New Friday The 13th Set Photos

Some set photos have popped up at the excellent SF Universe, thanks to ‘dragoncomet’. Nothing spoilery, but gives a decent pictorial idea of how the shoot is set up. Below is the first photo of Jared Padalecki, the rest follow.







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  1. Nice to see some set photos show up first on this website and some others before it was posted on the Platinum Dunes blog or the BD website. Very Nice!

  2. These pictures were taken by couple from Texas living near to the set. Check out for more info!

  3. I was hoping for some pics of victims wearing thongs.

  4. Yeah I’m glad Bloody Disgusting haven’t posted these first… smug bastards!

  5. Awesome! Good to see these pop up over here.

  6. OK, I can already kinda see this is gonna be a direct remake of the last one. Am I correct?

  7. I can’t wait for it! Jason Rules!!!

  8. I’m just glad Jason is gonna be back at Camp Crystal Lake, where he belongs. We havent had a Jason movie take place in the woods surrounding Crystal Lake since Part VII….

  9. So far they’re on the right track. I like the look of it, so far its generating the right vibe of the early traditional Friday the 13ths.

  10. Jason back at Crystal lake is what all the old school F13th fans want! And it re-introduces, in a way, the story & myth of Jason to a whole new generation of fans. I cant wait.

  11. I’m just wondering -1- lil’ question, “Where’s Elias Voorhees” -we have only heard abou thim in JGTH and there was talk in the end of pt 6 where his dad was supposed to be there…. anyone know if he will FINALLY have a role in the story?

  12. I just hope Elias doesn’t show up wearing a thong!

  13. Don’t think so. As he has never really been used he is not an important character

  14. this movie looks great keep at it

  15. I think bringing the father into the picture may give jason some depth as a characture,perhaps theres some sick twisted child abuse story behind all his rage. maybe hes not avenging his mothers deth at all, maybe hes just pissed he didnt get to her first.

  16. I think Elias is dead…I mean that much of Pamela’s Tale as to be true. Glad see Jason’s back, heh, might go visit the set…

  17. Looks nice. I am liking this thus far!

  18. Glad to see that Friday the 13th Films landed these pics. I really hate that the producer blogs at Bloody-Disgusting. Such an awful website that is.

    Nice job. Keep it up!!!

  19. Doesnt look like a remake with the modern police car. Id rather a fresh new movie anyways but doubt thats going to happen.

  20. To me, really evokes the feeling of the original 1980s classics. Looks like a good one. I hope a picture of Jason gets leaked online soon though. It’s the only reason anyone watches F13 - Part V proved that.

  21. We need Jason to kill while wearing a thong.

  22. go watch ed geing if you want to see something that stupid.

  23. jason, michael, and freddy can kiss my butt. Norman Bates is the true King of sick twisted individuals who kill innocent people. so shut your traps.

    Norman Bates will Never Die.

  24. An actual (or replica) 80’s box type police car should have been used. I’m just not feeling 80ish.

  25. norman bates did die… of AIDS

  26. and if that didn’t kill him…Vince Vaughn did back in 1998

  27. Nice graphics on the police car. That’s one of the more unrealistic movie cop cars I’ve ever seen.

  28. I’m sick of prequels,[extremley looking forward to it though].i just wish the new movie could take off where F VS J finishes and [zombie] jason could get back to killing teens in the woods.

  29. whats the new film about and whens the due date

    ps keep up the good work

  30. It looks great. But I wish the set would be like the old days like in part 6,7,3. like with all these woods surrounding crystal lake and with all the trees Jason or Pamela could be anywhere.

  31. oh and don’t forget the long road with all the trees surrounding the straight rode on each side.

  32. ??? ??? ?? ?? ?????? “??????? 13-??” ?? ??????? ??????? ?? ???? ???????????:(

  33. looks to pritty

  34. According to this new F13th film will have elements from the parts 1-4. It’s sort of a reimagining/remake/prequel thing. Basically what we got w/ RZ’s Halloween. Check’s FAQ’s section on this flic for info and a few spoilers! CAN’T WAIT!!!

  35. Bring back Junior from part V somehow I love that guy!!!

  36. appearently i was reading somewhere that jasons dad was going to be the old drunk guy in jason lives (part 6)u know the man who threw the bottle and it didnt land , cause jason caught it and smashed it, but they changed the plot

  37. im thinking they should use rob zombie to make this film, but im not sure , i just hope they dont make jason look like a f**kin retard like on freddy vs jason, cause jason always looked best with kane hodder playing him

  38. Jason’s dad was supposed to have been in Jason Lives, but not as Martin the caretaker (the old drunk you mention). He was supposed to have appeared at the end, known as Elias Voorhees, and was to give Martin some money asa payment for him keeping the truth of Jason’s posthumous deeds a secret. But instead they killed Martin off halfway through and ignored the character of Elias altogether (he was also to have appeared in Jason Goes to Hell, but was once again cut out of the shooting script)

  39. ok you guys are probably wondering where the movie is being filmed at… its being filmed in BASTROP, TX at least some of it.. your probably wondering how i know this..?! well my brother is a sheriff, and he called me one morning when i was going to work, and surprised me with news.. which is pretty cool.. they’ve also filmed other movies in his town too.. like THE HITCHER the remake.. and a few others..

  40. I just cant wait to see The first pics of Jason or of him hacking someones head off …i mean the originals were known for how creative they were in killing off their characters..and of couse also known for the great makeup effects…
    i just hope they dont screw it up …the friday series was one of my favorites ..still is …i cant wait too see it and judge for myself
    untill then i have to watch my old movies…

  41. Hey guys this is the guy who is playing Jason and u wont be dissapointed.

  42. I ‘am a fan , and have seen every Friday the 13th movie. My favorites were the first with Kevin Bacon and the one where Jason had it out with the psychic girl. I’am spending money on this one though…because my boy Jared Padalecki is in it. Hell Yeah. I think though that Jason is going to kill tall and handsome Jared.

  43. I hope they be alive they name Jared Padaleki and Danielle Panaker on friday the 13

  44. I realy like Jared Padalecki,he’s absolutly gorgeous and i hope he lives upto my expectations in this film.

  45. First of all, Rob Zombie has yet to prove he can actually make a film where he didn\’t rely on pimping his wife or using the same guys on every film. What\’s even worse is these people can\’t even act! Films that solely rely on tits and ass,obscene language and special effects and gore aren\’t REAL films! Don\’t get me wrong I like it in my movies as well but, not when it sacrices the integrity of the film itself. Rob Zombie is a good musician and he might eventually make a good film but he\’s already fucked up one classic film (HALLOWEEN) I am glad he won\’t be doing it on another!

  46. I can’t wait to see Friday the 13th. I love Jared Padalecki he is so HOT! I love him on Supernatural too. I wish Jensen Ackles could have done this movie with him as well. Only have both of them survive. I don’t want them killed. I hope Jared Padalecki lives too. Jared Kick Jason’s butt.

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