Amanda Rigetti interview from IGN (Video Added)

Ign interviews Amanda Rigetti about her role in the new film.

Q: Can you talk at all about the differences?

Righetti: In the original, they were all out at Crystal Lake and getting the camp ready. And it’s not that. Camp Crystal Lake is still definitely an element of the film, but it is not the centerpiece of the film. It takes place still in that same area, but it is about kids who go to a cabin and hang out and, of course, Jason comes out and has his way. Camp Crystal Lake is sort of a set piece within the film.

Q: What kind of tone is the movie? Is it tongue in cheek or very serious?

Righetti: I think it borders a fine line. I think it has both. I haven’t seen the opening, but I’ve seen pieces and it’s very funny. There’s a lot of comedy in the beginning, which I think takes the audience off guard. So when things start to happen, you don’t really expect it. So I think there are a lot of elements that are really fun about it. It reintroduces something different about horror and the horror genre because sometimes it can be very drab. People get off on the slasher stuff, but there’s the flip side of it.

Q: One of the lovable clich?s of this genre is a girl getting chased and she has to trip and fall. Does that happen to you?

Righetti: [Laughs] I have plenty of that, yeah. I’m still dealing with the injuries from it!

Q: Considering another noteworthy aspect of the genre, how much are you wearing while you’re running?

Righetti: I’m wearing a little more than some!

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  1. this is cool :)

  2. Woah. Thanks for the video add

  3. this “funny” thing sounds a little bit scarry to me.

  4. I cannot wait to see Jason grab her

  5. I’m glad all the chicks are hot

  6. Amanda, If you would ever want to slum around? Give me a call gorgeous !!!!

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