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Early New Friday Ideas

I saw this interview on Chud and found the following comments to be pretty interesting, regarding the development of New Friday:
Fuller: We had all kinds of crazy scripts. We had one script that had Jason in the suburbs and he was going into people’s homes and killing him. There was the one where there was [...]

Darren (Ruste Dowg) Laken brings professional mask painting to Jason fans (Interview Included)

(photo by Kyle Roginsky)
There was a time when finding a hockey mask that looked authentic (outside of paying big bucks for an actual movie used prop) was virtually impossible. Then out of the woodwork came Special FX artist Ken Tarallo at Ken is a man who gets little credit in the Friday the [...]

The Scarefest reminder (Sept 12-14) Lexington, KY

Just a reminder, tickets are going FAST for Lexington, Kentucky’s “The Scare Fest”. This is Central Kentucky’s largest horror and paranormal convention.
The event will take place Friday, September 12 thru Sunday, September 14th at the Lexington Center in downtown Lexington, Kentucky. The Lexington Center is one of the largest convention centers in the state [...]

Exclusive Early Friday Boxset Details

The rumor a few days ago of a new boxset from Paramount is indeed true. I’m allowed to share some early news from a trusted source:
The studio will only be re-issuing the first three films to tie in with the new movie-
-There will, however, be new extras.
No word on any uncut or 3-D versions of [...]

Behind The Scenes TV Segment

Cheers to YT user “abramreyes” for uploading this.

Ultimate DVD Box Set In The Works?

Early word of a possible new DVD boxset courtesy of Dread Central:
There has been speculation since the Friday the 13th remake came to life again that perhaps Paramount would go back and give us a decent F13 box set. Well, an inside source confirmed for us today that that’s exactly what’s going down! Paramount is [...]

Friday Website Opens

The website for the movie has opened up at (don’t confuse it with our URL, sucka’s). Nothing really there right now, but gee isn’t it nice to have a high-res of that teaser poster art for my desktop wallpaper.