The Scariest Friday The 13th Moment Ever

If you’re a Friday the 13th fan there are just some things you don’t talk about. Like Kevin Bacon’s visible boner in Friday The 13th (1980). Unaware of the ghastly sight? Repressed the memory? It’s like this: In the daytime scene by the lake, Jack (Kevin Bacon) is standing proudly. A little too proudly.

Kinda makes his character’s death by protruding arrow point kinda ironic, eh?

What seemed to be a clear case of pencildick has become a awkward mystery to debunk, one I’m not quite sure I want to investigate further: so I’ll leave it to Xoom The Truth to throw some theories around in their hilarious 2008 article. But the point of this post is this video that popped up (damn, that’s the second unintentional double entendre in just this sentence!) on Youtube. It made me LOL. Don’t misinterpret that as netspeak, I actually laughed out loud.

I always suspected there was a secret reason Bacon rarely discusses the film besides its less than stellar reputation. Can you imagine the actor having to see this blown up on 35mm back in ’80?

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11 Responses to “ The Scariest Friday The 13th Moment Ever ”

  1. Great, now I have to rub one out in the men’s room before I can concentrate on my workday. Damn that sexiness!

  2. Is that for real or altered because I never noticed that before in the film?

  3. Have you watched the video, manoftomorrow79?

  4. No I haven’t

  5. This scene is quite popular in the gay horror community. Kevin Bacon is amazing.

  6. Not to offend anyone but thats hilarious yet disgusting at the same time

  7. Yum, that’s hot!

  8. or is it him loading his shorts to make him more um…manly? It is a bit odd shaped…. just putting it out there…

  9. For a brief second, it looks Harry Crosby spots it and tries not to laugh. So it could be a prank.

    Either that or Bill is thinking, “Yum, that’s hot!”

  10. HAHAHAHAHA!! Never noticed it, have to watch the film again! Looks an odd shape tho hhmmmmm.

  11. Does look like it is trying to escape tho!

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