Korean Commercial For The Final Chapter

korea_part4_commercialI have a lot of appreciation for the foreign marketing of the franchise, so anytime I come across these types of items I like to post them for everyone to view. Check out this commercial below. I love the Korean characters!

I like the quick editing to the kills in the commercial. It pretty much tells you this is what the movie is all about.



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8 Responses to “ Korean Commercial For The Final Chapter ”

  1. Whoa, trippy, old school awesome mid ’80s Slasher goodness! I loved it!

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcI7IsOhHOQ

    This is the link to the Japanese trailers for the first four films. Kinda cool to compare.

  3. Say What?

  4. Even though I couldn’t understand it, it still sounded a bit like a late night commercial for a furniture store.


    “All things on sale!!! This FRIDAY!”

    Well that’s how the tone sounded to me at least.

  5. The trailer reminded me the old Godzilla’s movies trailers from Japan!Still a great movie(Ft13th IV)!Better than FvJ!Ok movie,but really disappointing!

  6. I second your comments JasonBond. I thought Godzilla and Mothra were going to suddenly come into frame. Cool trailer, but had you not ever seen the movie, then talk about being spoiled. They literally showed every death scene in the movie. There certainly was no disguising who Jason’s victims were going to be. Still cool though.

  7. with the lost ending scene ,trish SCREAMING

  8. red friday…hahahaha

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