Play Here: Escape From Camp Crystal Lake

Here’s a fun little game called ESCAPE FROM CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE I was tipped about by my good friends at Horror Yearbook & Nightmare At Elm Street Movie.

Interview with FRIDAY THE 13TH: JASON’S CURSE director Jeff Wilson

Back in 1993, author William Pattison, under the pen name Eric Morse, wrote four Friday the 13th novels to tie-in with New Line Cinema’s recently released Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. One of those stories, Mother’s Day, was adapted by independent filmmaker Cory Stevens, and now another one is currently in pre-production, [...]

Scooby Doo in The Curse of Crystal Lake

I found this remix video hilarious. Don’t set your standards high by expecting Scooby Vs Jason, this is Scooby Goes To Camp Crystal Lake. Big difference. Using Scooby Doo clips also serves to point out what an influence the cartoon has been on the slasher genre!

The Slasher (Friday the 13th/The Wrestler Spoof)

Just wanted to offer up a little something to break up the whole “It was good/It was bad” talk regarding the new Friday the 13th flick by offering up something that I found quite funny and entertaining. A reader posting under the name “The Question(the real rorshach )” popped this link up so I figured [...]

Friday The 13th: The Storm

I don’t usually cotton to fanfilms because most make the same mistakes of low-concept storytelling and Jason Voorhees fanboy ego-fulfillment (watch as many as I have and you’ll understand exactly what I mean). However, perhaps the tide has been turning in recent times. Friday The 13th: Mothers Day was pretty darn good, and now [...]