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New Friday June 7th, 2024

Here’s some goss from Shock Till You Drop. I’d post my thoughts, but some of the louder folks out there have indicated I should shut my yap and get on with the copy & paste action, so here you go…

“We’ve already talked to Paramount about doing a double-disc on this,” reveals Dunes’ Andrew Form. “[A crew has] been shooting behind-the-scenes [footage] literally since we started tech scouting this movie, through rehearsals, through makeup and all the way through every kill. It’s an enormous behind-the-scenes making of this film.”

18 Responses to “DVD News Already”

  1. eXile Says:

    Why would they be talking to Paramount about a doing a double-disc? Isn’t this being distributed by Warner now that New Line has been absorbed by them?

  2. Christian Sellers Says:

    I couldn’t care less about the extras, it’s whether the film’s gonna be a piece of shit I’m worried about. parts 2-8 have no extras (bar a trailer) but there’s some great films there, whereas Freddy vs. Jason was a 2 disc but the film sucked! I’m concerned that Platinum Dunes are constantly focusing on the wrong things with this movie.

  3. Ken Says:

    All these extras are pretty standard nowadays,…I agree that the focus should be on the film. But that does’nt mean that the film isnt going to be any good. It might be great!? But we cant judge anything before feb. 13th, so we’ll see……

  4. JP Says:

    As long as it comes out on Blu-Ray.

  5. bP Says:

    Exile, Paramount is a part of the remake, that’s why they are mentioned.

    I’d like to see a feature length documentary on the making of the film. That’d be awesome!

  6. JVM Says:

    I honestly don’t think there’s anyway I could dislike the film. As long as they don’t do something that completely changes the series - like make Jason’s dad sexually abuse him or something stupid like that. That would be just…stupider than stupid.

  7. Christian Sellers Says:

    I would love for the film to kick ass and the DVD release to be awesome, but I’d settle for just a kick ass film if I have to. That’s the important part. There’s no amount of extras that can stop a film from sucking!

  8. John Says:

    Well that’s good they are adding a feature length making of documentary to this movie. I’m sure the film is going to be kick ass, I mean from what I’ve read the story is good, they will be upping the gore, violence, kids partying having sex and smoking weed. I mean that’s what a Friday the 13th film is all about. All good fun involving a perfect amount of blood and gore. Hopefully we’ll here more of the story in the coming weeks and I know they are sticking true to the series. Derek Mears has very strong respect for the role of Jason and he is taking it very seriously.

  9. jordan Says:

    fuck yeah i cant wait for this one

  10. Gabe Says:

    I’m with christian sellers, i’m mainly concerned that the movie won’t suck. The last few fridays were a joke. FVSJ was ok to watch but by no means a true Friday, it was too hollywood. It needs to go back to the stripped down, no nonsense killing spree of earlier years. Platinum dunes talks the talk, they just need to walk the walk. The seem best suited to finally pull off a good Friday. But if it is good, i would LOVE for Friday to finally get the rspect it deserves with some kick ass extras!

  11. jordan Says:

    i agree

  12. hannibalking Says:

    I don’t know how anyone can think parts 2-8 are good movies and then say FvJ was a terrible film in any sense of the imagination, but to each his own.

    All in all, what has already has been said is the truth, I’d rather have a better film with no dvd extras than a terrible film with loads of extras.

  13. chris geddie Says:

    Wait, NewLine really was absorbed by WB? Damn, is this like the Arby’s-Wendy’s thing, where’s the same company, no changes, just new controllinf management?

  14. Christian Sellers Says:

    I can say it quite easily. Four was dark, six was fun, the others are debatable. But FVJ was an insult in every possible way. Why it is given an R rating then aimed at ten years olds, with stupid slapstick and dumb humour (pretty much on par with Freddy’s Dead)? I like my horrors to at least cater for adults, not fans of Looney Toons

  15. Christian Sellers Says:

    I have always been dubious about the involvement of Platinum Dunes and MTV, but Derek Mears is an awesome choice to play Jason. Just look at him, I bet he can be a scary motherf**ker when he wants to be. The need to get rid of the unstoppable zombie thing (which I admit Kane was awesome at but time to try something new perhaps?) and just have a nutter in the woods (minus the bag on the head). Shame Frank Mancuso Jr didn’t come back to the series, he would have been a more suitable producer than Michael Bay. People, have we forgotten about Pearl harbor????

  16. Jeremy Says:

    I will buy the dvd even if I hate the movie. Only because maybe there will be something in the extras that tell were they went wrong. But then again I did try this with Jason x and hated the movie so much I could not get threw it even with commentary on.

  17. Christian Sellers Says:

    I will buy it just to be a completist. I’ll been collecting them this long

  18. Kenn R. Says:

    I really hope that the movie is good. But with Platinum Dunes, it has to be something. I mean I loved the TCM remake and prequel.

    Fingers crossed!

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