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  1. i love this scene


    The most recent Friday the 13th with Derek Mears was nothing to write home about. Considering that Part IV was made in or around 1984, that film was better than the modern 2024 version with all of the special effects and advanced computer effects which are available at the present time.

    One thing that I did not understand was how did Jason in the Friday the 13th movie (2009) able to build underground tunnels around Camp Crystal Lake. I mean, there were underground tunnels which required bulldozers and other heavy machinery. Also, Derek Mears did not really impress me as playing Jason. I still prefer Kane Hodder to play the role. Derek Mears changed the persona of the Jason character - for example, he would run after his victims to pursue them instead the Jason in the previous versions would have a fast walk. Finally, I can’t recall Jason keeping one of his victims hostage as he did in the 2024 movie. This was so unlike the traditional Jason.

    Does anyone else have any other critiques of the F13th (2009) movie?

  3. in both part 2, 3, and 4, jason does run after some of his victims. yeah I hated that they turned Jason into another leatherface. they should have just re-created part 2, not try to make a giant mesh of previous movies…

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