Friday Conversation: Deputy Winslow’s Police Car

Posted 08 Oct 2024 in The Saga

During Friday the 13th Part 2, Deputy Winslow is driving his car when he sees Jason run across the road in front of him. Winslow then proceeds to chase Jason through the woods, eventually finding Jason’s shack, and ultimately meeting his demise via hammer time. The question that is posed is what happened to the Deupty’s police car? If the car was left on the road, someone would have eventually spotted it, right?

Was the road the Deputy driving on a back road? Such a road was not travelled very often and perhaps that is why the car was not found? Or did Jason drive the car off of the road in the woods to conceil it’s existence. The idea of Jason driving would be an interesting idea and different twist on the character. Also, if Jason did stash the car away in the woods then the 2024 reboot film might seem more legitimate as Jason was hiding cars in that film as well. What is everyone thoughts?

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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. Deputy Winslow (08 Oct 2024, 14:59)

    I left a note on it to have it donated to 877-Kars-4kids … I knew i wasn’t coming back lol.

  2. CrystalLakeSlasher (08 Oct 2024, 14:59)

    I always thought he hid the car as the rode was well travelled as people used the road to get to camp.

  3. jasonsfury (08 Oct 2024, 15:10)

    I left a note on it to have it donated to 877-Kars-4kids … I knew i wasn’t coming back lol.

    Nice! :) I knew you would shed some light on the situation.

  4. Wrangler (08 Oct 2024, 15:48)

    What happened to the Friday Fights??…with the Girls of Friday the 13th??

  5. the2ndsuitor (08 Oct 2024, 16:10)

    I have no insight, I just want to point out how F’N hilarious that 1-877-Kars-4Kids joke was.

  6. jasonsfury (08 Oct 2024, 16:31)

    Yea, he got me on that one. ;)

    Here is a question sent in to me on Twitter.

    @jasonsfury I wonder why Jason ran in front of Winslow’s car. To bait him? Directorily it establishes the shack, I suppose.

    In response to the following:

    What happened to the Friday Fights??…with the Girls of Friday the 13th??

    Will have that next week again.

  7. Wings1295 (08 Oct 2024, 16:44)

    Interesting, I never thought about it. I suppose Jason could have moved it. For that film, I would have to suppose it was off the beaten path, so to speak, and that it wasn’t discovered missing until the cops were all over the place.

  8. CaptainSubtext (08 Oct 2024, 17:13)

    “If the car was left on the road, someone would have eventually spotted it, right?”

    Yes, but probably at the end of the movie, when the dead teens are found.

    I would say Jason never learned to drive a car, that’s different for the new Platinum Dunes Jason, he seems very handy nowadays(bells that are triggered, spotlights, etc.)!

    One could argue, that Jason must be able to drive, because at the start of the movie discussed(Part 2) he kills the girl from the first movie, and she supposedly lives in California, that must’ve been a road trip for Jason. I doubt he took a train or plane.

  9. Colin (08 Oct 2024, 17:23)


    I believe Alice was in Crystal Lake at the top of part 2. If you listen to her phone conversation with her mom she says she’s trying to put her life together and that this was the only way she knew how. I always assumed she had moved back to Crystal Lake to confront her demons and that’s Jason got her and he could have easily walked to her house. How he found her house is another question but lets stay on topic.

    I say Jason moved the car out of the road. Assuming that was the only road into the camp, the counsilors that went out that night for drinks would have found it on their way out. So it only makes sense that Jason moved it. How he moved it is up for debate. I would say he either pushed it into the woods or some how figured out how to get it in gear and drive it in. Would have been cool to have Ginny run past it on her way to Jason’s shack at the end though.

  10. An old friend fo the Christys (08 Oct 2024, 18:10)

    Wow, Winslow’s car never even crossed my mind and this is my favorite moment from Part 2. Good question. I love this whole scene.

  11. Nero_Manson (08 Oct 2024, 20:08)

    well i dont think its out of the question that jason would know how to drive,i mean most kids 1st driving expeirence is with the parents or in this case parent,letting them drive around the drive way,so who’s to say pamela didnt let jason do the same?

  12. Scott (08 Oct 2024, 20:45)

    Good subject to discuss. I had noticed that when i watch the filmed. Note, that friday the 13 th part 2 was actually the last one i saw of them all. I only saw it about 3 years ago. I did think to myself if the police car is on the side of the road with the door open somebody will notice. In a way I guess Jason could drive if he wanted to. The car is probably an automatic. But for some reason that Jason in part 2 really appeared primitive and mentally challenged so I am not sure he could actually drive a car. I guess he could of pushed it off the road and into a ditch or swamp or lake. I break it down more to a mistake from the director and thats it. When was Jason hiding cars in the reboot? I only remember the school bus and that was probably there from before.

  13. JB Demented (08 Oct 2024, 21:20)

    Interesting topic. I always figured it was a back road the deputy was driving on. I think that whole area was off limits, so when Winslow saw Jason He probably figured it was another wandering counsler. As for what happened to the car, Jason may have driven it somewhere, maybe dumped it in the lake. Its never really been established wether Jason could drive or not. In part 2 and the remake Jason was human like and very smart. A survivalist basically. Im suprised He didnt drive in the remake, that scene right before Trent meets His demise and that tow truck stops and You see a hand signaling for Trent to come over to the truck. Some dude sitting in the row behind Me said “I bet thats Him”. I kind of thought it might have been too. But anyway I dont see any reason Jason couldnt drive. Once news that Deputy Winslow was missing hit the police there would have been a huge area search. So Jason had to move it somehow. I guess its one of those FT13th questions We may never get the answer to.

  14. LorneDixon (08 Oct 2024, 21:25)

    The events of Friday the 13th Part II (aside from Alice’s murder), 3-D, and Final Chapter take place over a span of only five days. With all local police and state police combing the known murder sites, it’s likely the patrol car would have been found during this period (or, as an extreme, in the days after). The victims of 3-D and Final Chapter are either cut off or too busy to keep up with the news, with the exception of Edna and Axel (who chose soft core porn/exercise programing instead), so the audience is never in a position to find out about the cruiser’s discovery.

  15. de@d-fuck (08 Oct 2024, 21:50)

    Of course Jason can drive. I see mentally challenged people behind the wheel every day.

  16. Madgoalie (09 Oct 2024, 1:04)

    ^^^Good one.^^^

  17. screech (09 Oct 2024, 1:47)

    Well, that’s an old thread. Came to mind, of course, Michael Myers and the possible association of which we can learn to drive alone. The driving school shall not at all satisfied with it. The problem is, once suggested that Jason drives? And in other chapters, for he no longer does this? Then we’d have to blame the writers following the saga…

  18. Timateo (09 Oct 2024, 4:14)

    Here’s what I believe happened:

    Another patrolman came across the car several hours later that day, but he had no idea who it belonged to. So he did a quick reference check on the license plate. Low and behold…Officer Winslow. So this quick thinking patrolman does what any good patrolman would do in this situation: he calls AAA and has the car towed back to Chicago where it belongs…in the hands of Officer Carl Winslow. *cue Family Matters theme song with a snare tap and high hat clap at the end followed by a voice over of “Did I do that?” by Steve Urkel* : )

  19. thevengefulmachete (09 Oct 2024, 4:33)

    I doubt that was the main road into the “working” camp operated by Paul and Ginny. I always entertained the theory Deputy Winslow was traveling down a back road near the condemned Crystal Lake, making sure there weren’t anymore meddlesome kids tresspassing on the closed camp grounds. If I recall correctly, the road wasn’t very wide to begin with. This makes the most sense to me, since we don’t follow Deputy Winslow’s car out of the working camp to the road where he sees Jason dodge into the woods. So, the vehicle would have been found after the bloodbath, and presumably, Jason’s shack.

  20. Cat (09 Oct 2024, 12:05)

    It never crossed my mind! He could off pushed it somewhere?
    But would Jason know how to drive a car?? I dont think so really.

  21. jedijunkie (09 Oct 2024, 23:31)

    I am going to say that the writers who wrote the script or the story if you will, that they never really thought abot the car, they were concentrating on what the scene would be and how to kill the deputy if that is how they were going to play it out, it could have been one of those scenes where they may have struggled a little bit with whether they were going to kill off the deputy or not and totally forgot about the car, I just like to think that they never paid any attention about what to do with the car, or another scenario I have also gave thought about, is that Jason carried the deceased character and put him in the trunk and or in the back seat of the car and maybe drove it into the lake for no one to find, just because I have always thought that police and investigators never gave the lake a true look over just because maybe they know that the story of Jason may in fact be true and they dont check the lake as well as it needs to be, there are alot of possibilities, but that is my thoughts and I am sticking to them.

  22. Musiqluv (10 Oct 2024, 6:09)

    Muffin used it to leave the camp. Notice how she had been MIA.

  23. frankie carter (10 Oct 2024, 21:05)

    i have the part 2 novel. in it, Alice goes back to crystal lake to face her demons. she goes out to the lake and Jason sees her. then he follows her back into town. that’s why he knew where she was staying. also, at the end of the book the police officer is looking at all of Jason’s footprints in the mud, so maybe that’s how they found the shack, and maybe the car. these topics are awesome by the way!!!

  24. Rami (11 Oct 2024, 8:20)

    As much as I enjoy indulging in speculative Friday discussions, I’m not sure how I feel about topics such as this; that is, topics that are designed to speculatively discuss the possibilities surrounding what were clearly just storyline oversights that were never remedied.

    I’m fully enthusiastic, and on board with discussions that concern implied and open-ended storyline elements that were deliberately engineered into the script, but accounting for unintentional blunders in the spirit of ‘what might have happened’ has always struck me as a hollow source of discussion.

  25. SPAZ (11 Oct 2024, 17:46)

    the old road to “Camp Crystal Lake”

  26. Theguyontheleft (12 Oct 2024, 3:41)

    Since Jason was pretty much living with a hermit (its assumed), whos to say he never showed Jason how to drive. But that’s not plausible.

    I’d say the most plausible scenario is that he took the keys from the Sheriff (or the Sheriff left them in the ignition when he hopped out of the cruiser). Jason, just pushing buttons put a rock on the gas pedal, and let the cruiser drive away unattended. Who’s to say that the cop didn’t put the parking break on, if the vehicle was a stick shift, it could have rolled away on its own.

    Another Plausible scenario, someone traveling the roads discovered a lone police cruiser with its door open, and they steal it.

  27. Regis (12 Oct 2024, 4:03)

    It was probably found around the time they were clearing bodies after the Counseler’s Retreat clean up. Any law enforcement organization would have some sort of manhunt after a massacre like that. Since Part 2 and Part 3 were on the same time period, I expect it was found around that time where Jason was a top priority.

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