Derek Mears As Jason Voorhees

New Friday April 2nd, 2024


It’d be ironic if Jason actually had a head of hair in this film. From BD:

This morning we received exclusive intel - which has been confirmed - that Derek Mears (picture inside; The Hills Have Eyes 2, Cursed) is in final talks to play Jason Voorhees in the remake of Friday the 13th for Platinum Dunes, New Line Cinema, MTV and Paramount Pictures. We have also been informed that he is in fact going to be the new Jason, it’s just a matter of time until everything is finalized.

16 Responses to “Derek Mears As Jason Voorhees”

  1. Jason Says:

    This guy is frickin’ awesome. I am really looking forward to his hack and slash ways.

  2. John Says:

    That guy is freaking scary as hell, without the makeup and stuff this guy is definitely going to creep a lot of people out. All in a very good way though. I liked how he portrayed the chameleon mutant in the Hills Have Eyes 2. I wonder how Jason will look in this new film. I hope and pray to whoever’s listening, that Jason does not wear a coat in this movie. It doesn’t suit him well. I would like to see the regular outfit he wore in parts 3 and 4. No, jacket or anything like that. Hopefully he’ll use more than just a machete in this remake. I think it would be cool for him to use different gardening tools like he had done in the original films.

  3. Colin Says:

    Nice choice. Much better than the one Dusk thought it would be on the site’s main page news. Desmond Askew? Creepy? Yes. Jason? No freakin’ way.

  4. gabriel Says:

    disfruto y disfrute mucho de las peliculas aqui en argentina llamada martes 13
    jason… derek un capo. espero que entiendan el castellano
    (subtitulado place) saludos
    esto quien lo responde? jason a apuñaladas. bueno si es asi la proxima te escrivo algo mas emotivo, jajaja. un gusto

  5. Dusk Says:

    Hi Colin, maybe I’m ready for a Jason that isn’t played by some hulking guy. But what do I know? To most casual moviegoers, it could be a hobo they paid in food stamps under the mask for all they care.

  6. JJ Says:

    ?????, ??? ??? - ???????? ?????. ??? ???? ???, ??? ? 3-? ????? ? ????? ???!

  7. Colin Says:


    Don’t get me wrong man. I’m not opposed to smaller guys playing the part either. As a matter of fact I prefer the smaller actors in the earlier films like Ted White and Richard Brooker. Smaller in a relative way that is. I just thought this new guy, even without make up, already looks like Jason… lol! Thought that he was a much better fit than Askew. IMO he just seemed too small. Remember Jason has been living in the woods all his life and is probably quite a big boy by the time the events in the movie occur. But to each their own. Hope I didn’t offend. Cheers.

  8. Reggie Brazil Says:

    I give an ok to Derek Mears as he already looks like JASON on the new F13 without the make up, DAMN !!!! He’s smaller and it does fit for a younger JASON in his early years, however Kane Hodder is still the freakin man ! Richard Brooker and Ted White has props too.

  9. Christian Says:

    Kane Hodder was awesome as Jason but I’m pleased with the casting of Derek Mears. Kane’s best attribute was his ability to perform major stuntwork, such as the roof collapsing on him in The New Blood. But if Jason is going to become human once again maybe a stuntman isn’t no necessary. I just wonder if this is a shit if they’ll call the second film Friday the 13th Part II…

  10. Christian Says:

    P.S. I know Derek Mears is a stuntman before anyone corrects that last comment I left. I’m just not sure how his work compares to Kane’s, but he should be able to play the character without people conparingthe two

  11. DAN CORDERO Says:


  12. DAN CORDERO Says:


  13. Dusk Says:

    Hey Colin, only saw this now. I wasn’t offended. Cheers man.

  14. Christian Says:

    Kane Hodder was great but the character existed through six other films (or five if you don’t count his cameo at the end of the first). If there was life in Jason before Kane then surely it can live on after him. Bring on Derek Mears!

  15. chris Says:

    whoah, easy job for the SFX team, not much makeup required to make this meathouse look like jason.

  16. jordan Says:

    whoop whoo

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