Sneak Preview: Full 1/6 Scale Winston’s Part 3

Througout the last couple of months, Ken McCabe has been updating us on the progress of a project he has been a part of that is to create the most accurate 1/6 scale Jason Voorhees figures ever imagined. To this point we have seen only the head sculpts of the figures, which are really impressive. Now, Ken has sent us a video which is a sneak preview of the full figure from Friday teh 13th Part 3. The head sculpt for this figure is inspired by Stan Winston’s makeup and is representative as such.

Watch the preview below and leave your thoughts.

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8 Responses to “ Sneak Preview: Full 1/6 Scale Winston’s Part 3 ”

  1. Will this also be just one exclusive? This guy could be a millionare oif he would produce more of the figures. I have never seen as accurate as this except for hot toys and those figures cost an arm and a leg

  2. This looks very good! This is the best part 3 Jason we’ve seen!

  3. Fantastic!!!!!!
    Good this bloke is sooooooooo talanted!!!!

  4. Truly fantastic!

  5. Thats beautiful. I notice Jasons makeup is different than We see in the final version of part 3. I think its actually better. Jason looks more monster like. Thats a cool figure though, very good work.

  6. That looks spectacular! Anxious to hear about availability and pricing.

  7. So much teasing. If there was a link with ready to ship items I’d buy it right now.

  8. that is zarkin sweet, gimme gimme

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