Mrs Voorhees Was A Terrific Killer

New Friday April 23rd, 2008


My only real beef with the new Friday is that it’s gonna mess up the trivia scene in Scream. You know the one, where the killer tricks Casey Becker by asking who the killer was in Friday the 13th. Naturally she answers “Jason” but the killer correctly points out that Jason’s mother Mrs Voorhees was the original killer - cue the boyfriend’s guts spilling out onto the floor. Now clueless idiots will see this new movie called Friday The 13th, see Scream, and conclude the filmmakers fucked up. But I digress…

Nana Visitor is taking on a motherly role, she revealed via ScreenGeeks Radio (hit the link for the audio):

She revealed that she will be playing Pamela Voorhees in the upcoming Friday the 13th remake. She apparently won’t be in the film for long, but she has had a mold made of her head.

Elsewhere, BD have posted a piece about the mask - below I’ve edited out the breathless hyperbole in favor of the more reasonable comments about the mask by producer Brad Fuller:

It’s such an iconic mask that you don’t want to mess with it too much.

The designer carries the mask from LA in a steel case, takes it to the airport. [Airport security] runs it through and it looks like a hockey mask - and they say ‘Were going to have to take you in the back.’ When they get in the back they ask him ‘Is that Jason Voorhees’ mask?!’ They pretty much flipped out asking to take photos with it, which obviously they couldn’t.

We tried to update it with little things - I dont want to give it away. When people see him, they’re wont be a doubt that’s it Jason’.

See that mask up top? Not the mask they’re using - but would’ve been cool if they did. Courtesy Dedkid. Dig it.

2 Responses to “Mrs Voorhees Was A Terrific Killer”

  1. Taj Says:

    I’m still not too contented with this for the simple fact that Mrs. Voorhees’ role will be short, only to show her having fingers cut off and her head taken off. For all that, the director could remove Mrs. Voorhees from the film and have these details simply mentioned by the leading female protagonist in the film.

    Let Mrs. Voorhees pick up the machete again and terrorize millions like she originally did many years back in 1980. Then they can get back to Jason. There are plenty of “Jason movies,” only one “Mrs. Voorhees film.”

    If this the only role Mrs. Voorhees will have in the film, I’ll pass. Once they give Mrs. Voorhees the respect she deserves for instituting the “Friday the 13th” saga by completely dedicating a film to her murderous wrath, I’ll be all eyes and ears.

  2. Tony Says:

    I’m kind of imaging that Mrs. Voorhees will appear in a flashback during a campfire tale.

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