Derek Mears Hunts Vampires Not Teenagers

Derek was great as Jason Voorhees and hunting down those disrespectful teens trespassing in his area of the woods. Now, he is hunting for something even worse than teenagers these days, Vampires! Yes, the Vampire explosion in Hollywood has reached all corners of the world and now even Derek Mears must help with the pesky night dwellers. Perhaps he can play the next Van Helsing?

Posted on Derek’s Twitter account are some pictures from a recent photo shoot that is mentioned to be for Famous Monsters magazine. Check out the action below and beware as Vampires Suck!

Photos by Chad Michael Ward

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4 Responses to “ Derek Mears Hunts Vampires Not Teenagers ”

  1. Derek, as always, looks to be having a good time. Why wouldn’t any guy in that situation with girls hanging all over him. :)

  2. Derek is really invovled in a ton of projects in Hollywood. I think playing Jason really got him a lot of recognition. Congrats, Derek!

  3. Congrats Derek!!
    Around all those women, poor man!! lol

  4. Dereks the man!!!!

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