even hear that the third feature in that series is the shortest of the 3 and would have easily fit onto this release. But it is not present. Such a shame. Unfair to the viewers, and unfair to their director Andrew Ceperley

Why…even Jason Voorhees himself wasn’t happy about the lack of special features! Just watch!

DISCLAIMER: No actual “Friday the 13th” DVD’s were harmed in the making of this film

All things aside, it’s great to finally have the best 3D version of this film available. It was fun finally seeing it in 3D for the first time. The lack of features is a definite let down. But, depending on your method of viewing, the 3D is worth checking out. Whether or not you can look around the features issue enough to warrant buying this film at full retail price is entirely up to you the consumer.

If you missed the reviews for the Friday the 13th: Uncut Deluxe Edition Blu Ray and DVD and Friday the 13th part 2: Deluxe Edition DVD click the titles below!



Come back later in the week where I will bring you some scene comparison pics between the new DVD’s and the versions of the film released in the “From Crystal Lake to Manhattan” set.

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Tony Carroll

Huge horror fan. Mainly the slasher sub genre. Die Hard Friday the 13th fan. I'm not like a lot of viewers. I love the entire series. Yeah, there are things about some films that I don't like. But I can honestly say that I don't hate a single Friday flick. I love to write and to bring info to people. So this site and my love for that go hand in hand.

37 Responses to “ Friday the 13th part 3 3D: Deluxe Edition Reviewed! ”

  1. Well Tony, at least we have the DVD in 3D finally….I am happy about the Glasses too. Very cool.

    Why o Why could they not at least given us one or two special festures?

    I am still happy.

  2. Oh yeah. I’m definitely happy to have it in 3D. I just need to point this out for those who crave features. ;)

  3. i can’t wait, i dont have an HDTV flatscreen though =(

  4. Glad to hear it’s going to work good on my 46″ flat screen. I’m a little disappointed its the red-blue 3D method. Oh well, still excited to have it in 3d and in 5.1.

  5. Anybody know the price of this DVD?

  6. Not sure what they’ll run in stores, but it’s 11.99 on Not bad really

  7. As I said before…these new editions is going to be a big dissapointment because they are never going to release the full uncut editions. Why would they anyway, then they would be losing money. So, they put this bullshit out to just keep they money flowing and the fans they can care less.

  8. First, as always, very amusing/cool review, Tony. I loved the humor in the review, with the Crickets pic (”Why it’s our old friends, the Crickets!” was almost on the floor). Plus the short movie (starring you as Mr. Voorhees?) destroying the new Part 3 special edition.

    I’m still gonna order all three of these next month, and all of the up coming F-13th special editions this year, but mostly as a complete-ist and for any new special features. And I know, shame on me, I know. *shrugs* Ah well …

  9. They make a special edition of this and don’t even port the commentary over from the previous edition? Lame!

  10. hehe. Yep. That’s me as Jason ;)

  11. You guys are too funny…This isnt some film company that started 20 years ago or something. This is Paramount, one of oldest and biggest film companies to date. They dont care about making fans of Friday the 13th happy. These guys care about oscar material films, not slasher films. I am shocked that you guys actually think that Paramount cares about horror fans. They got plenty of money and bigger films out there…

    Its 3d isnt it? What did you have before this version? NOTHING!!!

    Now if this film were 20 bucks I would be angry… Dont get me wrong, I would prefer a better special edition, but at least its pretty close to when I was a kid and saw it at the movie theater in 3D…Those were the good ole days…

  12. well
    i have a medium big size tv i think it will be good!

  13. hey where can i buy a real mask ?? there was once a site on here where u can find 10 different masks from all the movies can one of you tell me so i can get one made thanks or post it under me

  14. I can’t believe they used red and blue, this movie was specifically designed for clear glasses. Well, I guess the picture being remastered in Hi-Def and a 5.1 audio surround is better than nothing. Still you would think they’d at least include the special features from the box set.

  15. if u ask me…where is the lost footage of the alternate ending?

  16. hey shotz you can get some awesome masks at if you want to get one I could paint it for ya pretty cheap ;) Just hit me up at

    Here’s a note on my review…this was originally going to be the pic I used for the crickets :)¤t=jasonycricket2.jpg


  17. shotz10, definitely go for a Frightstuff mask. Not only are they made from the actual part 3/4 mold, you can get fantastic artists to paint them for you. Don’t be suckered into buying an easily breakable fiberglass mask!

  18. Well, the commentary was on the previous disc so I don’t think its unreasonable to include it since they own it. Your are correct in that I don’t expect anything extravagant but recycling shouldn’t be too hard.

  19. The glasses alone are woth getting this, but I have to think that Paramount will be releasing this on Blu-Ray in 3-D with the glasses and the extra features from the previous DVD. I just can’t bring myself to pay the money for this movie again, knowing that by Christmas time it will be on Blu-Ray in a version we all want. Great review Tony!

  20. I’ve always wanted to see the movie in 3D so i’ll be picking this one up regardless of the lack of features. And how cool are those glasses! Like jasonsfury said, they’re worth the money alone!

  21. I always wanted this to come out, especially because part 3 is my favorite. I’m disappointed though. I’ve seen pictures of an alternate ending and was hoping to finally watch it.

    The box art too, would’ve been cooler with the picture of Jason smashing through a window with an ax.

    Oh yea, shotz10…..check out

  22. Whoever put this disc together needs to go back to 1st grade and learn about pluralization all over again. Special FEATURES generally would imply more than one feature.

  23. I love the poster with Jason smashing through the glass. I have a 3D poster of that hanging up that I got out of horror hound magazine a few months ago. Very cool.

  24. I’ve seen the film with the polarized, flickering glasses that you can order online, but it would have been way too expensive to include those (and they don’t work on LCD or Plasma screens, I don’t believe), not too mention too confusing to set up for most people. Seeing the color is nice, but hopefully red/blue 3-D will give me less of a headache! I’m glad that they decided to do a red/blue version of decent quality, and I’m looking forward to seeing it. I don’t see why they couldn’t have at least put all of the special features from part 3 from the box set on this disc, though.

  25. It would of been nice if they atleast put the commentary on the 2d version from the box set im excited about the 3D but im more excited about testing my sound system with that 5.1 Its too bad The Final Chapter wasnt part of this release I can tell from the trailers there are elements from the final chapter I love all the fridays But the final chapter is the best and I also think it had the scariest Jason (in human form the undead best is of course Kane Hodder)

  26. Well, it’s on the way, so one more for the scrap pile. Nah, I’ll watch it in 3D and have fun. I’m glad they’re at least remastered. Looking forward to the comparison pics. :)

  27. Why doesn’t Paramount make a exclusive disc for Best Buy which includes extras. Same thing for the 1980 Theatrical Version of F13.


  29. Man, I only have a 27 inch widescreen tv. Hopefully that will give me somewhat of a 3D experience. I’ve waited soooooo long for this day and they give us Blue and Red 3D? I guess it’s better than nothing but I was so hoping for the same 3D experience I had 2 weeks ago w/ My Bloody Valentine 3D.


  31. I dont know If I’ll get this one, but I’ll most likely get part 2 since my single layer DVD has no cover anymore.

    3D doesn’t appeal to me, it was a failure.

  32. blue and red glasses, NO special features and it’s NOT uncut. that’s fucked up!

  33. Why the hell did they use blue and red? Wasn’t this movie originally designed for clear glasses?

  34. No the kind of clear glasses you remember from My Bloody Valentine 3-D, they were flickering LCD glasses… if you think red/blue 3-D gives you a headache…!

  35. Theres nothing deluxe about this release..part 3 isn’t a fave of mine so I won’t be buying it, but for those that love it this dvd really lets you down.

  36. I watched this in the theatre back when it came out. It was great but, back then the glasses were clear, I don’t know about this blue and red. I might buy this if there’s a really big improvement in picture quality. The 5.1 will be alot better than the old mono anyway.

  37. I\’ve got the F13th box set already and I\’m going to only pick up the new deluxe edition of the uncut 1st film as there just isn\’t enough extra there to warrant me picking up parts 2 and 3. Those red/blue 3D glasses always wind up giving me a very bad headache anyway. Plus, Paramount could have put forth the effort of finding the cut gore footage for both parts 2 and 3 and done with that extra footage like what the producers of the new uncut My Bloody Valentine did.

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