Teaser Trailer To Debut At Comic-Con?

comiccon1.jpgFor those of you that don’t know, Comic-Con is a massive pop culture convention held annually in San Diego. This year it’s coming over the weekend of July 24–27. What does this mean for Friday The 13th fans? Besides a chance to pick up all sorts of merchandise as is the norm at cons, there’s this: According to an article at Suicide Girls, a teaser trailer is on the way - “…they are rushing to get something ready for ComicCon.” Remember, this isn’t yet official but considering many high-profile productions choose this very event to unveil their best and brightest of exclusive footage, all I can say is: I hope one of you has the guts to use your camera-phone.

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  1. mad i cant wait

  2. sick can’t wait for it good thing I am going

  3. Tune into G4-Tech TV, they said they’d, I dunno, filming this place. So they’ll most likely show the trailer.

  4. hey phil i heard that your so tired of reading about kane hodder being the best jason well thats too bad because you will always hear that forever because he is the best jason there is the best there was and the best their ever will be lol kane hodder#1

  5. I can’t see how you can say Kane Hodder is the best Jason there will ever be! I know he reinvented the character and did awesome things with it but let’s face it, this is not Shakespeare and I’m sure there will always be a chance that they could find someone who could play the character just as well. I fail to see why people keep having to compare every Jason to Kane, it’s a different movie so let it go!

  6. I agree that Kane Hooder is not the best Jason by far, Think people go with that because of the kick ass make up in PART VII.

    My favs are Richard Brooker from Part 3 and the other one in THE FINAL CHAPTER, those two guys rules! Kane’s too fat and that asma-breathing thing he does gets on my nerves!!

  7. I am so tired of reading about how Kane was the best Jason. In my book Brooker (prt.3) was the best. He ran, he was meaner, he was real sinister and he looked the best. I can’t stand the zombie Jason. I also HATE the fact that they had him weare gloves. Why the fuck would he bother with gloves!! And what was up with part 6 and the utility belt? Retarted!! Then in Jason goes to Hell they had his shirt tucked in with a belt!! BRING BACK BROOKER JASON!!!! And I hope in the remake Jason runs

  8. Hey Dan TRUST me you’re wrong. So you like Jason with his shirt tucked in and him wearing gloves? Hahaha how LAME!!!! And not to mention that Kane also was in the WORST Friday EVER (prt.8). Yea thanks to that movie I can actualy enjoy part 5. He may have had cool looking fx on his body in part 7 but his face looked way to cartoonish and his face looked RETARTED in art 8, it looked like a frigen jack-o-lantern. And if he was a zombie then why the fuck would he have to push out his chest and breath like he’s all big nd bad? Lame!!!!

  9. I can’t really say Kane was the best Jason. He was good. But each actor brought something unique. Personally, I’ve always preferred “pre-zombie” Jason.

  10. I think most people take to the Kane Jason because he realy enjoyed the part, and it shows. It was just a job to some of those other guys, but Kane really tried to make a character out of him. Not to take anything away from the other Jason actors, god knows I love them all, but Kane just has more love for the part. That\’s my reasoning anyway. Plus the best part about other people\’s opinions is that they\’re OTHER PEOPLE\’S OPINIONS.

  11. I agree that one persons opinion is what it is……but I hafta say the Booker in Part 3 and Ted White in Part 4 are by far the best…..two scenes REALLY stand out in mind with me from those two films that shows Jason at his best. One being the way he stalks Loco in the barn (when you can see him open the door)….there is something horrific about that to me…as well as in Part 4 when he is walking on the porch behind Trish….with the rain in the background. However, does anyone know the actor in the 3 jason “flashback” scenes in part 5 scenes that Tommy is having?? Is that still Ted White? The scene in the mirror, the scene in where tommy sees him next to the tree, and the last scene of him standing at the foot of Tommys hospital bed?

  12. Ok, we all love Jason, but we all love a diffrent actor who played him. And personally I love Jason in part 3 and 4, I prefer the semi human monster to the unkillable terminator, because that gets old really fast. Anyway, this is excalent news, I can’t wait for the teaser to come out, and the move itself, which hopefully will bring Jason back to a new generation and make him the true monster he was to us as kids

  13. Well another reason I like the human Jason better is that it’s way more realistic. You watch part. 2 or 3 and you think to yourself damb, this could realy happen!! Where as you watch prt. 6, 7, 8, ect.. and you go well, there’s no such thing as zombies so.

  14. I think Ari Lehman was the best Jason……hahaha j/k. Most people like Kane because he played Jason the most. In fact, he is the ONLY person to reprise the role. Brave? Maybe. Smart? Yes, just look at his fan base. By far, the best Jason/Jasons (pre-zombie) were Richard Booker and Ted White. Kane hodder had the best make-up hands down. Kane took Jason to a new level. He got into Jason’s psyche. He ‘re-imagined’ what Jason would be like after being in the water for years at a time. I think the only other person that created how Jason would really be, was Ted White. Let’s all face it, we love Jason no matter who is behind that hockey mask. We all hope this new film lives up to our favorite Friday the 13th film. I just hope it does as well if not better than the new Texas Chainsaw movies or Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Even if this movie bombs, it’s still going to be a part of my collection.

  15. Yea I agree with you on those aspects but I still don’t like the way Hodder portraid him. As far as him the best make-up, that isn’t him that’s the special FX team that did that.

  16. I kinda liked C J Graham as well. He paved the way for how Kane would portray him

  17. I never found human Jason to be realistic. I found Mrs. Voorhees to be believable (even if it wasn’t exactly realistic for a fairly small woman to be physically capable of some of the things that she did in the original film). I was thought that the flicks with human Jason were just half-hearted rehashes of the original. It always has bothered me that the sequels rewrote the fact that Jason drowned in the original, and I always have balked at the notion that he somehow didn’t drown and then raised himself in the woods and never bothered to just go back to the camp that he was at when he went swimming. At least with the films from Jason Lives on, they stopped trying to make an unrealistic premise seem believable and went with a completely over-the-top character.

    I’m hoping that the new Jason will be something that the audience can buy into like Mrs. Voorhees was in the original.

  18. eXILE what are you talking about? Part 6 was all about the origal legend of Jason and the rival with Tommy Jarvis. And from your statement you’re saying that you are not realy a Friday the 13th fan, being that you don’t like the story of Jason. So you just like a zombie wrestler style of charictor that kills people is a woods that’s a shadow of what Crystal Lake was? Well, to each there own.

  19. Part 6 was tongue-in-cheek and borderline satirical of the previous sequels. From my statement, I think I made it pretty clear that I was a Friday the 13th fan. Friday the 13th was never about Jason, beyond the fact that he was the son of the killer in Friday the 13th. Keep in mind that some of us were Friday the 13th fans before we were Jason fans.

    That being said, I did enjoy Jason Lives more than any of the previous sequels, because I found it more entertaining than any of the previous Jason movies. I think TFC was pretty good, and it had better character dynamics than most of the other entries in the series, but it was already hard to buy into the fact that Jason was “human” at that point, when you factor in all the damage he sustained in the previous films. With Jason Lives, the filmmakers basically said, “Screw it. He was dead, and he came back to life when lightning struck him. Now, he’s a zombie and nothing is really going to stop him. So, suspend your disbelief and just have fun with it.”

  20. Yea I know what you mean bro, that’s why from prt. 6 through 10 were my least favorites. But Jason’s been in the picture from the beginning even though Pam was the origanal killer she did do it for him after all and that’s what makes part 2 noted as one of the best sequels of all time becuase it was now Jason doing the killing. But know what you mean, part 2 made it a whole new movie sort of speak and when you think about it he was a zombie in part 4. But you’re right bro, it is all entertainment in the end.

  21. I don’t think Part 6 was really about Jason’s origins too much, it was more a light hearted and comical response to the harshness of part 5. If nothing else it is thoroughly entertaining

  22. I can’t wait to see the teaser!! So far it looks like it might be a pretty good movie. I just hope platinum dunes dosn’t botch it like Amityville.

  23. lol @ phil saying he didn’t like “zombie jason”. u do know that jason drowned as a little kid right? so……….he is a zombie weather he looks like one or not.

  24. First off e®n I know and ALWAYS will know more about the Friday movies then you. Second, they made it seem like he may have survieved the drowning as a child. Third, they made it aparent that he was alive by having him grunt, run, surving off of animals in the woods, they say that in part 2, and he feels pain. I know you probably started watching Friday way after he was a zombie and you’re probably young which makes you a die hard Hodder fan.

  25. Jason isn’t a zombie, if Jason was a zombie he would have been dead by now. To kill a zombie you have to shot it in the head, how many times has Jason been shot in the head? Also, if you watch JGTH you’ll realize Jason has never been a zombie.

  26. Well JGTH dosn’t even fallow the series too much. That was just a flook of a movie to boot. All of the other movies you see Jason, in JGTH you only see him as a refection in mirrors. So in my book that movie stamds on it’s own.

  27. First of all, LOL at Phil. Its the internet dude, when you attempt to make yourself seem cool and important by saying things like, “I know and ALWAYS will know more about Friday the 13th than you,” makes you look like a twelve year old with anger issues.

    Secondly, Jason never drowned. It is made perfectly clear by an interview with Steve Miner in Crystal Lake Memories that when they made part 2 they came up with Jason surviving the drowning and living in the woods as a hermit. The campfire tale and Ginny and Paul’s dialog throughout the film on the subject was placed there to convey that information to the audience.

    Thirdly, this is excellent news. I look forward to viewing the new teaser.

  28. Well Bonesaw thanks for your opinion but I’m far from 12yrs. old. Second, thats kind of what I said if you were paying any attention. Third, I am NOT trying to sound cool, infact, I could care less if anyone thinks I’m cool or nor it’s not important to me at all nor is it relevant to this mesege board. I was just stating MY opinion on the style of Jason I liked which turnd into this long debate.

  29. Another thing Bonesaw, YOU sound real mature when you say things like “LOL at Phil”. And as far as me having anger issues, I don’t think I portraid that at all. And as far as me wanting to “seem important” again I could care less. It’s not relevant. And you’re right, it is the internet and I was defending myself to what e®n had said.

  30. I just love irony. Here’s the thing, sport. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t respond to it. You obviously care enough to get angry because someone on the internet disagrees with you. And deny all you want, but the only reason to make childish “I know more than you do” statements” is to feel important. Sorry, champ, but its painfully obvious that you’re just some kid who has deeper issues than what’s being discussed here.

  31. K.C.- Late reply, but it was Tom Morga in the flashback scenes in prt 5.

  32. Yea ok CHAMP. First off buddy boy I am 33. It’s painfuly obviouse that you’re looking for trouble or to stir up mud in the water. You jump into a coversation that didn’t concern you and you percede to go further, so who’s the one with the issues? And it was just a debate but you seem to want to take this to another level. I’m up for it BROTHER!!

  33. Theres Nothing Ironic about this.

  34. is there a new friday the 13th movie coming out and when will it be

  35. Sorry, tiger, but your spelling, grammar, and posting mannerisms give you away as being under 15. The fact that you can’t see the irony here further solidifies that fact.

  36. Alright, I have nothing to prove to such a naive and hardheaded person like yourself. And “Tiger”?! What’s up with that? So An adult can’t be a bad speller? Now that’s just plain ignorance now isn’t it? My grammer and posting mannerisms? This a “BLOG” not and English class.

  37. Its quite apparent that you do in fact have something to prove. Once again, if you did not, you wouldn’t continue to respond. Its ok though, I know you’re just excited because summer vacation is in full swing. You have a good rest of the break, ok champ.

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    You sure are a character, Phil.

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  41. This conversation is going nowhere. We’re supposed to talk about a teaser trailer, not about Jason and spelling. Stop arguing.

  42. Nicley said

  43. I won’t be making it to San Diego for the con. That’s the other side of the country for me, anyway, I can assume that this trailer will be available to see online after the con? As far as the best Jason? Kane IMO but it definetly does not take anything away from the others who donned the mask before him and after. I really hope to see Kane behind the mask again one day but I’m always open to new actors playing him. Again, it’s just my opinion though.

  44. I’m in the same boat as Pete. I won’t be going to the con, but I do hope to get alot of feedback from you lucky bastards that are.

  45. Wow, Phil, aren’t you a big boy using language like that. I don’t think you’re mother would appreciate you using it though.

  46. I’m sure we’ll find it somewere on youtube after it comes out. You know damb right well some one will record it on there cell phones or some shit like that.

  47. Yup Bonehead..er..ah Bonesaw, that’s how us Southern Jersey folks talk

  48. More childish behavior, I expected no less from you.

  49. Then why ask jerkoff!!

  50. God damn it, will you two grow up and shut up?! I’m sure there’s a forum somewhere else where you can bitch at each other. This page is regarding a trailer, not your petty little differences. Now show respect to the other users and behave!

  51. Yet again you openly display your true nature, that you’re no older than 15. If you want people to buy into your lie you should reinforce it with a ruse of maturity.

  52. Well to add to the who’s the best jason thing… Kane Hodder did a pretty good job as Jason. He made Jason look like a real badass, but then again that was in part due to the awesome make up job. Brooker in my opinion was ALSO good, but he just looks.. well weird. I hated the mask in that one. Albeit be the first time he gets it, it still just looks way too funny to me. His face was good, but all in all yes, Brooker was better than Kane in some aspects. Kane did a good job as Jason, but so did Brooker.

    Now.. Ted White was also pretty good. I think he did an awesome job portraying the character and was pretty good in the climatic ending fight with Tommy.

    Those three were the only ones of any real significance. Kane did a good job, but once New Line took over it started to suck. Jason Goes To Hell was by far the worst one in my eyes. It made no sense at all and just sucked. Make up was bad, acting was bad and just completely sucked. In 8 Kane played a pretty good Jason. Movie sucked, but Kane did a decent job. His shirt wasn’t tucked in until 9 though, which we all know that movie just sucked anyway. So really, everyone is right.

    The question is based off of your opinion, not fact. No one can say who was the best Jason because it all boils down to opinion and opinion is not fact. Who knows, Mears might do a better job than all the rest, but we won’t know until next year.

    Now back on topic. The Teaser Trailer I hope to god is going to be amazing. I know it’s just going to be a teaser and what not and probably only have like 8 seconds of actual film in it, but still I hope it delivers and gives us some great to look forward to.

  53. Alright, 2 things, First Who cares about the best actor, its Jason! Who could care less its just to put an Old dusty Hockey mask on someone, giving him a machete(or what ever) and tell him to go nuts to kill people and getting shot/stabbed/blown etc… and at the end getting defeated by someone. I love the Friday the 13th movies because of the aimlessly killing. Then second, it would be awesome too see a new aimlessly killing movie again. hehe, I mean I have so far only seen 1-6, Jason X and Freddy vs. Jason. I’m Expecting the 3 other movies to come in my hands soon too. But I can’t actually tell much difference between all the Jason’s because I rather take note of the ways he kills the people, sometimes it give a scare and sometimes it makes me laugh for example how that guy got his head crushed at the 3rd movie.

  54. Also just to add something to the Jason thing…. It’s not the actor that decides “ya know, I think i’ll have my shirt tucked in… or breathe all heavy..” It’s the director. Find the director that makes such a call and you can be mad at him. But all in all the 3 main Jason’s have done a good job.

  55. Realy Bryan Gray?  Then how come Kane did that in every Friday movie which were all directed by different people?

  56. Because the directors followed suit from his first movie. They watched it saw what he did and told him to do the same thing.

    .. I don’t know, but do you see how silly you are for trying to argue about this? Seriously who cares all that much?

  57. Na bro I’m just saying man Kane acts the same in ALL of his movies, watch Hatchet, even though I did like that movie. It was funny as hell. But don’t get me wrong, I like kane as Jason. He’s just not my favorite.

  58. If you want to talk about unrealistic, someone please explain Jason Takes Manhattan to me. I mean Jason is walking through the streets of New York with people all around him. He could be hacking them up left and right. Instead, he basically ignores everyone else and chases after the same two people. I’m a huge fan of the series, but part eight is definately my least favorite. What a joke!

  59. All of you need to get lives. Losers.

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  61. Dont messs with me Gray flanel. You and bonesaw baby are both dont not knowing what you are even trying to say! Jason from 1-4 should come and bite you in the assis!

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  65. Whatever tim, j-crap, bryan gay and bonemarrow. You all have not a clue as to what is scary. Jason (spelled corectly Tim Tim) not Jasson! Anyway, Jason is far scarier in 2,3 and 4 and you women are getting upset because your beloved kane farter is not the best jason. He is alright but 3 and 4 jason’s were far scarier. I guess it has nothing to do with jason actors, it’s the story and the directors and writers who messed up the later sequels and made kane breathe heavy and act unscary. but he was okay for what he did because it was writers producers and the directors who messed up not him.

  66. Listen little boy Philly…Dare you call me j-crap to my face you fuckwad! As for calling Bryan gay, you probably wish he was. But a person making a ‘gay’ comment like that must be prejudice or homophobic! If Bryan is gay so be it. Good for him. That is just rude when you try to bash someone’s lifestyle you fuckwad! We are here to talk F13! NOt call eachother names and act like children. You are the one behaving like a woman! As for the Jason thing…It’s sad that I agree with you but you are blowing this entire thing out of proportion! So Fuck off.

  67. I totally agree J-Bomb!

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    Now back to Jason talc okay!

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  72. First of all I am NOT Rasist! I am NOT Prejudice! And I am not a homophobic person! So I ressent that! I love all people so that was just hitting below the belt! I just made that Bryan Gay comment because it ryhmed with his name. Sorry dude. I didn’t mean to stir up all this racial talk!

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  78. you are all right. this Phil guy is nuts man. In his first posts we all knew he was looney right? lol. In any case i figured he felt bad for all of the things he said and decided to make up for it by pretending to an imposter was out to get him. lol. Hey maybe he is Roy from f13 5! lol

  79. I just want to say that Jason might look cool with a slight hunchback

  80. Let’s throw this Phil guy off of a barn and have him impaled on spikes! He is his own imposter! That cracks me up.

    Anyway, lets get back to Jason. I still want someone to explain Jason 8 to me. That whole Manhattan fiasco. Don’t get it. Especially the ending.

  81. Phil, or Philp or Philip or whatever the hell you want to call yourself these days….Get on topic or get the hell off.

    Yeah Tim, that whole Jason 8 thing was definitely a waste of time. It had it’s moments though.

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  136. Fuck you Jimmy and fuck you phil and fuck you all. Every person on this damn board!

  137. Bonesaw and Phil are the biggest losers on here! They need to suck my Blank.

  138. hey Bryan, that’s what you have anyway a “blank”! If i was there i’d kick your ass!

  139. Every person on this page blows! All of you! I am tired and fed up of this mess that I did not create. Bonesaw was the mastermind with his petty crap. So bonssaw why dont you blow j-bomb who is also a big jerk like you.

  140. Hey Phil! Fuck you! You and Bonesaw and Bryan Gray and all of you can f off cause I am out of here. Night night little ones.

  141. My first time here and I am like wtf?! HAHAHA You guys are so funny man. I read the entire thing and I think everyone here is too blame for things getting out of control. very entertaining though. My advice for everyone is to go back and read this whole thread to see who truly started this whole mess/fight. It’s seems to me that most of you played a part in it and it is so funny that you all are blind to see what you yourselves have said to others. Keep it going though. Funny as shit! But I’d like to read more posts on Jason on F13th’s man. LOL



  143. Jason hunchback…What do you guys think about it? Jason was great in 2,3 and 4. 5 is okay…still felt like F13. Somehow I lost interest at 6,7, 8. 9, X, FVJ. They were good movies but didn’t have that F13 feel.

  144. yeah K, I totally agree with you. 6 through FvJ were not like the typical F13. Scary went out the window and cartoony exaggerations prevailed. But they were entertaining in their own right. Hope the new one lives to F13 1 through 4…Like they have said. Fingers crossed.

  145. Someone’s hacked into my account. I did not post ‘Stop being such a whiner gutspill. We know you are that maniac Phil WHO STARTED ALL OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ or anything like that so please ignore!

  146. In fact ignore all my messages dated the 11th (except this and the one above) as someone has been posting in my name/ They obviously don’t have the balls to comment using their own name. Please ignore this prick and I will report him to the webmaster!

  147. Yep, I’ve confirmed there is some sorry soul out there trying to impersonate internet users. Thankfully all I have to do is click one button to make them go away (or at least put more work into starting trouble again from the fortress of their parents’ basement).

  148. Wow are you guys serious? I figured you guys would have better things to do than to impersonate me. You did a bad job of impersonating me as well.

    Wow… just wow. This is my last post on here. If anything else comes up, just know that it wasn’t me and that you guys are really lame for trying to make me look like a fool.

  149. Well, being a great admirer to Dusks work on all of his websites , I will respect his blog and site by getting back to topic for everybody.

    I hope that the trailer does debut sometime soon….I am very eager to see it

  150. I hope that someone will be smart enough to record the trailer on there phone or something like that and post it up on youtube.

  151. I’m sure once it’s been screened at Comic Con it will appear on YouTube, Bloody Disgusting and everywhere else. That will be the mass unveiling I think

  152. Yea but I’m sure it’ll show very little, if any, pics of Jason.

  153. I agree, it’ll probably just be a ‘teaser’

  154. Well, the teaser for JTM (which was far better than the movie itself) actually had a shot a Jason in it, so here’s to hoping for a quick shot of Jason at the end of the teaser for the new film.

  155. Yea I figure that it’ll play the clasic music, a pan shot of the lake, a couple of shots of some of teens and then a screem with a blank screen then a quick shot of Jason in the hockey mask and then the title.

  156. I doubt it will be a clear shot of Jason, they’re being really cagey about how they plan to unveil things

  157. The TCM remake teaser was awsome. I have no doubt this trailer is going to be in the same league.

  158. Yea that’s true bro. It ‘ll pribably be like aquick blurry close up shot of Jaosn.

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