Another FRIDAY THE 13TH tv spot !

According to Brad Fuller on the Platinum Dunes blog, there are still more TV spots to come for the advertisement of Friday the 13th

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Hardcore fan of horror films. I show interest mainly in the slasher genre of horror. Among my favorites are Friday the 13th, of course! I also enjoy the Sleepaway Camp movies, Halloween, and many others

9 Responses to “ Another FRIDAY THE 13TH tv spot ! ”

  1. Fine stuff!

    Also, keep all of these awesome, fine up dates a comin’, to the fine folks who run this wonderful site.

    peace …

  2. Cheers man!

  3. i love this one

  4. Oh ya welcome Kane. ;) Gotta say this place, and Scabboy’s site, are my two sole destinations for all thing labeled “Voorhees” as the Sultan of Slaughter. :D

    So glad the series is once again a hot commadity, and the site is boomin’. Congrads to all.

    Cheers …

    - Brandon

  5. hi there brandon… im sorry but I was curious, what site is scabboy’s? not is it?


    Enjoy! :D

  7. not as good as the others, but jason on the roof rocks.

  8. YES! This is the one i saw back about 3 weeks ago

  9. Scabboys is really nice site to visit

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