Dimensional Designs “Jason Lives” Corpse Prop/Bust

jasonlivesbustThis lifesize rendition of Jason Voorhees from Jason Lives is quite detailed and would be an awesome piece to own for any fan of Jason Lives or Friday the 13th. This Ultimate Autographed Edition Includes:

1. Certificate of Authenticity, 8×10 Color Photo with Dimensional Designs Hologram Seal

2. Numbered and signed by C.J. Graham (Jason Lives, Part 6)
3. Life size wearable replica hockey mask
4. Lifesize Jason Corpse Bust
5. Measures close to 15 pounds

This is a limited edition run of 13 and the cost is $600. Check out the video below to see what you would receive if you purchase the Ultimate Autographed Edition from Dimensional Designs


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9 Responses to “ Dimensional Designs “Jason Lives” Corpse Prop/Bust ”

  1. This looks like it’s a re-cast off the actual masks that were released years ago and made available by David Lady and Chris Swift. It appears that the teeth, worms and dirt are the new things added to the re-cast.

    The photo is actually not of this mask, but of the undermask for CJ; a mask that I actually own from the movie molds. The ‘Coffin’ mask, seen above, is actually only seen when the top is taken off the coffin and you see spider webs and maggots; that is this whole project.

  2. The hock is a remake hock. Fail. Cool under-mask, though.

  3. Cool item to own, you have there, Kirk. ;)

  4. That hockey mask is the NECA prop. I CALL BULL-SHIT!

  5. Yeah i’m the one who did the review and in the review i stated it is a NECA hockey mask repaint. It still is a awesome centerpiece to a serious f13 fan

  6. JADEZAIN666,
    Thanks for stopping by. I am sure that it is an awesome piece to own. Wish I had the money for it myself.

  7. @jasonsfury check out my other review on the final chapter 4 bust on the same channel. thnx

  8. I’ll take a look.

  9. That’s one of the most incredible replicas I’ve seen in quite some time… anyone know who actually sculpted it? It’s not the one that DK got Brian Wade to put into production, is it? Because I never got to see any pics of that one and I know that project went ahead sometime last year.

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