The Kills That You Wish Could Have Been Seen

The Friday the 13th film series is notorious for the numerous cut death scenes and heavy editing the filmmakers have to endure to score an R rating for distribution into theaters. The number of death scenes that have been altered, edited or plain thrown away is astounding within a franchise with twelve movies.

Throughout the last ten years, pictures and documents have surfaced outlining the original intentions of the writers and special effects crew pertaining to the elaborate death scenes they envisioned and created. Friday the 13th Part 2A New Beginning and The New Blood were under heavy scrutiny by the MPAA and as a result, those films suffered the worst edits of any other films within the series.

If our visitors had a chance to go back and reshoot or incorporate one death scene, unedited, back into a film, which scene would it be?

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21 Responses to “ The Kills That You Wish Could Have Been Seen ”

  1. Why cant we see these kills??? BLOODY MPAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess fans arent important!!!!!!!

  2. What gets me about this is they won’t allow something like this to be shown , which is all fantasy and chances of being repeated by the viewer are so unlikley. Yet that being said, stupid movies like “Jackass” are shown, people doing stupid life jeopardizing stunts, and have a better chance of kids mimicking the actions and it’s welcomed with open arms. Talk about getting your priorities confused.

  3. I would have loved to seen Part 7 uncensored. The movie still stands as a solid entry(cool Jason, cool end battle, good score, sleeping bag kill, etc.), but with the gore left intact it could have been the best entry in the entire series. I read just this monday in my Bracke’s Crystal Lake Memories book that all the footage of part 7 that was cut is gone. Is that true, if so, that’s incredibly sad.

  4. I wish they would have shown Shelly getting his throat slit in part 3, but due to his personality and antics, I completely understand why they didn’t and they played it off perfectly.

  5. I wish they wouldve went with the unrated kill of Ben from The New Blood. I know the MPAA raped all of the kills, but Jason squeezing Bens head to a pulp looked awesome on the slashed scenes. Just imagine if they wouldve finalized it sound effects and all. And even though We dont see it unrated or not, in part 1 We all know of Bills demise. But I was always curious how Mrs Voorhees got the arrows in Bills body. I mean did She just stick Him, or is She a master archer?

  6. Ben’s death in Part 7 was awesome! In fact, most kills in that film would have been great in unedited form. My favorite death in Part 7, and the one that really gets me is when Jason punches through the back of Stan and then breaks his neck. Brutal.

  7. I would have loved to see Jason Decapitate Chris. I hated her, what an annoying bitch. I’m pretty sure that Jason molested her in that flashback scene, when she is telling Rick what happened to her.

    I think it would have been great to see all the early Friday the 13th sequels uncut, it is such a shame that the MPAA wouldn’t let us see the original kills uncensored.

    Here’s to hoping that someday soon we will be able to watch Friday the 13th part VII The NEW BLOOD Uncut.

  8. I agree, the scene were Jason decapitates Chris is a scene I would like to see as well. Also Violet’s death from pt. 5 and Alice’s death from pt. 2. I know we saw a glimpse of Jason stabbing Alice with the ice pick, but I would have like to have seen what happened afterwards.

  9. Dr. Cruz in part 7 would be nice. A lot of build up with no payoff.

  10. I forgot Brenda from the original film, we just see her get thrown from the outside into a window and Alice gets scared. I would like to see her actual demise, but I doubt it even exists.

  11. the crotch death from part V bar none.

  12. Chuck’s death from part 3 was supposed to be more elaborate. Also heard Vera, Andy, Debbie & Chili’s were edited, as well…

  13. So what is the deleted death from Part 2?

  14. Friday the 13 part 13 JASON GOES to MPPA

  15. If I choose only one it would be Jeff and Sandra’s double impaling in Part 2.

  16. It wouldn’t be that hard to go back and reedit these films and make them on DVD the way it was supost to be. I think they’d make a heck of a lot of money doing it to.

  17. I would like to see a uncut version to part 7 and the alternate ending to part 3. they could reedit the film or recreate the scenes like Peter Jackson did with the spider pit for the orginal King Kong.

  18. Sorry folks, but you must remember that the MPPA was basically asleep when the first film was rated, so naturally, they went after the rest of them with a vengeance. I suppose if you worked in Quality Control and missed a big glaring problem with a product, you would probably get fired, but these guys just got ridiculous. I just recently watched the re-make of The Hills Have Eyes again, and I gotta ask: WHERE THE FUCK WAS THE MPPA WHEN THIS FILM WAS MADE? The kills in this movie are more graphic than anything in Friday’s history, plus there are like 3 or 4 rape scenes as well. As Friday-Fans, we should be standing up to these hypocrites because they are regulating a medium that is NOT covered by Federal Law (I think). As far as re-edits and whatnot, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Hollywood doesn’t give 2 shits about the fans, their bottom line is money. Since they already made their bankroll on the films, all you’ll ever get is the same old regurgitated crap they have been shoveling at us since the films were released.What a disappointment.

  19. For onscreen trimmed down deaths, I would say Chuck (i am an electrician) or Dr Crews. How about a thread for off screen kills we wished we saw?

  20. I would love to see all of them uncut but if I had to pick just one then the double impalement from part 2. The MPAA really pisses me off if all the death scenes from the paramount days. Were left untouched they would still be very tame compared to theses days look at films like Hatchet and the Saw franchise. The kills in those films are twenty times more graphic than any old school Friday the 13th film.

  21. You really want to understand the depths of ridiculousness the MPAA exists in? Watch the documentary “This Film Is Not Yet Rated”. It is all about what a sham the MPAA truly is and even shows the soccer moms who are on the ratings board. The film is excellent…and, as horror fans, will make your blood boil.

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