Friday The 13th Official TV SPOT #1

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  1. Love it! Can’t wait. :)

  2. I can’t wait either

  3. it’s ANAZING!!!

  4. looks pretty badass! I am not normally a huge supporter of “remakes or reboots” but this one will be different I think. alot of old vintage friday storyline but witrh alot of new material… and jason is kind of our unsung hero so seeing him back in action and BACK HOME WHERE HE BELONGS should be amazing!!! cant be any morse than jason x! even though I do love alot of the kills in that flick!

    im so pumped for friday feb. 13th!

  5. FANTASTIC! :-) Only a month and a day away! :-)

  6. I wish they added the baghead part in there. Also the part where he is running. Straight nightmarish.

  7. I’m still mixed, lol

  8. Was that Jason sharpening his machete near the end of that trailer,how cool.

  9. I absolutely love the blade sharpening at the end. How great was that?!?!.

  10. Is it me or was that better than the theatrical trailer? And by that I mean in the theatrical trailer they almost give away too much where the TV spot really leaves more up to the imagination. Just my two. Oh and yes, the balde sharpening was a nice touch.

  11. That was great. I can’t wait to see this.

  12. Him sharpening his machetee at the end is just totally cool. It really gives it a more “real” feeling to it. A more human Jason. Although they show clips of him sharpening his blade, doesn’t mean that clip will make the final cut. I agree with the other poster…they should show Jason with the baghead. I paused the clip when they show someone holding the hockey mask…and that someone is Jason. I am so excited about this film, I read an article by one of the cast members…can’t think of his name, but it is the asian dude - He say’s this movie will go down as the scariest movies of all time..time will tell

  13. ive seen a different tv spot. the one i saw showed jason standing on top of the roof of a cabin or house

  14. and i even asked Derek Mears about it, he personaly said that he was jelous because he hasnt seen the tv spot yet. but he knew what i was talking about.

  15. WOW! I noticed he has the straggly blonde hair and a few bumps in his back..very cool. I sill love the red hair and disfigured face from part2 - he seemed younger somehow in part 2..but he is going to be a badass in this one..i love the blade sharpening!! awesome!

  16. Very nice tv spot. Hope to see it air tonight. Only a month and day away indeed. At the end of the spot where Jason is sharpening his machete I thought that was bad ass. Can’t wait for opening night.

  17. f*cking epic

  18. what would have been fuckin epic, is if they showed him sitting in a rocking chair on his front porch knitting a pair of mittens, now that would have scared the shit outta me, cause not alot of serial killers can knit as far as i know. but that machette sharpening was pretty bad ass, and the sound on the axe when he throws it is pretty awesome as well, man oh man, i’m wet with anticipation for this movie, one month to go.

  19. THIS LOOKS SO GOOD gosh im so happy to be a friday major fan in estuary! lol

  20. i ment febuary! lol

  21. The thing that got me the most was when he was sharpening his machete. *shivvers* that creeped me out.

  22. It looks good, but I’m still worried about MTV’s part in co-producing the movie. And I think they could’ve done a better job in picking the cast. The cast kind of puts me in mind of the typical bland unrealistic politically correct characters you in horror since the mid 90’s, like in the House of Wax remake, Jeepers Creepers 2 and so on. I guess we won’t know till it comes out. I hope it turns out more like the older Friday films than the newer ones.

  23. I mean “characters you see in horror since the mid 90’s”. Sorry about the typo.

  24. I can’t wait for this movie! Jason is BACK!

  25. Ya, the blade sharpening is very cool. Jason means buisness, and for us fans-that is great! Even if some friday fans dont love it, this should be a kick-ass, fun, gory, New Jason whoopin’ ass time of a movie! I already hope they do a part 2! Bring it on, cause I love this franchise, and the more the better. As long as they really give a effort in creating somethin fresh for us fans. I think this one looks to be doing that.

  26. what im doing, is seeing the film at the midnight showing, then seeing it later that day the first showing of that day. then the last showing. seeing it 3 times in one day =) good or bad, i want a sequal made.

    i mean ive already been trying to do the Friday the 13th exprence right. I have so far, ive met derek and got his autograph. Bought the teaser poster that is now currently hanging in my living room. bought a blu-ray player so i can get the orginal.

    i have plans of picking up parts 2 & 3 ultimate editions, as well as his name was jason.

  27. that was cool with jason sharping hes machete

  28. i am going too see it 4 time in one day

  29. yeah, I caught that during the Giants vs Eagles game this past weekend. Not bad.


  31. that was freakin awesome i cant wait any longer
    i wished i had a time machine (so i can just skip to friday the 13th)

  32. Less than a month to wait. Bring on Jason Voorhees in his brutal and intense fashion. Did anyone see why the film is rated R, is it for strong bloody violence, gore throughout, strong sexuality, language and drug use?

  33. I’m just curious to see what the hard R rating will consist of. I saw an interview with Brad Fuller and Andrew Form where they describe the sex scenes in this movie as pornographic. I don’t mind, just as long as Jason does a high body count. Also I notice that there are 12 films now including the remake, all they need is one more and they have a total of 13, just like the title. Friday the 13th. 13 is such a lucky number.

  34. I think that there is a risk that this film will be too much of the popcultural version of Jason. It will not be as gritty and “surreal but real” as TCM03 was with real characters, instead it will include a bunch of T&A and gory deaths just because “that is the image of theese films people have”. Just look at the beginning of the TV-spot.

    So it will be a cliche-filled version of F13th in a bad way. Anyone sees the same risk?

  35. I agree Rydercup….I’ve also been worried that this movie will be loaded full of F13th cliche’s(Insert pol. correct W.B. channel actors) Granted, I am glad to see this frachise reborn. I have a few concerns though….1. The score-Steve Jablonsky does decent scores, but they’re kinda dull & not very memorable. They don’t grab you like a kick ass score should. 2. Jason kidnapping a victim and taking her away….Reminds me too much of Michael & Laurie in RZ’s turd Halloween. I’m trying to reserve judgement until after seeing it. It’s gotta be better than the last 5 sequals though!IMO It won’t have that late 80’s cheese.

  36. One more thing….To get into the spirit….how about updating the picture on the opening page!

  37. It will for sure be a great ride in the theatre. But it will not be “jason”. It will be like a filmversion of original films. Like someone playing Jason that was being played. Haha.

    But will see it as soon as it get realesed here in Sweden. But yeah, it will not be like watching an entry in the F13th-franschise.

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