First Set Report

New Friday June 4th, 2024

Fangoria have a nice set-visit up online, no pictures (oh, of course) but it’s a great read and far from that “look how cool wez are for visited the set ROFLMAO!” set report I read elsewhere a month ago. Hey, don’t you call me snarky - even Fango royally owned those guys by calling First on this being a set report. Ahem. Onto some quotage:

Jason’s gonna git all American History X on y’all:

[Jason] had a machete up to someone’s head and pulled it out by kicking the guy’s skull down to the ground.

Breaking news, Andrew Fuller thinks fans are terrorists:

On-line, we have people threatening to firebomb our building, or kill us…it’s true, people take their horror movies very seriously.

Sheesh - no wonder Platinum Dunes are making the flick for teenage non-fans - teens don’t take anything seriously.

6 Responses to “First Set Report”

  1. nohair Says:

    creative kills thats what Jason is all about

  2. David Says:

    i’ve got a feeling that this remake is going to suck. mtv has already got their claws into it. i noticed they have casted a black guy in this. and knowing mtv, that means it will end up being full of hip hop slang and music. not to mention a strong liberal bias. and no, i have nothing agaist black people, just hip hop and liberalism. i’m sick to death of this politically correct bullsh*t. it’s a treat to freedom of speech and over all freedom of thought. and as everybody knows freedom of thought requires the ability to choose from different viewpoints. and having a movie try to tell whats right and wrong is just plain f*cked up. anyway sorry about the rant, it’s just that i was looking forward to this remake and i found out about mtv’s involvement i knew that it was going to put it’s liberal bias into it just like mtv does with everything they’re involved with. and no i’m not a conservative, i’m just a normal person that\’s missing the days when normal people were represented in movies instead of politically correct stereo types.

  3. David Says:

    sorry about typo - treat/threat , i was typing too fast.

  4. Carrie Says:

    I agree completely. MTV shouldn’t be involved in the new friday movie. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be an “8 Mile” politically correct version of Friday the 13th. With any luck Andrew Fuller and the people at Platinum Dunes wont let MTV ruin the remake. And don’t worry about the typo, it happens to us all.

  5. robC Says:

    omg, mtv?! no! why can’t anybody get it through their thick skulls that the fans want sequels, not crappy modern remakes. most of the friday films were made 4 quantity not so much quality (j takes manhattan, x, 5, ect) but seriously, it sounds like its gunna be like the new house of wax and totally suck. why can’t horror directors and producer just accept the sad fact that anything that is not a remake will probably go straight to video because horror is considered violent and disgraceful to films by society. (not that i think this) but consider, take rob zombie’s halloween and take away michael myers, the music, and character names and stetting names, it would be a typical torture porn horror flick that we see oh too often now a days that is a straight to video movie. idk. i’m getting off on a tangent. but I honestly think they should consider their fans and not the stupid teens who will see this new remake and totally forget about the originals. hell, i’m a teen, but i know these movies inside and out and a remake is not neccisary. let all us true friday fans bow our heads and prey for mtv to go away and this film to work out, amen.

  6. Uncle John Says:

    As an aside, this ongoing sniping between this site and Bloody-Disgusting is REALLY putting me off. For crying out loud, cyberspace is a big place, and FRIDAY THE 13TH fans are going to go anywhere and everywhere they can to get their fix of F13 news… that is, unless every single news item is peppered with pointless jabs at the other site. Frankly, as stoked as I am for this movie (and it would be impossible to put that into words), I’m also aware that major news like photos will hit plenty of other sites, and I’ll be there on opening night whether I continue to visit certain horror websites between now and then or not. If I wanted petty sniping and absolutely pointless, worthless, unnecessary, and completely silly infighting, I’d spend my internet time on political blogs.

    Or, to put it more bluntly, I don’t give a flying shit that you and the folks at B-D don’t like each other. Would it be possible for you to leave that element out of future posts about this film, or should I just avoid visiting either site from now on?

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