Michael Bay Talks To Entertainment Weekly

New Friday July 17th, 2024

Nothing substantially new, but better than nothing folks. From Entertainment Weekly:

You recently wrapped production on your update of Friday the 13th, and horror buffs out there are dying to know: what’s it going to be about?
It’s a reconception of the original. We’re introducing a whole group of new kids. What we always try to do is add a little bit of freshness to these movies that were really scary back then and update them for a new audience.

So are you following the same plot as the very first Friday the 13th?
It’s a little different. I don’t want to give it away because of the Internet crazies.

There’s been rumors that you’re going to include plots from all three Friday the 13ths into your remake. Is that true?
The first two, yeah.

Where did you film the Crystal Lake scenes?
In Austin, where we also shot Texas Chainsaw. Austin gives you a lot of looks.

Is there anything else you are willing to divulge about it?
I haven’t seen the director’s cut because he’s still cutting, but I know this one will really be scary; it’s also funny, as well. It’s a fun college adventure that goes awry. It’s not a movie I would ever show my mom! (Laughs) We don’t make these for our mothers; we make these for the fans out there.

Speaking of those fans, what do you say to people who are worried that an update of Friday the 13th will ruin the original?
There are always haters out there, and you can’t get rid of that. We try to be faithful, and we’re fans ourselves. It’s like when I did Transformers — I listened to the fans, you know, but you still have to make your own movie by respecting what was done and trying to give it a whole new twist.

How have you given it a new twist?
You’re just not going to believe the first 12 minutes! It’s a twist in itself.

And you’re actually working on a remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, too, right?
Don’t know yet. We haven’t made our deal, but it’s worth every penny.

44 Responses to “Michael Bay Talks To Entertainment Weekly”

  1. Tony Carroll Says:

    He says it contains plots from the first two…well the mask comes from part 3. ;)

  2. francesco Says:

    he doesn’t know anything about this movie.
    i’m only sorry that the nightmare remake project is a little way off right now.

  3. shotz10 Says:

    jason is in the movie..so its not like parts 1 and 2 ..thats the twist..in the first 12 mins…its parts one and two re done then it goes into the new version of friday the 13th..i bet they copy rob zombies halloween..like how he made the first half of halloween his way the kinda remade the second half like part one but with his twist,…thats what this friday the 13th will maby be like but much much better,,i bet ya!!!!$$ shotz 10…p.s. michael bay has no clue how the movie looks..yet hey seen like a few parts sooo !!wight till we all see it to judge it!!!

  4. Travis Desmond Says:

    I\\\’m excited about the movie. I haven\\\’t heard anything monumentally stupid that I think is going to screw it up and piss us hardcore fans off. I think it will turn out just fine. The TCM remake was good…maybe a little different in terms of back stories, but that\\\’s ok, that\\\’s the point here. Things can change and still be good as long as they don\\\’t destroy the basis of what it was created on in the first place.

  5. Pete Says:

    Sounds like Entertainment Weekly needs to do their homework. In one of the questions they ask if it’s true that there will plots taken from all 3 F13th flics? 3?! There’s a bit more than 3 F13th flics! Probably just a typo or something and I know I’m cherry picking here. I’m hoping they meant to say plots from the first 3 movies. Being a die hard fan of the series it just bothers me I guess. Still, I can’t wait until 2/13/09!

  6. brettak81 Says:

    i think travis put it pretty well

  7. Kane Says:

    In every horror film, there are things we all see that we could easily change. Remakes isn’t anything new. The whole “Little red riding hood” story is actually a remake itself because the ‘true’ story is very graphic and it was retold to entertain younger audiences. Same thing with alot of stories. I will admit, I think Rob Zombie drowned his Halloween remake in exessive language and nudity, but I still liked it. And there are also remakes that became bigger than the originals, like Scarface, there was an original film to that one too, but Al Pacino made it a classic. I will be honest and say that if someone came up to me and offered me to tell a story of a legend, but in my own made up version, I would do it in a heartbeat but at the same time I would always remain loyal to the original story.

  8. Christian Sellers Says:

    The occasional remake that was made out of love and respect of the original and improves on its concept I’m all for (The Fly, The Thing), but these endless shite remakes, where every studio and producer smells a money put and decides to capitalize on a trend (make no mistake people, this is exactly what Platinum Dunes are doing, despite the ‘we’re doing it for the fans’ crap) is just tedious and uninspiring.

  9. brettak81 Says:

    this interview has me so friggin ready for the new one.

    imagine sittin in the dark theatre that first night. the first shot of jason on the big-screen. i think it’ll have an electric feel in the theatres!

    but man i hope they dont screw it up for god’s sake! satisfy us fans with some of the old characters, even if its just for a few seconds of camera time (fat hitchhiker girl eating the banana, crazy dude laying in the street with the eyeball, etc etc..)

  10. J-Bomb Says:

    As fans we should all be happy that they’re making a new Friday the 13th. Even if the movie it’s self doesn’t live up to our super high fanboy expectations, it’s a good sign that like Jason himself our favorite slasher movies will never truely die.

  11. Colby Says:

    fucking great, they’re making it funny?
    i got enough of that from the child’s play franchise and nightmare.
    now they’re making this funny, too?
    that sucks.

  12. Moe Says:

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Travis Says:

    First off if it’s about the first two, all he is saying that it will have Pamela and Jason. He also mentioned that he is not going off the original plot and that there are twists. And if anybody promotes this new Nightmare remake then your all retarded, somethings should be left the same. If there is ever to be a remake I will be completely embarrassed and disappointed. See it’s easy to remake Halloween, Friday and/or Omen, because the killers are all so replaceable, but Freddy? Come on people, let’s start to get original here.

  14. PeterBaker Says:

    Im fucking excited!! I love hearing from the guys who put it together. Just knowing that they try excites me.. even if it is a failure. In addition, it makes me excited for a special dvd version.. if we get one!

    Ive been trying to get word from my buddy who went to film school with me.. he worked on the damn thing as a PA to my knowledge.. im trying guys, lol

  15. thomasss Says:

    I’m really getting to get angry…
    why in the hell they can’t tell about us more
    something about the cast or give us some shoots
    i mean oh mt god i’m really getting tired
    form months we havent know anything new
    just a bounch of little things that not make sense
    i’m really exited about the movie
    pero i really hate the fact that their ar not given us information

  16. eXile Says:

    “your all retarded” <- awesome

  17. Jedimaster Says:

    First of all, it’s a Michael Bay film, so I am sure he knows more then what he is saying, he is just saying what he says so people don’t keep bugging him about the movie, thats how I would play it. It may be like how Rob Zombie has done the New Halloween, and it may NOT, we will have just to see how it will all play out, I am getting excited for the trailer though. The Teaser is what is going to get people all riled up because it will not be what people want or expect it to be, showing Jason and Victims and all that good stuff, it will go in to the scary sounds that you have always heard in the friday films and than it will show the camp crystal lake sigh and than give a release date, thats my theory. Jason will be an intelligent person in this new one, not like the dumb shit that he was in the previous films, He will out think his victims in a totally different way and it will freak people out, this movie will bring in some good money I think, look at Rob Zombies Halloween, it did well in the box office, if memory serves it was #1 2 wks in a row if not 3, I would not be suprised if it made more than the original, and the original was damned good, Rob Zombies was just as GOOD, I was sceptical at first up until I saw opening day and thought that he did a great job and no fuck ups there.

  18. thomasss Says:

    its said that there is a still of the friday upcoming horror movie in bloody disgusting website
    i actually think this is not a still

  19. SplitSkull Says:

    Ok this is what I mean about don’t fix something that isn’t broken. He says that it’s also funny? What the hell?!?! It’s a fun college adventure that goes awry?!?! This sounds horrible!! But on other news, I went to blodydisgusting.com and there is a picture of Jason that looks like it should be from part 3, but it isn’t from any of the movies. I wounder if it’s from the remake….

  20. SplitSkull Says:

    Ok it’s official, blodydisgusting.com DOES have a first pic of Jason!!!! And it’s not the one that I first mentioned, an he looks TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the water looks greenish with a girl in the water and Jason’s across the lake WITH A WINTER COAT ON!!!!!!!! LAME AS HELL!!!!

  21. SplitSkull Says:

    And with the fog in the pic it looks to much like Freddy VS. Jason.

  22. ryan Says:

    Also in Entertainment Weekly is the first shot of JASON VORHEES. It\’s over at bloody-disgusting…It\’s a small pic of him though.

  23. SplitSkull Says:

    I know I just was saying that. That’s what I was talking about

  24. TeenageFrankenstein Says:

    The thing that gets me is that this picture is shot during the day. Since when did Jason subdue his victims at any other time than night? I’m probably just nit-picking, but I know that my fellow Friday the 13th fans will know what i’m talking about.

  25. Dimon Says:

    Well, Mr. Frankenstein, there was the fat hitch-hiker eating the banana on Part 4. As well as the group of office workers paint balling on part 6. I believe he may have killed some people on the cruise ship on part 8 as well.

  26. Dimon Says:

    I wonder why some producers/directors don’t remake movies that should be remade. Well, I guess I know why they don’t, but I’m just spouting off. For instance, movies like Motel Hell, Sleepaway Camp to name a couple. These movies have certain elements that would be cool to see, but the movies themselves were less than desirable.

  27. Penhall Says:

    Saw the pic, and even though Jason is far away, he looks TERRIBLE. I dont know why they’d put him in the crappy clothes that they did. Maybe he’ll look better in the movie during the night scenes with the moody lighting or whatever, but UGH…he looks really lame.

  28. ryan Says:

    I agree…The pic was lame and he just looked like some guy with a mask..Hopefully it’s not a real shot of him in action. maybe some sort of illusion or something…I am disappointed that they would choose for this to be the first picture of him releaesd. OR maybe it’s actually a fake photo released by them to throw the fans off and still keep him completely under wraps. Sorta like this is a pic of him BUT that was in the early stages and we changed him a lot since then. Who knows!

  29. Travis Desmond Says:

    I’m going to reserve judgement. I’m hoping the pic, while not that great, is not what it appears to be.

  30. Pete Says:

    Just checked out that pic of Jason @ BD and I don’t know if it’s just me but does it look like he’s not wearing a shirt underneath the jacket? It’s tough to see since it’s a far away shot of him so I’m not too sure and I hope that I’m wrong. As far as this flic goes I’m trying to remain positive about it since I’m not for remakes. I thought TCM’s remake was decent and TCM:The Begining was pretty good, so I don’t think that PD has completey bombed w/ their horror flics. Back to remakes, I feel that they don’t really put any effort into alot of them (TCM the exception). It’s alright to put your perspective into it but don’t stray away from the original too much. I give Zombie credit for trying to give Halloween a back story but he should have kept it @ that. Why not call it Halloween: The begining? The reason I say this is because once we got past how Michael Myers became the silent killer we all know and love and into the original flic itself, the original storyline was rushed (IMO). You didn’t have time to get to know the characters and relate to them. It was like Laurie Strode was just some random victim of Myers and not the Heroin. Even Dr.Loomis was hard to relate to and we saw alot of him in the remake, probably a little bit more than we saw in the original too. I know we’re discussing F13th here but I just wanted to make a point w/ Halloween. Hopefully F13th’s remake will learn from Zombie’s mistake as far as story line goes. It concerns me because they’re including elements from not just one but supposedly 3 different F13th flics into this remake. So does that mean that this story line will have that same rushed feeling? I realize that the elements are just basic stuff like Pamela Vorhees (for pt.1), Jason’s hooded mask (pt.2 element and the double impalement kill), and the Hockey mask (pt.3 element). That’s just based off what I have read so I don’t know if they are including other elements as well. I know that the character Clay is searching for his sister like Rob from pt.4 was doing, which I believe Rob’s sister was Sandra from the double impalement kill in pt.2. O.K. I’ve ranted long enough, sorry guys. I’m still remaining positive about this flic.

  31. SplitSkull Says:

    Actually Pete rob aleady knew that his sister was killed and he was HUNTING Jason down.

  32. shotz10 Says:

    that pic is not the real jason!!!!.its the kid who first puts on mask to fuck with the girl in the lake..then jason kills him and takes it off..and then we all know what happens next…but if it is the real jason..!!well it is a remake and a different story..so we need to just see what there going with…i my self dont mind change as long as its DONE WELL…. SO IN THAT NOTE CANT WEIGHT FOR THIS MOVIE..I WILL BE THE FIRST ON LINE WITH 10 OF MY FRIENDS..HAHAAH

  33. Pete Says:

    SplitSkull: Yeah, I completely forgot about that and didn’t realize until after I posted it. I was actually just using that as a comparison to the Clay’s character who is apparently searching for his sister (that’s according to imdb.com’s faqs section on series connection to the remake) Whitney. Whether or not he knows she’s dead (I going to assume that she does die) when he arrives is another question. Thanks for the correction though!;)

  34. SplitSkull Says:

    It’ll all good bro :) I hope that’s not Jason like shotz10 sugested. I realy don’t think that they would put jason in a light colored shirt. I mean even the worst friday movie (prt. 5, prt 8 or prt 9 depending on taste) Jason looked a little creepy.

  35. shotz10 Says:

    OK …I HAVE A NEW ONE..IF THAT IS JASON..IN THE PIC MABY HE JUST GOT THE Mask…then he finds some old dirty shirt and puts it on ..but ..also in this pic he dose not seem to have a hump back??????? so and it is in the day time.. and i herd there is a crazy twist in the first 12 mins of the movie..we all have no clue im starting to bug out..lol..i want to see this movie more and more…we need to see more cause someone is doing a good job of hide ing the real jason….traler comming soon i here..

  36. RobC Says:

    oh dear. i love this website, but i am going to have to abandon it until i see the new movie cuz if i look at the website, ill know everything about the movie befor it comes out!!! so im gunna not spoil any twists or pictures from the movie and what not. so adios! talk to you febuary 14th! =P

  37. TeenageFrankenstein Says:

    Thanks Dimon, for clearing that up, I had forgotten. Bay will probably be crafty in the m.o. that Jason implements to acquire his staple belongings (the hockey mask and machete). As “realistic” of an approach as it may be to show the audience how he comes to possess such things, I fear that it may devalue the movie’s story.

    Now, please hear me out on this. I grew up watching the Friday the 13th movies, and prefer them over any other slasher title. Having seen every Friday the 13th to date, I can easily say that the first four were the only ones with a real story. Remember, the stories to prt. 2-4 transpired over a total of three days, which is quite realistic, if you really think about some homicidal maniac on the loose in the natural wild of Upstate New York. It would be difficult to track a person effectively, especially when said person knows the area better than anyone else.

    The point i’m trying to make is that, despite how excited I am at there being a remake, I feel that a much better story could have been written than the one that we’re going to witness this coming February. There’s a reason why the first four movies were really good - they were four individual films, not one movie that crammed three, possibly four, movie’s worth of stories into 1 hour and 45 min, possibly 2 hours of footage.

    If the movie -must- show how Jason acquires the hockey mask, and machete (and any other tool that he may use as a weapon), I at least hope that it’s thought through, and not some half-butt attempt. One of the factors that has made all the Friday the 13th titles enjoyable to me is how Jason is very rarely shown retrieving a weapon, he just appears on screen with it (the brush-saw from prt. 7, anyone?) Seriously, where in the world would he find something like -that-? lol. I digress…

    Bottom line is that I hope Bay, and everyone at Platinum Dunes, really goes the extra mile to make this a memorable movie. A little bit of humor never hurt anyone, but what I really want is to be scared like I was when I was a kid and saw one of the movies. If this remake can do that, i’ll be satisfied.

  38. Dimon Says:

    No probs, man. Plenty where that came from. I’ve never quite thought about the truth in the early movies, but that’s totally plausible. Those people were actually trying to be realistic! Somewhat anyway. WHOAH!

  39. the2ndsuitor Says:

    Fuck Michael Bay.

  40. Dimon Says:

    Damn straight!

  41. nohair Says:

    they gave jason a blonde mullet

  42. RemakeSLAYER Says:

    the horror genre has become a total joke. Nothing but uninspired remakes for the young pg-13 audiences decided by studio execs..none of these people have respect for the genre. It’s sad as this is the dark period of studio remakes and flashy editing. All style no substance. Now the children will tell me how i’m wrong and how these remakes are better because they arent “dated” and “boring” like the originals…

  43. jordan Says:

    nooooooooooo its going to be hatchet not friday the 13th

  44. Dimon Says:

    RemakeSLAYER: Thanks for taking the words right out of my mouth. All horror movies now-a-days have the “action cam” look that makes it very hard to enjoy. When I watch a movie I want to see what’s going on. To me that’s more entertaining. Furthermore, modern horror is stalemated so much that none seem to have their own identity. In the ’80s, horror movies had different styles and stories for the most part.
    These movies will be just as dated, if not more, a few years from now because of their use of crap metal bands for the soundtracks. What happened to the score carrying the story, like it should?! Maybe if they had good composers, they wouldn’t have to have lame bands play for the soundtracks!

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