Danielle Panabaker Describes Friday the 13th Edits

Bloody Disgusting talked with the beautiful actress about her new movie, The Crazies, and also her experiences on Friday The 13th. She describes some of the scenes that were edited or cut.

The original idea was that my character got out onto the bus with Jared, Amanda and Derek,” Panabaker told press. “I think they couldn’t get a location that worked and there was a really cute line about, ‘Maybe on our next date we’ll do something a little more romantic,’ [and] then my character gets it. [It’s] after this big fight involving a fire extinguisher and all this crazy stuff. But when it came time to actually shoot the bus scene, they decided I couldn’t be at the bus. They had to come up with a death for me that came before those characters got to the bus.

Read the rest of the article to see what else was cut and hope thatwe get a huge Blu-Ray and DVD release sometime this summer.

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46 Responses to “ Danielle Panabaker Describes Friday the 13th Edits ”

  1. That doesn’t make any sense… whatever girl.

  2. Does anyone know of a release date?

  3. but did it shoot it or was it just on the script?

  4. i cant believe we have to wait till summer just to get the dvd it better have A LOT of extras and a better version of the film oh and i just wanted to say this cuz im pretty happy about this i won the 7 inch jason from the collectors quest yay me lol

  5. this girl wasn’t nearly as hot as the girls from the original Friday movies from the 80’s. she’s so-so. but parts 1 thru 7 have some girls that made me as a young adolescent quite hot and bothered.

  6. I agree with Brett on the quality of girls in the first bunch of Friday movies … before there was porn for a guy at my age i learned about ladies and boobs from the Friday movies ha ha.

  7. She was a distant third in looks to the other two women in the movie.

  8. Eww @ brett and Winslow lol…These girls were hot! Especially the one with the guy in the bedroom lol

  9. I thought the first girl with the guy in the tent was very hot. She had a perfect rack. Willa Ford was very hot in this one, as well as Amanda Righetti and that one girl in the bedroom with Trent.

  10. She has a natural kind of beauty. I like that.

  11. No amount of bonus & extras can save this turd on DVD…

  12. deputy winslow is right. i’m 28 years old and i didn’t have the convenience of naked ladies and porn on the internet like kids do nowadays.

    i remember watchin movies like Friday the 13th’s and bein VERY satisfied if we were to get a 2 second clip of breastes’es.

    it was either that or watch the squiggly lines of the playboy channel that we didn’t have.

  13. ‘I thought the first girl with the guy in the tent was very hot.’

    I take it you like fake tits then do you John?

  14. to all you haters lay off jenna was my favorite character in this movie and i and other people BOOED when she died and 3 people walked out
    and the actress herself is amazing

  15. This girl got nothing against the following:

    Debie from part 3
    The twins in part 4 (hell almost every girl in Final Chapter is a knock out)
    Tina from part 5 (biggest tits ever)
    Megan from part 6
    Robin from part 7
    Melissa from part 7

  16. chris u named all the hot chicks! the girls in the new Friday are nothin to brag about.

  17. That girl had fake tits? I didn’t really notice. But she’s still hot, can’t beat that. Who cares if she enhanced her boobs. And not to mention she had a unique death in the movie.

  18. how come my bloody valentine’s already got a release lined up and there’s still nothing announced about f13th? i want it now damnit!

    i didn’t like the way her character died. i thought it was an insult to how significant the character was to just get the standard machete impalement. it was very brief and did nothing for me.

    and just to chime in on the conversation about hotness…danielle’s the hottest chick in the movie for me. ..by far. i guess that’s just my preference.

    you get my vote danielle!!


  20. You didn’t notice John? They were like two huge beach balls with oddly-placed nipples

  21. Agreed, Christian. Those were nausea-inducing.

  22. Those tittays were revolting,totally fake & oddly looking, like hard rocks… I miss the natural ones from the 80s.

    I got another smoking bitch:

    Sam from part. 4

    p.s. the girl in My Bloody Valentine 3D was hotter too, she was butt naked (full frontal included) in her chase scene and kicked major ass!

  23. I always like Ginny from Part 2, Vera from Part 3, Trish from The Final Chapter, Meg from Jason Lives and both Rowan and Janessa from Jason X. But the ones in the new movie were a little too fake and Hollywood for me, I preferred the more realistic ones. Though Jenna was okay I guess.

  24. The word on the street is that warrington gillette is boneing this chick. God he’s a sweet dude.

  25. I liked those two, tho I don’t see Ginny as a sex bimbo. Vera was nice, too goody for my taste… I think Megan was the first slutty final girl in the series, she oozes sex!

    The new ones… such stupid whores, full of themselves & annoying.

  26. I can’t say I go for slutty sex bombs so that’s maybe why I liked Ginny and Vera. I prefer people with some intelligence.

  27. I think the DVD of Friday the 13th will come out a month after the release of My Bloody Valentine, if you think about it. My Bloody Valentine was released in theatres a month before Friday the 13th, so it would make perfect sense for Friday the 13th to be released in June.

    On a side note, the girl with the best breasts in the original series was Debi Sue Voorhees. Very hot chick, no one could compete with her breasts. The waitress in part five would be second place to Debi Sue. Now that I found out that girl’s breasts are fake, I will have to go with Willa Ford and the girl Trent banged in his bedroom.

    Also another thing that could have been included was full frontal nudity from that same girl. I don’t mind if a girl has some intelligence, it would be a nice touch.

  28. The region 2 release of Friday the 13th is 27 July. Not sure about region 1 as yet, possibly the same

  29. I’m actually looking forward to the DVD release, we’ll be getting two films. The theatrical cut and the unrated one as well, I’m interested in seeing the extended opening of when young Jason cries for the loss of his mother. The producers did mention that the extended cut was going to be bloody and gorier than hell. Also Derek mentioned that Willa Ford’s death scene was shot differently, more psychological than what was filmed.

  30. The girl that was in the bedroom in the new Friday was Julianna Guill

  31. No psychological bullshit, please. More gore and blood? How? CG anyone? Lame…

    Another great thing about the Final Chapter is that it had something for both boys & girls, the chicks got to see plenty of male buttocks, unlike the watered down remake.

  32. male buttocks are more comical than anything, that’s why you see male asses on network tv constantly but not women’s. that said, i think it’s only fair that these movies show us what we DON’T see everyday, which is naked women and brutal terror (separately of course).

    i agree with you john on debi vorhees…she’s the bomb. the fullscreen print of pt 5 is awesome because you can also see her ass and almost a crotch shot when she’s laying in the woods.

    i was quite disappointed with the fake ass titties in this new one. the chick at the beginning was decent, and the waterskiing scene was ok. but the other chicks tits were not stupendous.

  33. i love talking about titties in Friday movies.

    these are probably the best two things in my life.

    titties and Jason

  34. I think it´s the opposite, you see plenty of female nudity in TV, movies & theater, unlike male nudity, which is still a taboo in mainstream entertainment.

  35. I think nudity in film is a sign that the script is shit. It’s a shallow attempt to keep the viewers interested. If you want to see tits watch a porno. If you want to see guts and terror watch a horror. The two shouldn’t mix.

  36. Christian has a very good point there. We’re talking about a Friday the 13th film here, one where the producers wanted to deliver a hardcore and intense film. The only thing that lacked was the hardcore part. The intenseness of the movie was there, there was suspense and tension, but the producers tried to overdue it with showing multiple breasts and not that much intense violence. Especially the part with the Chewie in the tool shed when Jason kills him. Jason had a vast assortment of sharp objects, anyone notice the buzz saw in there? Jason could’ve used any tool he wanted to brutally kill Chewie, but in the end Jason plunges a screw driver right underneath his chin. I would’ve loved to see kills that were taken from the first four Friday movies and try to incorporate them into this film.

  37. The kills in the remake lack the intensity & originlity of the 80s flicks, those were the balls to the wall days, now they are afraid to push the limits in fear of the MPAA. Pussies!

    That’s why I bring My Bloody Valentine 3D to the discussion, I was beyond impressed with what they got away in the end. It’s brutal, shocking & unexpected. I love the kills in that one, I can’t even mention one memorable murder in the F13 redux.

  38. I need to see My Bloody Valentine, I own and seen the original. That film was pretty good. I heard a lot of good things about My Bloody Valentine 3D. When is the release date again, May 19th? Is that it?

  39. Man, the first 15 minutes there a massacre at the mine that’s beyond crazy, I love a killing involving a blonde chick & a shovel thru the month till the head separates from the body, pickaxe thru the eye socket, impaling thru the mounth to the floor, etc.

    I’m beyond dissapointed with this bloodless F13 remake, they didn’t try anything new or shocking, even standard for the 80s, shame!

  40. Any word of My Bloody Valentine 3D getting an Unrated release. I wasn’t able to see this movie at the theatre because the theatre near me did not have the technology for 3D and the nearest theatre that did have that was way out there, it was too far to travel. I need to get this movie.

  41. My Bloody Valentine 3D is going to be released on May 19 & will include 2 pairs of 3D glasses, from Amazon.com

    Though never a landmark in the slasher subgenre, the Canadian-made My Bloody Valentine (1981) was a favorite among gorehounds for its plentiful scenes of bloodshed; the 2024 remake sticks closely to the original in this respect, and ups the gross factor by rendering many of them in impressive 3-D. The core plot, penned by Todd Farmer and Zane Smith, remains essentially the same–a series of gruesome murders appears to be linked to a terrible mine accident from two decades ago–but just as with the original, it’s largely just a framework on which to string the carnage set pieces, which are splattery enough to please even the most jaded Saw or Hostel fanatic. The Real-D effects deliver the required degree of heart-stopping jumps without the usual eye strain, and if one can snicker away old standbys like a tree branch crashing through a windshield, one has to admire the chutzpah of presenting actress Betsey Rue’s pursuit of a wayward bed partner while fully naked and toting a shotgun in full and vibrant 3-D, moments before the pickaxe-wielding killer descends upon her. Rue’s scenery-chewing performance is the best of the twenty-something cast, which is led by Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles and Jaime King; character actors Kevin Tighe and Tom Atkins deliver their moments like the old pros they are. Though by no means a new horror classic, My Bloody Valentine 3-D sets the gross-out bar for all future slasher remakes to surpass. — Paul Gaita

  42. Thanks for posting that. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this movie when it comes out. The asking price is a bit too much but I don’t mind. I need to build up my horror movie collection.

  43. “The twins in part 4 (hell almost every girl in Final Chapter is a knock out)”
    Except, for that hitchiker blimp…lol

  44. The fat hitchiker? Im not completely sure “it” was a female…

  45. The best looking girl in the new movie (followed very closely by Amanda). Personally, I don’t find the girls in the first movies to be that attractive. Plus, every girl that is considered better looking in this movie, besides Amanda, got naked. Is that the only requirement? If she got naked, would everyone here be saying how gorgeous she is? Sometimes, less is more.

  46. Dana Kimmel, Melanie Kinnaman, all those chicks were gorgeous! And they didn’t look totally 80s to their credit. Yeah, pt 1 maybe not as much, although Annie was cute, and the girl who got thrown through the window was also cute and hot. They were very girl-next-door cute. Frankly, I don’t like Danielle Disney Pannabaker or Amanda. They only look good in their airbrushed fog lens photos. I think

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