Should Friday the 13th Be Remade Again?

POSTER_jasonAt first I thought this would be crazy. The Halloween franchise has run down this path already. There have been a number of people who visit this website as well as have contacted PD that have hinted at the possibility of the next Friday the 13th remaking itelf again. Basically, starting all over, going back to the infamous Camp Blood before all of the murders began.

I have compiled some various ideas and tied them all together into what a true remake could be:

We see a summer camp operational with carefree teens and counselors, that is,  until one fateful night when something happens that changes everyone’s life forever.  The townsfolk don’t speak a word of the events that unfolded that night. Rumors spread of visitors from out of town wondering off into the forbidden areas of the once operational camp, never to be heard from again. Things have been peaceful for 5 years now with no incidents to speak of. That is, until the land of the old camp ground was sold off.

Now, the new owner and nine friends decide to meet at the old camp ground to assess the value of the land and stay the week. They never realized the horrors they would discover as they endure a 24 hour nightmare of blood at the infamous Camp Crystal Lake.

After I finished this up, I thought, hey this could be decent. Why not start over from the beginning. You could still have Jason in the movie in a different capacity. The event that triggers the beginning of Camp Blood could be different and more terrifying. The winter setting could be implemented, setting this remake apart from the original. Who knows? If PD dosn’t get the greenlight for the sequel and Warner Bros. wants to go a retro route, this could be an option.

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31 Responses to “ Should Friday the 13th Be Remade Again? ”

  1. Thats actually a really good idea, i never thought of it like that. Going back to the basic of the basics. Bring Mrs V back into the mix. However it would be important not to go to deep into jason past so that we still keep him mystrious…

  2. I like that idea, but why not go back to the original series and give us part 12. Like they should have done in the first place, then we can watch jason kill people in the snow for the whole movie and maybe have him go up against the survivors from past films too! I think that idea would work well! I can’t believe how stupid hollywood is sometimes when they have a good idea like that in there lap and that they don’t run with it!

  3. I have said this on a few forums now, but here goes. I like the remake, for what it is. It is a vehicle to bring Jason back to the screen and into todays audience. What it is not, however, is true Friday movie. I had to help this movie along every minute. i had to force myself to believe that this was Jason and I was at a Jason movie. So with Jason back onscreen and in demand(?) It is hard to say what the next step should be. I am scared that a sequel will suck and Jason may be shelved for many years. To remake this movie again the key to success is hinging on fun factor. I want 80\’s style outfits, vehicles and decor. It has to be fun to watch. I want to see props not CGI, I want Jason to be human, yet strong like TFC. Tits and weed in moderation will fit in just fine. It has to be funny when funny is appropriate, like Jimbo and Teddy. The movie must take place at a summer camp, not a vacation house. i would like to see interesting characters, but not overdone like Tina (TNB) or Shelly. A reduction of sreen time for JMan would help, at least until the final 15 minutes. So, overall I dont think another remake is totally needed, but if it had all of my \

  4. ….wants covered it would be successful and fun to sit through, like a Friday movie should be.

  5. No I don’t think we need another remake or a prequel for that matter.Betsy Palmer was great in the original and the actress for the remake.Brought a new take I loved the 2009 remake it felt like a Jason movie to me.

    You don’t need 80’s clothes for a friday the 13th movie just the elements. ie: women fooling around,drugs,the typical asshole and class clown character then throw Jason into the mix. But I would like to see them throw in the hot lesbians card into the franchise.When the old franchise was around lesbians were not touched on in pop culture.

  6. Actually Brad Fuller stated for the sequel, they are going to use the “original” series as a jumping off point. I would love to see them weave in a story somewhere in the few day period that Parts 2-4 took place. The only possible time frame would be from the time Jason escaped the hospital in the beginning of Part 4 & when he took on the Jarvis family. There was never any concrete time frame stated. Just an idea

  7. This is what I have been saying all along. The only change is that the “event” would be Mrs. Voorhees killing everyone thinking that Jason is dead. That Jason’s disappearance and Mrs. Voorhees killing spree/death came in the same week. Years later the camp is reopened. Little does anyone know that Jason has been out there this whole time keeping to himself, not wanting to be bothered.

  8. i think they need to sit down, unthink all the movies wxcept for one, two, three, and four. think about what made them good. then, add the snow, pamela, tommy jarvis, and a summer camp. then take out the cgi,take out the gay pretty boys, take out the super zombieness, and take out the “jason can only be killed by a voorhees”-crayton duke, and the “pamels must have brought him back to life with the necronomican”-ash williams. then youve got the greatest F13 movie.

  9. Either a part 2 for the previous remake or even better Part 12, this remaking everything Sh^t has annoyed me since day 1. Aside from the 1990 version of Night Of The Living Dead, only decent remakes I’ve seen is Friday The 13th and the 2010 version of The Crazies.

  10. Why make the same movie again? I like Halloween directed by Rob Zombie because it went in deeper into Michael Myers’s life and showed why he was what he was. Jason didn’t really have a life. Unless you made a movie about the day he was born up until he drowned. THAT would be totally interesting to me! Or at least remaking the movie and including a scene of Jason drowning. But if you remake the whole thing over again, it’s pointless. Either way, though, I would totally buy the movie and watch it over and over! SO whatever you guys decide is fine! I <3 Jason

  11. Oh I agree with Chris ver. II!! Make a part 12!!!!!!!! Or EVEN BETTER… MAKE A JASON VS. MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD PAY SO MUCH MONEY TO WATCH THAT MOVIE AND WATCH IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Where exactly IS Camp Crystal Lake, anyway? Maybe I wasn’t paying attention but if it’s near Haddonfield, Illinois, Michael could just be chasing some kids and they end up at Camp Chrystal Lake and they die from Jason and/or Michael and then Michael and Jason get into a fight! If I do say so myself, IT’S GENIUS!!!

  12. No…

  13. I think a movie dedicated fully to pamela would do great. It could start in a hospital, her holding a deformed baby, saying her famous line “Jason, my special, special boy.” IT can follow them through the drowning, her descent to madness, him washing ashore with partial amnesia, but recognizing Pamela and following her at a distance to figure out who she is, but afraid because of his looks. He watches her kill over and over, and as she screams his name and talks about his drowning before she is beheaded, he starts to remember. He picks her head up and looks into the eyes while hearing in his head “Jason, my special, special boy.” Cut to end credits. What do you guys think?

  14. Can\’t keep rebooting/remaking. The franchise would become more of a mess (it\’s already been New-Lined, LOL). IMO, going forward, one storyline or continuity needs to be maintained in order for Friday the 13th to remain appealing.

  15. to hell with remakes/reboots.


  17. The series should keep going forward just like Jason… unstoppable. Keep the “gay pretty boys” in, thank ya; I’m sure there will be plenty of bimbos around to quell the straight-boy anxiety. You don’t need to call it a remake, just have some new counselors setting up the camp, getting it ready for some new campers, secure in the idea that the murders are in the past. Then, Jason can kill them all in fun and interesting ways. It’s really not that difficult.

  18. Instant remake? I think the economy is killing the movie industry. The 2009 remake was cool. The only thing that bothered Me was no Harry Manfredini. Why I think He should do the score for part 2. Now a prequal, that might be a good idea. Theres alot of story we dont see between the demise of Mrs. Voorhees, and Jasons first kills of the movie. Maybe the prequal could focus on that. Plus Hed be wearing the sack for the whole movie. I really dont want to see an instant remake of FT13th. Apparently Hollywood is doing the same to Spider Man and the Fantastic 4. Im down for a prequal or sequal to FT13th. As long as Derek Mears comes back, and Manfredinis on board, it should rock. Because if they do an instant remake, thell find yet another Jason. In my opinion Dereks the coolest Jason since Kane Hodder. Right now it seems horror movies are suffering, getting cancelled like Halloween 3-D. And getting pushed back like the Mothers Day remake. And instead of more Saw sequals, there saying part 7 will be the end, calling it endgame or something. PD just needs to put out the ultimate sequal to FT13th. They did a killer job with the remake. If its not broke dont fix it.

  19. I say we don’t need a prequel or any exploration of the details of Jason’s origins. Does anyone really care? My favorite Friday the 13th movies have none of that; just get down to business and be a fun, exciting slasher film. And snow? Just a contrivance the writers will have to plot around which won’t help anything and will make it feel even less like a Friday the 13th film. Go watch Curtains, Iced, or Shredder if you want a slasher in the snow. If you’re not going to do anything really new and interesting with it, stick to what works… summer camp + counselors + Jason.

  20. As long as platinum dunes has nothing to do with it i’m all for it!! I still cant believe what a horrible job they did.

  21. Hi there jasonsfury.I think your idea is terrific and would serve as a great basis as a direct sequel to the reboot and therefore cancel out any notions of a remake/rehash of the reboot.The Friday The 13th series has been relaunched and therefore we should adhere to/improve on it by taking it further with sequels instead of remakes and talk of prequels.By all means include prequels in a flashback form in the upcoming sequel(s).But please don’t dedicate a whole movie to them…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  22. No bad idea. Make the first remake reboot, like Punisher: The War Zone. And newer give the dirrector’s chair to Ronny Fucking U.

  23. To be honest, i don’t think there should be another remakes of Friday the 13th, as you just can’t beat the originals. If there is going to be a remake of Friday the 13th 2, whoever is going to Direct it, will have to make it better than the original part 2 because part 2 such a cool sequel!!.

  24. Do you know jason is 64? He needs traps to get his victims

  25. I do not think Platinum Dunes is going to “remake the remake”, that would be as assuming things have been done wrong by them!!!…

    So, what about a Friday the 13th movie picking up after the events of “The Final Chapter”?, with a grown up Tommy Jarvis and Trish… and with Jason, of course, still alive…

    And what about making it the “old school way”?, like the classic movies were made (you know, showing just hints of Jason until the last final chase sequence, when we see him clearly)…

    I’m talking a BACK TO THE BASICS Friday the 13th movie with Jason (not his mother)!!

    It’d be insane!!!!!

  26. Forget Friday 13th 2009 ever happened and put together a crack team to continue the old series for F13 p12 and p13 (part13 being released Friday 13th,2013). With p13 acting as a fitting end to the series – allowing a proper rebooting at a later date.

    My idea (inprogress) for the end of p13 would see Jason returning to his shack, the camera pulling back into the air and we see anuber strong security fence being erected encompassig the surrounding area. They ptb realising nothing could kill Jason and the best they could do is leave him be. And the :) thing being Jason doesn’t die.

    For p12 we could have the camp openning up again, people again getting gruesomely killed, but it turns out to be another fake Jason, and evil property man using the Jason ‘myth’ to get the land on the cheap. He is succeeding until the real Jason turns up, looking/acting v.psed, and disbatches the baddie – maybe p12 ends with a whole bunch of the world greatest hunters arriving to be the one who finally kills the masked one.

    Then p13 can be an all out kill-fest.

    I just want my Jason huge, I don’t want to see all the bits and pieces he’s collected. I don’t want to see how he’s feng shui’ed his dwelling.

    I loved the series, even J goes to hell (for it’s OMG ending), but this reboot just let me in tears. :(

  27. please excuse all those spelling mistakes in the previous entry – my tyuping sux lemons :(

  28. I have always liked the idea of keeping Friday the 13Th as one Franchise. So much so I authored an article to link the new one in. I guess for me the reason why is that it is something of legend to say that this series and this guy has been around for thirty years and is still going. Somehow, a remake always has the feeling of wiping the slate clean and trashing everything that came before as ‘old.’ It feels like the ‘old’ Bond and the ‘old’ Batman and the ‘old’ Elm Street and the ‘old’ Star Wars. I don’t want people thinking of the classic Friday the 13Th series as the ‘old’ Friday the 13Th. There is something unique in that the series, in some capacity, can still be described as one whole entity. It’s similar to how Nintendo is still the last original console producer still standing. Friday the 13Th is the last 80s horror franchise who’s remake does not definitively break continuity with the original series. Why wreck that for a what might be a ‘cheap thrill’ of being novel for the sake of starting over and then if the new series doesn’t take and the old one is killed then the franchise might just be left dead in the water.

    Now, I am not opposed to a Friday the 13Th prequel off hand. Rather, it might do the series well. I also would have much preferred an Elm Street prequel to what the new one is shaping up to be.

  29. I think they should redo parts 1-4.

    They should keep what works and fix things that don’t like:
    -time line issues
    -final chapter’s horrible death sequencing
    -death scenes that could be improved
    -disco music

    They should also film all 4 back to back in one location using a single Jason actor NOT being Kane. Find someone closer to White or Brooker.

  30. i get trying to start over, but bringing mrs. v back, c’mon. I liked the remake. I thought it was better then some of the other Friday films. I do have all of’em even the 30 yrs of jason. I don’t understand why some ppl had a hard time with the remake, it’s 2010 ppl(not the 80’s). Y would you want the old look, when it is out dated? i did not like the nightmare remake(it sucked).Nothing different to that film. y did they remake it? i would much rather see Friday The 13th films be made, over that four finger blade,burnt up(which the make up sucked),talking moron.

  31. I think some might agree with me on this, not that the above idea isn’t, or couldn’t work, I just think that the next Friday movie should NOT be a remake…come on Hollywood…can you not come up with original material anymore? The only thing you need to be talking about when it comes to another Friday film is who’s gonna write it, direct it, play Jason and how to make it fresh and new while keeping the hardcore fans happy. Maybe you can make a movie that gives us that old 80’s feel.

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