Kevin Bacon Has Fun With Friday the 13th – and Tremors!

For a genre fan like me this commercial breaks the coolness scale early with Kevin Bacon quoting Kevin Bacon from Tremors (1989 – and the best damn monster franchise until Feast, thank you very much). But the real nugget is 25 seconds in – a familiar poster! The Bacon rarely talks about Friday The 13th little own Tremors, and here he opens up the totality of his career for jesty ridicule.

The set-up? His #1 fan – a virtual lookalike (wink) - shows off his shrine-like house devoted to the actor – and new remote gizmo Logitech’s Revue for Google TV gives him instant access to Bacon-centric YouTube videos, inflating his ego to believing he could become The Bacon. Quite funny… and at the same time, the most disturbing role we’ve seen him in outside of The Woodsman.

A thanks to F13 blog reader Matt Murphy.

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9 Responses to “ Kevin Bacon Has Fun With Friday the 13th – and Tremors! ”

  1. I just saw this the other day. Very funny! Hey, where is JF? I was looking forward to the Film Prop Thursday.

  2. He aged well. Anyways, he’s a great actor and I can always enjoy every movie from him.

  3. These commercial are fucking funny. Who doesn’t love Kevin Bacon? It’s about time he shows Friday some love….. Happy Holidays everyone.

  4. He’s opened up to a lot of things that I never thought he would do since Madoff.

  5. LOL…..Hilarious.

  6. Remember how you used to name a movie and somehow Kevin Bacon was connected to that movie ? Try it, sometime.
    Very funny commercial. When an actor can make fun of his own career, then that’s cool.

  7. HaHa, love the commercial. Thanks, the poster got by me somehow!

  8. @Dusk

    Hey you missed one. If you pause at 0.37 when it shows the youtube video playing you can see a Friday the 13th link 3rd down on the right.

    Just cause that one myself.

  9. Pretty funny commercial I just never cared for Bacon. I mean I like pork but Bacon is just unhealthy and not like a good ham.

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