UPDATED Warner Searching For F/X Company For Friday Sequel?

We have some updated info on this story. We were contacted and notified that Warner is not currently looking for an effects company for a new Friday the 13th film. However, there is now movement in the development of a new Friday the 13th film. Nothing more could be mentioned at this time. Stay tuned for more that follows in the future.

We have posted speculatory news about a potential sequel to the 2024 Friday the 13th film in the past, however, we do pride ourselves on delivering real news about the Friday the 13th franchise. News can be about previous movies, the current reboot, or a new sequel. The last official news about a sequel was in May, and at that time Head of Distribution for Warner Bros., Dan Fellman, mentioned to the Associated Press that Warner Bros. was still entertaining the thought of a new sequel for the franchise.

Since that time, there has been no real news. However, Friday night some possible positive news was brought to our attention pertaining to a new sequel. Now, this news is unconfirmed as of yet as we have spent the last two days trying to substantiate it’s validity. Apparently, special effects man Jerry Macaluso, one time owner of Sota Toys, stated on the Movie Maniacs Forum that Warner Bros. is now currently looking for an F/X company to work on the sequel and begin conducting makeup tests!

This is UNCONFIRMED news. We were not able to verify the comments at the before-mentioned forum, however, we did contact some friends of the website and they mentioned knowing about Mr. Macaluso’s statements as well. The one question we have here is, did Mr. Macaluso hear about the F/X company search previously when Warner was thinking about a sequel back in 2024?

We will keep looking into this information, but if anyone knows more, please let us know.

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35 Responses to “ UPDATED Warner Searching For F/X Company For Friday Sequel? ”

  1. wow. i hope it’s true. but…

    i’ll try to turn it ro ryan rotten or to bcfuller twitter. we’ll see!

  2. Here’s hoping something starts happening soon.

    I know this is off the subject, but I don’t know where else to mention this on this site. If you haven’t seen “House” not the TV show but the 1985 movie starring William Katt and Gearoge Wendt, go check it out. It was produced by Sean S. Cunningham, directed by Steve Miner, with music by Harry Manfredini. Steven Williams a.k.a Creighten Duke makes an appearence as a cop, as well as the cop from Friday the 13th part 1, the cop at the end talking to Alice in the hospital bed. Kane Hodder is also Stunt coordinator.

    I just thought it is worth mentioning because my wife and I watched it on DVD the other night. I’d seen it before, but it was her frist time watching it. I never realized how many Friday folks are behind it. Also, Lar Park Lincoln was in the Sequel, House 2 the second story.

    Anyway, here’s hoping we see some sequel news soon.

  3. I hope its true, means maybe we can get this sequal in motion. But I guess we’ll wait and see.

  4. I hope this is true!
    well i will continu too wait!

  5. I hope it happens, as we all know with these things nothing is actually solid until the deals in place (just look at the fiasco that was Halloween 3D.)It’s time for a sequel I’ve been disappointed with the stuff coming out of late, it’s time to go back to something we all know and love! Give the fans what they want and deserve!!!

  6. I’m for a sequel, but please don’t have Platinum Dunes involved. Sure the remake was entertaining, but it was still a huge disappointment for what it could have been. The characters were annoying and the kills weren’t that great. It’s just that Platinum Dunes proves it in project after project that they don’t know anything about horror. Like their movies or not, you can’t deny it.

    Another thing, bring back Manfredini or have a score that’s similar to the original music. That was one of the best things about the original franchise.

  7. Have to agree with Justin, loved Derek but the characters and dialogue in the remake were obnoxious (especially Trent), which hurts its rewatchability. The next F13 should be like the original… a cheapo, independent flick with as much atmosphere as gore, and a legit composition as a score rather than creepy sound effects they use nowadays.

  8. im all for a sequel i hope there is more killing and less drugs and drinking games half of the movie its self was that

  9. If Warner Bros. are looking for an FX house, does that mean they have the producers and director hired? I’m sure that the producers and director must be on board first so they have the creative input on the FX team. FX team is probably down the line a little, don’t you all think?

    If we have a report of a producer or director, that is huge. Its probably going to be greenlit. Looking for a FX team? Seems like cart before the horse.

    Either way, I’m first in line in Omaha with money in hand to buy a ticket on opening day!

  10. well said theshape_78 & Justin,
    you cant leave a ending like that and say no more,otherwise they should of just killed off jason and packed it in for a final,
    but with that been said,,,look at jason goes to hell!!!

  11. Being a huge fan of the whole franchise (and particularly of the remake), I hope this new is true! I also hope Derek Mears is gonna play Jason since his physical appearance completely fits to the character of Jason (bulky and tall).

  12. They should get an experienced director like Adam Green instead of a music video director that’s close friends with Bay & company. I agree Jasonlives since 1990, the original movies had atmosphere and the remake sure lacked it. I think they should keep Derek Mears too, but he didn’t keep the movie from sucking just like how Tyler Mane’s vicious Michael Myers didn’t keep H2 from sucking or JEH’s Freddy keeping NOES from sucking either. A lot of the characters in the Friday remake were stereotypes that you couldn’t relate to. I understand the originals had weed and sex in them, but holy shit did they go overboard. The stoners in this movie reminded me of this one annoying douchebag in my class last year who always talked about how fucked up he got. I’m not attacking people who do that either since I smoke weed and drink too, but don’t feel the need to tell everyone that I do it.

  13. ok so when are we going to find out can some one call mr rotten !!

  14. uhm interesting! FINALLY!

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  16. i’ve send this page to ryan rotten and to bcfuller. bcfuller doesn’t aswer to fans anymore…i think ‘casue the bad reviews he’s received!
    but we’ll see…

  17. Let’s hope this is the first of more & more news!

  18. Theres movement is there!!!! Lets hope it means a film!!!!! Or rights have been bought!!??

  19. I hope they are going to make a new movie. If that sell the rights I bet that will take at least a year or so to finalize everything like it did with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre deal with Twisted Pictures. I really hope we get a new F13 in 2024. That would be killer!

  20. Well moevement, thats a start. This sequal will happen. The fans demand it. We are the reason they make more movies. And from what I read on here alot, the demand for this sequal is very high.

  21. I think a 2024 release would be realistic at this point. If there is in fact movement on developing a new sequel, I would prefer that they take their time, and deliver us fans a film worthy of the Friday the 13th name.

  22. yep in january there’s a friday the 13th.

  23. A sequel to what? Which reality are we continuing here?? Please let this not be a sequel to that bastard of a movie that came out in 2024, you know…the one where nothing in the previous Friday The 13th movies 1 – 10 ever happened! Even in the James Bond features they did not shit all over the previous entries, it was a continuation; they had a respect for continuity. In Sparknotes Jason (2009), even the manner in which he originally donned the hockey mask was scrapped, what happened to the lovable chubby prankster that brought the mask into play in the first place? We liked him, we felt for him. Instead we get to watch a pothead with no soul get whacked??

    It ceases to be a homage when they disrespect the work that inspired the very work they are “re-imagining”. I do not want a Friday the 13th part two, there already was a Friday the 13th part two it came out in 1981 and it was a hell of a lot scarier than that piece of shit remake! I want a Friday the 13th part 11.

  24. I’m with you on this Dave, but don’t you mean part 12. I know that some people don’t count Freddy vs Jason as the 11th sequel, but i do so in my mind the next one would be part 12. But I sure as hell don’t want a sequel to the remake, I want another sequel to the original series.

  25. I am very excited about a possible sequel to the 2024 remake. I am a huge fan of the originals (1-4), and loved the 2024 remake…one of the best in the series imo. The series needed to be rebooted after parts 5-10 were just awful. Bring on Friday the 13th Part 2!!! I loved the remake and will love the sequel. Platinum Dunes did an outstanding job on the remake. The Jason of old was brought back instead of the corny zombie being portrayed in the films after “The Final Chapter”. I liked the intensity and grit of the 2024 remake…Jablonsky’s music was great and much better than some on here think.

  26. Yeah tylon2 you’re right in both ways, technically and no I do not consider Freddy vs. Jason an official part of the Friday series…I think one could better argue for it being a party of the Freddy franchise though; Jason was basically stuck in Freddy’s world. Kirzinger’s movements were just off, he wasn’t deliberate in his physical communication, he didn’t have that unstoppable force aura about him as Kane had. lol and plus what’s with the water thing?? Is it just running water as it was with Dracula circa the Hammer films? Someone please explain that to me.

    And Grit macdog?? Like when Jason showed struggle against a small weak drunk stoned Asian child? How bout when he was sharpening his machete like a Private Pyle dweeber…we were one step away from watching Jason play with his archery set and or lifting weight and doing wind sprints; Jason does not run period. Please pal, this new “Jason” film is to the slasher franchise what Twilight is to the vampire genre. And 5-10 were just awful?? Either you’re a plant from Platinum Dunes or you plain just don’t know what you’re talking about; Part VI is one of the most complete, potent slasher films ever made.

  27. The 2024 remake is just awesome! Since it’s recent and thanks to the casting (especially Derek Mears) , it really belongs to my favourite Friday the 13th movie. The costume, the make up, well, almost everything about the 2024 Jason lead me to hope for a sequel to the remake!

  28. I loved the reboot, it was awesome. I hope they do a sequel to that either with Jason in the snow or with the camp been reopened

  29. Since it’s RECENT? Yeah that’s a good reason to like a movie, it’s recentness; yeah Godfather Part III and Alien Resurrection definitely the stands outs in those franchises…WINONA!!!!!!

    I actually dig the snow idea, just keep Yu and Hedden away from it or we’ll find out Jason suffers from chionophobia, after-all snow is just a different form of water right? As long as Jay already has the slit in the mask from the original legendary barn scene it’s all good.

  30. I actually enjoyed the reboot of the series. And to David above. Did you even see the first 4 friday movies? I love it when people complain about Jason running and saying he never ran. That just shows you are not a true fan that has watched every single movie. The new friday was a reboot-reimagining. What part of those two words do you not understand? I’m just curious, because, things can’t always be the same. I think they should just stick to the new formula and move forward. And as much as I love Kane Hodder as Jason, Derek did an incredible job.

  31. bloody-disgusting posted your news. great job guys!

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  34. Please say this is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. i,m the one who posted this info on the other friday forum.i was in the thread that jerry made his comment about the sequel moving forward but wouldnt go into it further .now jerry is a player in the movie industry and wouldnt say anything unless it was fact.now the part about wb looking for a new fx house was speculation on my part as jerry owns an fx house.now how he really knows about it i have no idea .

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