New Jason Betting Pool

New Friday June 4th, 2024

Right here, right now, I’m calling out New Jason’s appearance. And if you think I’m being cocky just to rile you up into throwing your own guesses into the pool… well, you know me too well.


Let’s see. In the original series, Jason only ended up in dark clothing because he raided a washing line (as a kid I was confused, because Harold was way too fat for those clothes… but I digress). Before that, he was a man of the wild. A man who wore overalls and plaid flanelette shirt from the finest hillbilly tailors this side of Deliverance. It’s possible his boring swamp getup of FVSJ could make a return, but I’m betting on red(neck, that is).


The concept of a crazy bald psycho in a mask has long been a cliche overused in every comedy skit and comic strip needing a Psycho Killa even Joe Blow can recognize. So while Jason is human in this new one, I’m thinking baldy head is out. Yet it’s essential they communicate his malformed mongo-head, so again I’m going back to part 2: long wild-man hair but with some key lumpy noggin on show.


Something indicative of classic Jason - the mask of part 3 and 4, perhaps a little dirtied up to go along with the rest of his look. Shouldn’t be too many surprises here, unless they go with a chrome mask, which would make for a kickass shot of a victim’s fear-filled face reflected right before the killing blow. But we shall see.


What the fuck are you, crazy? If you care about Jason’s footwear, go watch Sex & The City or a Tarantino movie or something. Pervert.

56 Responses to “New Jason Betting Pool”

  1. Shaun Says:

    I don’t really care what he looks like as long as they make him scary again.

  2. Tony Says:

    Lol. Excellent write up there dude. I agree with most everything. But I think he’ll be bald. I’ve often figured that was one of the kickers in hiring Mears on to play Jason. He comes readily bald. Jason may have a hair or two sticking out. But I’m going to say he’ll most likely be completely bald. I’m thinking the look from part 3 and 4 may be cannon in this flick. A tad more dirty. But nonetheless, I think he’ll have that look.

  3. ART Says:

    Im gonna have to disagree with you on this one, I think that while introducing us to a newer Jason, the look is gonna formely generate from parts 3 & 4. I think there’ll be similarities to the look of part 2, only not as much hair and some facial hair, as you remember Jason had a beard in part 2. Clothing I’d expect since its a “reimagining”, I think it’ll be more of a dingy colored blood-stained jumpsuit if not the usual blue long sleeved shirt and we all know it wouldn’t be Jason without his machete so I think we can all bank on the infamous machete to return…

  4. JVM Says:

    For a split second, I thought that photo was from the new film. I’d like Jason to look a mix of how he did in FvJ and with his p4 look. I think they should make him mostly bald - give him a bit of hair - more than in Jason X or FvJ but less than in Part 2.

  5. eXile Says:

    I hope he looks like he did in TFC, which was essentially an adult version of how in looked in the original Friday the 13th.

  6. eXile Says:

    *how HE looked

  7. nohair Says:

    No hair i want him to look like he did in 3 & 4 hockey mask doesnt look right with hair sticking out of it.I wish they wouldnt have gone away from the music of 1 through 4 bring that back too

  8. monique anderson Says:

    I think they will go for the original mask w/ ax slice in it from kris. I think he will be beefed up with maybe the clothes like in part 4. No jump suit. That is to michael myers. One eye, I hope they get it right. Lumpy head with a little hair. Work boots. Different way of killing likr in part 7, no machette. Less gore and more suspenseful

  9. Dylan Says:

    Let’s see. A hockey mask like part 3 but dirtier. Ripped, worn out (like part 7 and 8) overalls (like part 4) and boots (like FvJ). Bald head with a little hair (like JGTH) and a deformed eye. That’d be the perfect look, combined from every movie.

  10. Jason V Says:

    Monique, I agree that they have to make Friday The 13th suspenseful again, but a Friday The 13th without gore? If they do that then it isn\’t a Friday no more… I just think they have to make Jason bald and I don\’t care much about the outfit, but the machete has to return and he just has to use various weapons.

  11. brad Says:

    I think that Jason will have a look that is scarey and have people talking for awhile, I do think that this is a story that will have an ending to it, I think the ending will be awesome and jason will get what is coming to him, as for his mom I think she will have a different role in this, she will be against her son or she will encourage his rage and his dad will be the one to go against his own son.after all it is a reimagining/remake, I hear that jason will have the potato sack again and I can’ help think if he will be wearing it as a boy and as he gets older he gets his hockey mask, jason starts killing as a boy and like in the new halloween the parents don’t want to accept the fact that there is something wrong with their little boy and as he gets older he continues his killing spree and one of the parents try to stop him. it’s a thought..

  12. brad Says:

    I think jason’s appearance will be surprising to all, as for the picture up at the top of the screen I feel that picture is far fetched on his “new” look, I don’t think he will be in the overalls like he was in 2 I do think he will be in really grungy clothing, just because Jason in this new remake/reimagining, I feel he will not come from a some what upscaled family as they show from Jason Goes to Hell, I think it will be a family that is some what down on their luck and living in the woods, and are not in the community much, yes the voorhees family will be known but maybe like the role of Crazy Ralph, they keep to themselves and not bother people unless Jason did something.

  13. DoomDS Says:

    You also said a while back that you knew the new Jason was some little skinny english dude. and I think your way off on this 2.

  14. Dusk Says:

    DoomDS, you’re 100% wrong about that. I never said that - I simply shared who I would have *liked* to be in the role. It was speculation, as is this. Way off? I sure hope so. Guessing, then being surprised, is all part of the fun.

  15. nohair Says:

    slap a hockey mask on derek mears add a jacked up eye a dirty shirt and pants D- U- N
    his head is perfect he was born 2 be Jason

  16. nohair Says:

    I want nothing to do with how he has looked in any NEW Line movie JGTH should never be mentioned in any friday the 13th web site Jason X he had new borns hair and F v J he was wearing a G-D— wool coat and looked like a goof

  17. Ken Says:

    I personally like the bald look, but a few subtle spots of hair would be ok. As long as Jason is back and ruthless! True fans will accept him, but he should be a dirty, rough version of parts 3-4. And The mask is crucial….with all the great after market screen accurate masks out there, it has to be a classic look. Not like in jason x,…man that beginning mask was square-ish and looked terrible! I hope they dont half-ass it like the myers masks in the halloween sequels….but we’ll see I guess.

  18. Ken Says:

    To NoHair,..dude thats hilarious about the wool coat. I agree, was to beef him up a bit. He was sure tall enuff, but needed to be alittle thicker. It was ok, but it reminded me of a frankenstein coat from one of those old, classic films……

  19. nohair Says:

    Ive been waitin for a crystal lake friday since well since part 7.friday the 13th back in the name NO body changing demon NO space NO FREDDY Just jason in the woods with some drugged out sexxed crazed teens, did i mention NO body changing demon.New line still owes me 10 bucks for that fiasco there is no way any true friday fan had anything to do with that movie cuz if they did they should be beatin up against a tree in a sleeping bag. I aint pointing any fingers (Sean Cunningham)

  20. nohair Says:

    HOW BAD IS IT WHEN taking your character into SPACE and making them into a super version ISNT your worst plot line of a sequel(JGTH)

  21. JVM Says:

    People, shut up about JGTH and FvJ. It doesn’t matter which sequels were bad. You can’t change the past. So shut it.

    Anyway, now that I think about it, I think maybe a human JGTH Jason, although without his mask buried in his skin - wouldn’t work here - and with a mask like either FvJ or Part 7. When unmasked, Pt 4 Jason would be best, if you ask me.

  22. colin Says:

    i say he should look like early jason but have most features from jason lives but more power EXTREME GORE no gore no movie

  23. colin Says:

    o ya ps happy upcomin birthday jason ur makers should have had the new film ready for it

  24. Penhall Says:

    The one and only thing I’m worried about is the hockey mask. In one of the interviews, they said they changed it a tiny bit (can’t remember where I read that or who said it). I don’t want it to be different. I dont want a Jason X type mask…

  25. Ken Says:

    Thank you Penhall! The mask is more critical than people think. It makes Jason who he is. If the movie is brutal and bloody like the texas remake, then all us fans will be fine. If not then we’ll have to wait for the unrated DVD!! I wish all the old F13ths were released un-rated. That would be sweet.

  26. nohair Says:

    yea you cant change the past but you can use it to make sure the future is done right.people like you that dont say anything when a company takes over something and ruins it are the reason why it continues to get ruined.So dont get your thong in a bunch when true fans want to make sure there voice is heard.

  27. JP Says:

    I’m guessing he’ll have a part 4 look… with a part 7 attitude.

  28. brad Says:

    I think Kane Hodder should have filled the role for Jason I mean the guy has been in it since part 7 then he did 8 and jgth and jason x, he played an excellent jason and should have been asked to play the role again. I understand Sean Cunningham is the exect. producer on this from what I have read so I imagine he has alot of input on his own movie.
    As for what Jason will be like attitude wise I feel he will have the attitude from part 3, I wonder how Rob Zombie would have done the remake? oh yeah… lots of blood and guts

  29. jedimaster Says:

    Jason will die in this movie…

  30. jedimaster Says:

    jason’s dad will make an appearance and will have to kill his own son… of course he doesn’t want to but maybe has no choice…

  31. Christian Sellers Says:

    I think people just need to accept that Kane Hodder is no longer Jason and that maybe someone else could do a decent job at it. After all, Kane wasn’t the first to play the character. I wanted him to return as well but when I heard Derek Mears had won the part I thought it was inspired casting

  32. sho Says:

    i really wise kane hodder would do it but i guess that will never happen its true there are alot of people that did play as jason however most of them sucked sorry to say there was only 2 that was good kane and some other guy that i forgot his name but anyways oh btw i hate to say but jason x did suck i mean parts of it was good but parts don’t make a good movie

  33. Christian Sellers Says:

    I dunno… C. J. Graham was good in Part 6 (so was Dan Bradley who played the character in the paintball scene), Richard Brooker was good in Part 3 and Ted White was pretty good in the forth as well

  34. jedimaster Says:

    other than Kane I thought richard brooker did a great job playing Jason

  35. jedimaster Says:

    f vs j was good but the guy who played jason moved like a stiff, he didnt do a good job.

  36. mmyers Says:

    I didnt care for friday the 13th pt 6, I thought it was a dumb movie, should not have been made, bring jason back from the dead the second time around was far fetched as well as pt 7 where tina or whoever the hell her name was that brought him back from his watery grave, that too was far fetched, and having telekinetic ability to stop a killer was a dumb idea for a movie, why not give that girl a lightsaber and see how well he will stand up to that…. ooops he wouldn’t be standing if you do away with his legs first, ” Hey Jason, u wanna a piece of this, I will send u to see yo mama.” VOOOM and he is down. ” take that bitch”

  37. darklord Says:

    Lightsabers??? that would be a short ending to a movie, jason with his machette and someone with a high tech sword, no contest, and a dumb idea. ship jason to Iraq and let them deal with him, they are at war with each other so let them deal with something else.

  38. darklord Says:

    bring PINHEAD into the picture, let Jason play with the box and see if he can open it and let hell come and get him (again)

  39. darklord Says:

    by the way, how old was Jason when he drowned?

  40. darklord Says:

    Pamela Voorhees had mentioned in the first friday the 13th that jason had drowned because the couselors were having sex and not paying any attention to him, if the bitch new he was in the water why would she watch people having sex instead of watching him? were all the counselors having an orgy or something? I mean come on, there had to have been at least one counselor that had to be lonely and no one to screw around with. Pamela is a voyer…..

  41. Ken Says:

    I think Jason vs a lightsaber is totally assinine. C’mon you are forgetting why we go see a F13th flick in the first place-to see Jason kill and whip some ass! To see some gore and naked hotties, etc. F13th films arent meant to be academy award plot material. Sure, there are some inconsist stuff, but that goes with every film series. Love them for what they are-pure entertainment.

  42. mmyers Says:

    if they can have someone with telekinetic powers what difference is that? kinda hippocritical don’t u think?

  43. darklord Says:

    put Indiana Jones in there, he will whip that boy into shape (ha ha)

  44. JVM Says:

    Okay this is getting STUPID-ASS. This is about what Jason looks like, not the plot of New Friday. Jesus.

    Kane Hodder rocked, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be open to new people for Jason. I mean, I don’t think anybody’s ever done a BAD JOB on Jason. The only problem I’ve seen is that Kane did a fast, cunning Jason while Ken did a slow Jason - I honestly don’t care, but that seems to be the main reason people hate Ken Kirzinger.

  45. darklord Says:

    I wonder if the boy playing little Jason V will have some kind of dialogue?

  46. mmyers Says:

    jason will look like a human being just deformed, I wonder if he even drowns as a boy or if the story is getting rewritten on that part.

  47. Brad Says:

    jason will be killed off by his own machette, he will get his head cut off instead of dear old mom… the roles will be reversed and the sequel will be her killing people off for the death of her boy…

  48. Ben Says:

    I totally agree with the fact that there should be no hair. I mean the Jason from f13 pt. 2 looks like a mongoloid with deformed teeth (the make up artists for Wrong Turn totally ripped that look off by the way) and the Jason of pts 3 and 4 was much more effective. I think the mask should start off normal and then a character should give him a blow to the head ( like Kris from pt. 3) to create the ax scar. I think the facial features should be that of pt 3 due to the fact Tom Savini made Jason look to much like the total undead in pt. 4 when he was not yet undead (view pts 6-recent for that look of “Zombie Jason”). Also the should have the long black fingernails of pt 4 though because that just added to the image of his character whenever Joseph Zito allowed us to see handshots of the character. Killing style (eventhough I love the furociousness of the later films) should be more classic Jason with him using, you know, the classic weapons. Whatever the final look though, I am super excited!!!

  49. jordan Says:

    make him cool

  50. jordan Says:

    jason should wear the elephant man hood from part 2 for the first half of the movie and in the second half hockey mask but three qurters in he should be struck with an axe to the head and have the cut in the mask for the end

  51. Gabe Says:

    Too bad its not Kane Hodder playing jason, but if they must use some one else, the Part 7 look is the ultimate look. As long as its not the Herman Munster look of FVSJ, that was just retarded. Of course he will be bald, he never had hair to begin with. And no chrome mask, he’s jason, not eminem.

  52. jordan Says:

    eminem is gay kane knows that

  53. darklord Says:

    eminem is a bad comparison for a friday the 13th discussion panel

  54. jedimaster Says:

    it is as dumb as someone going upto Jason and slapping him on the forhead and saying ” DOH!” for him seems how the shmuck can’t talk..

  55. jedimaster Says:

    who is to say that Jason will be dead anyway? this is a remake/ reimagining, he may grow up from childhood and be the killer thats killed off at the end of the film.

  56. jedimaster Says:

    Tyler Mane was awesome as Michael Myers in the Halloween, maybe they should have got him to play Jason, I bet he would make Jason a scarey Character, agreed?

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